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  • Available in both MOV and GIF formats so they can be used in the common video and page creators out there
  • They are in full HD so you can use them as large subjects or small icons
  • Includes shapes, badges, arrows, lines, backgrounds, transitions, confetti, avatars, and elements in different niches like marketing, finance, health, beauty, clothing, DIY, travel, ecology, and a lot more! (You can see the complete list of categories and samples below)
Are Your Videos & Pages Not Converting Well? Probably Because They Look Old & Obsolete!
If your videos and pages are not converting well, it might be because you are still using old and obsolete designs that no longer work today.

But how can you determine whether your videos and pages are using obsolete designs or not?

Well, you have to learn the modern design that's currently working today. 
A Shift From Skeumorphism to Flat Design
Some years ago, digital design was using skeumorphism, which is a principle of design wherein you show the almost exact appearance of things.
So if you remember, the old Chrome logo looked like this...
And here was the old Safari logo...
And while those logos look cool before, they rather look old and obsolete today. That's because in 2013 and 2014, digital designs shifted to flat design.

Although flat design was initially introduced by Microsoft in early 2000, it became really popular when Apple used it in the iOS7 in 2013 and Google in their Material Design in 2014.
The Chrome and Safari logos were then changed from skeumorphic to flat design...
You can also see the shift in the UI design from iOS6 to iOS7...
Flat Design Became the Modern Design Standard
Since then, flat design became the modern design standard and it was adapted by designers. It was used in almost every landing pages and app UIs you see online...
The Problem with the Strict Flat Design Trend
Flat design is great because it made the digital design a lot simpler but more sleek and modern. However, it also caused a problem in the usability and interactivity when it's done strictly.

When everything is flat, you no longer know if a button is clickable or a certain element has some interactivity... 
That's When FLAT 2.0 Was Born...
Because of the problem with the all flat design, designers agreed to still add subtle shadows, bevel, and gradients to flat design, and called it Flat 2.0....
In flat 2.0, you can still distinguish interactive elements like buttons...
Over 2000 animated flat elements that you can use for your videos, web pages, and presentations.
Here are the Animated Flat 2.0 Elements You Can Get Today...
Business Icons
Web Icons
Internet Marketing
Home & Interior
Healthy Food
Family & Children
Clothing & Accessories
Beauty & Cosmetics
These Animated Flat Elements Are Also Great in VISUALIZING Abstract Concepts... 
So How to Use These Elements in Your Videos, Pages, & Presentations? Watch the Following DEMO...
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