Optical Flow Technology Produces... 
3x More Conversions
From Existing 
- Using This 1 Piece of Code - 
Visual Impact Forces Them to Read & Buy
Early Bird Starting at 11 am. Get Animatio for the Lowest Price.
  • Download And Install 
  • Pick The Page You Want To Animate
  • Select the Effect You Want
  • Adjust timings
  • Apply and Save
Early Bird Starts In...
ANIMATIO... Make 3x More From Your Websites
In 3 Minutes! 
Your website has a lot to do in order to capture your visitor's attention… which probably means  ‘You Are Losing Money... But you can change that right NOW!

Loss of engagement means lost profits… How much are you losing?

Your website visitors have seen hundreds of pages like yours in the past year (or even months or days). They land on your page, and quickly scan... they scan the copy or content you worked so hard on, or spent a great deal of money on, only to leave as nothing grabbed their attention and made them take a closer look.

Their lack of engagement means that less people will see your message and your call to action, which result into a higher bounce rate… and fewer sales.

In other words, nothing grabbed their attention so they didn’t read your page or see your call to action... So they didn't buy anything! 

You have just 6 seconds to transfix your visitors… why waste them? 
So How Can You Make 3x More Sales...
In Minutes? 
Research has shown that one of the best ways to grab attention is actually quite simple.

Movement and Animation Draws and Focuses Attention… It's a human trait we can all use to our advantage. Even though our attention span is 3 seconds less than a goldfish, we are hard-wired to be attracted to movement... See below 
Have I got Your Attention?
Which of the two images caught your eye?

You're not alone...
When visitors land on a website that contains movement, the eye is naturally drawn to that element, and engagement increases dramatically… Thus forcing your visitor to take a closer look.

Force people to see what you want them to see on your websites, sales pages, blogs and landing pages, by strategically animating elements, in order to subconsciously force their eyes to look and see what is moving on your page? 
ANIMATIO… Triggers:
More Engagement… More Sales 
Visual Impact has helped us make Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars Online 
As experienced internet marketers with thousands of sales under our belts, we know firsthand the importance of getting someone’s “attention” fast. 
When we setup sites, sales pages, landing pages and affiliate stores, we recognize how very little time we have to capture the attention of our visitors and potential customers...

Using Visual Impact has been directly responsible for 100s of 1000s in sales... 
Apply Changes In 3 Minutes… 
The reality is you will sell less and less unless you have some sort of visual impact that will draw people into your page, and hold their attention... ANIMATIO does it all in under 3 Minutes! 
Real Solution. . . 
Without changing Themes or Swapping Page Builders 
Maybe you've tried different WordPress themes and page builders, many with great functionality. And they do the job, however you probably haven’t found anything that provides everything you need to really grab the attention of your visitors. 
But... You’re Not a Designer or Coder Are You? 
Most of us are not web designers or coders, so it can be frustrating at times. Changing or setting up new themes is hard work… switching to the latest page builder is a pain. Making changes takes time, know-how.... not to mention the cost.

So we created ANIMATIO for anyone who just wants it to be simple...
ANIMATIO Animate Your Existing Sites... In Minutes 
  • Simple & Newbie Friendly App – Click an Animate Any Element

  • Force your visitors to Focus, Read More & Buy More

  • Setup Within 3 Minutes – Animation In Seconds

  • Includes over 50 animations and 20 male and female voice prompts & sound templates, detailed video training and full PDF User Manual / Tutorials.

  • Works with all WordPress themes and WP based page builders 
Compatible with... 
$2,045.50 CASE STUDY 
Pretty Amazing Right? 
We actually use ANIMATIO ourselves… 
We use ANIMATIO in our own promotions. We use it to extend our reach and ensure that we draw as many people into our pages as possible.

More specifically, we pinpoint the animated elements of our site to focus the users attention. That way they will actually read the messages we want them to and see take the call-to-actions we offer them. 
ANIMATIO gives you...
1 Click Animation | Animate Any Static Element | Works with All WP Themes | Works with All Page Builders 
Animate Existing Sites In Minutes . . . 
Will this work for ‘Newbie’ Affiliates?

Absolutely… ANIMATIO is one of the easiest ways possible to ensure your visitors read the whole of your page

We’ve made it so simple to use that anyone will be able to use it in minutes.

It doesn’t matter what theme or page builder you are using… simply add Animatio, visit the page you want to animate. Click the element - Animate and save… that’s it.

You don’t even need to go to page admin… everything is done on the live page with a couple of clicks… *See demo* 
Where Can I use ANIMATIO?

Use ANIMATIO on any page you like (providing it was built with WP). Animate elements of your blog, sales page, review page or any other page… Animate the elements which you really want your visitors to see and click.

Captivate and engage prospects on your sales pages. Force people to take action on your landing pages.

It doesn’t matter what business you are in or what you sell… If you have an online presence and want to increase engagement and sales… ANIMATIO is the Easiest & Quickest way to do it... Check out our case studies 
Make More: ANIMATIO It... LOOK 
Animatio does the heavy lifting for you in seconds. There isn't another plugin on the market that offers the the same or similar animation capability.

You can create animations with unlimited elements, even add in sounds and voice overs to trigger more engagement. Imagine the possibilities 
Who Is This For? 
With ANIMATIO you can… 
Animate Any Static Page in Seconds

Animate any WP page, post, lander you like with a couple of clicks.

– Live Page App

– Apply animations once or set to repeat

– Add Voice Prompts and sound effects on hover

– Set delay, timing and pixel scroll 
Captivate and engage new and existing audiences in minutes

– Force your visitors to see exactly which elements you want them to see.

– Use on Blogs, Sales pages, Landing pages and any other static page that requires more impact

– Use Visual Impact to engage more & sell more

– Revamp boring static pages in an instant without changing theme's or switching page builders 
Sell More. Sell Faster. Sell Easier. 
The More Engaged your potential customers are… the more likely they are to click that link… so you’ll generate More Revenue.
Affiliates, Internet Marketers, Product Owners, CPA Marketers, Bloggers… Everyone!! 
Is it Compatible?

It doesn’t what you do online or what theme or page builder you use...

All of the Animatio functions can be instantly applied to any theme or page builder that you use...

Even OptimizePress or Instabuilder. 
Voice Prompts

Do you think moving your mouse over a product image and it saying “Get your very own copy of XXXX right now by clicking here” will trigger engagement?

Can you see the power of Animatio? 
There is nothing else like this… No other app offers you this power… There is No other way of doing what ANIMATIO does without changing Page Builders of Themes... and spending time and money. 
ANIMATIO Shifts Your Marketing Power Into Overdrive! 
Even if You’re Just Getting Started 
How Can ANIMATIO Help You
& Your Business? 
If You Sell or Promote Anything Online...

Add Animation to key points on your blogs, bonus pages, review pages and landing pages

You'll instantly engage your audience, you’ll boost sales, and gain more lead signups… all from tiny little tweaks which take seconds.

ANIMATIO is your 3 Minute Solution.

Anyone with a WordPress blog or a website can use this attention-getting plugin. It works in all niches so it doesn’t matter what you do, sell or promote online.

You can animate any element on the page in seconds just buy clicking the element and choosing the animation, voice template or sound effect.

You can even edit as many elements as you like on any page.

If you need people to see your message, your call to action then Animatio is your Solution. 
How Animatio Works? 
I hate to use the phrase ‘It’s Easy’ but in this case it actually is. 
Download And Install: 
You simply download and install “Animatio” plugin the same way you would any other… (Fully tested to work with other plugins, Themes and Page Builders) 
Pick The Page You Want To Animate: 
Simply find the Page you want to edit click on Animatio…

Use Animatio live page App to edit any page element you like in real time and without having to visit page admin… Edit, Animate and re-vamp the whole page in minutes. 
Select the Effect You Want: 
Click on the animation you would like, choose the element… Animation, Sound Effect or Voice Template. You can even customize all of the effects to fit what you want it to do. 
Adjust timings: 
Set the timing of each / any element to suite your page… Set delays, Set Pixel Scrolls (so animation take place as your visitors scroll down your page. 
Apply and Save: 
When you are happy with the effect for that element, just click ‘Save’ and now your effect is instantly ready to draw in the attention of your visitors.

Then just sit back and watch your engagement skyrocket and your profits increase as people focus on your main message and call-to-actions. 
Affiliate Marketing, CPA, Niche… Your
Own Products, Online, Offline… 
Whatever you do online ANIMATIO will help you Engage More & Make More!
Everyone knows they have to capture a visitors interest incredibly quickly today. Animatio enables anyone to do just that...... without changing themes, updating or switching page builders.

Simply install this ground-breaking plugin and quickly animate any part of your website, landing page, or blog. 
Because Static Websites are Boring… 
Animatio will take your old fashion boring websites and turn it into a stylishly and engaging animated one instantly.

Here is the thing.....

Humans may have a very short attention span, however with Animatio, you will control the message and engage your visitors from the moment they land on your site.

That right there is powerful. 
Tell me About ANIMATIO Features 
Simple User Interface

No messing about with code, CSS or anything like that. Find the page you wish to edit… click the ANIMATIO Icon at the top of the page.

Animatio will open on top of your page… you can drag the app box anywhere you like… any edits you make are ‘Real Time’ 
50 Animations Included

50 animations ready to apply to your page instantly ranging from pulse to bounce or fade in… and everything in between.

The Flip, they stretch, they swing and zoom in or out… They bounce once or they bounce in a loop… You decide what works on your pages, add as many animations to each or any page as you like. 
Works With All Themes & Page Builders

You'll never need to change your website theme or Page builder again. Add Animatio in minutes (the same way you would install any plugin).

Once installed you can Animate any page or post you like in seconds. 
50 Male & Female Voice Templates

Add voice prompts on hover... I.e. your visitor hovers over the buy button and the button talks to them and tells them to click here to buy...

Add as many voice prompts to your pages as you like... add them to any element. You'll see what each template says in the drop down menu - 50 to choose from. 
30 Sound Effects

On top of Voice prompts and templates we've also included over 30 sound effect for you to use on your pages in order to grab attention. Add them to Animations or attribute them to cursor hover. 
Full Training & Tutorials

Animation is so easy to use we doubted anyone would need any training but we included it anyway. You’ll receive instant access to our platform straight after purchase where you can download the plugin as well as watch the training videos, or read the training PDF…

You get all tutorials in video and PDF. 
Timer, Delay, Repeat & Pixel Scroll

Animatio puts you in control… you control when specific animations occur. Set them on a delay, set them to happen as the page loads, set them to happen once or click repeat and that animation continues to draw attention.

Set Pixel Scroll… so animation occurs as people scroll your page, that way you can guarantee they see it and your animation has the desired impact. 
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Instant Call to Actions

Add text call to action right at the end of your post.

In-Built Content Spinning

Spin the content and get the most unique version of it.
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Special OTO Bonus #2: Lead Generation Authority
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