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Being a Site Owner is Hard 
As a website owner, you already know the pain and all the hard work
it takes to be successful: 
It’s OK to be Skeptical 
When I say that you can get virtually unlimited leads and sales from any site on the web, it does sound too good to be true. And I’m glad your spidey senses say “whoa, I don’t believe that”. All I ask is that you give me 30 seconds to PROVE to you exactly how you can take my recipe and make it work for you… 
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Notice how you can drive traffic and capture leads from TOP SITES AND CONTENT YOU DON’T EVEN OWN 
Take advantage of ANY type of content: news, entertainment, sports, shopping, blogs and more 
Overlay a customized lightbox or lead capture templates when and where you choose 
Authority Overlay works so amazingly well because it solves both of the most common problems: 
Producing compelling/viral content AND establishing your own credibility. Both of these together remove the objections users have to hopping onto your offer or list and skyrocket your conversions.

It’s just that simple. 
Creating Conversion Machines is Hard 
Becoming a trusted authority is hard - I’ve been there. It’s taken me years to become one of the top experts in the SEO space (with One Hour Indexing, Linklicious and others). That includes spending endless hours in the forums helping people, hand holding thousands of customers to help them achieve success in their online efforts, and attending conferences all over the world.

Becoming someone that is trusted is EXACTLY what you need to grab those users, though. And even if you’re an amazing content writer, you don’t have the reach of a Forbes, CNN, Engadget, or other top site. Simply put, you don’t have the credibility of appearing on one of those sites. 
Solves it All for You! 
Building authority, driving traffic, and getting those conversions is super hard and that’s exactly why I created the Authority Overlay system. With this service, ANYONE is able to borrow authority, establish credibility, and create that conversion machine. 
You Can Use this Amazing Service to: 
Generate Traffic 
Download Your App 
Capture Email Leads 
Get Event Registrations 
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All You Need is 57 Seconds to Get Started 
You don’t need to hire a programmer to implement this or a designer to make it pretty. This service removes ALL of the hard work and enables you to start borrowing authority and getting those conversions in under a minute. All you have to do is sign up to get started.

Just imagine how fun it’ll be when your users email you surprised that your lightboxes are showing up when they visit Yahoo or Wikipedia or maybe an industry-specific site you track. And imagine getting a trickle and then a flood of new leads to sign up to your mailing list because you piggyback on the latest viral content. It really is as easy as that. 
Pick the page to overlay 
Select the type of overlay 
Add your text 
Copy and paste a link 
Here’s Exactly What You Get With This Amazing Service

Five POWERFUL types of Authority Overlay covering every type of
use you could imagine 
    • Opt In Form
  • Countdown Timer 
  • Call to Action 
  • Content Suggestion 
  • Custom
    Just Paste in Your Own Code 
Amazing Reporting 
Amazingly powerful reporting that allows you to at-a-glance understand exactly how your overlays are performing. 
    • Visit trends over time
    • Most popular referrers
    • Visitor browsers
    • Top visited links
    • Lead capture conversions
    • And so much more…
Even More Features 
  • Bookmarklet and Chrome extension for SUPER easy use (drag and drop to make your overlays!)

  • Create UNLIMITED links 
    • 10,000 clicks with conversion tracking per month

    • 16 gorgeous pre-made templates in 4 categories
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There is no service out right now that provides a service exactly like Authority Overlay. This unique service is so powerful that you’re going to be amazed at how you can borrow authority from top sites.

And I’m not talking about the $47/month that you would pay for just a lightbox service and none of the authority site goodness.

For a VERY limited time, I’m offering lifetime pricing on Authority Overlay. After this initial launch is over, it’s switching over to the monthly subscription model where it’ll stay. 
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  • Own The Documents To Use As Your Own And Sell

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Early Bird Bonus #2:  Copy Cut Marketing
My Simple Strategic System For Making Money Affiliate Marketing

This is the best Social Media Marketing sales product we have. It sells for $197 consistently. You're going to get the ability to sell this as if it's your own keeping 100% of the profit. You get all of our sales material and you can rebrand the system as you want. It's going to show your clients how to make money helping businesses!
  • Sam's Complete Story About How A Young Failed Telemarketer Hit It Big Generating Up To $100,000 A Month Online Marketing

  • Discover: The “Copy Cut Marketing” System...Uncensored! The exact formula for making money through internet marketing

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Early Bird Bonus #3:  Resell Rights Exit List Pro
Easily Add Powerful Exit Popups To Your Web Pages - To Build Your Mailing List On Autopilot!
It has already been proven and tested that if you want to build a massive online empire that will earn you millions of dollars, building an email list is necessary. Well, there are lots of information in the internet giving you ideas and techniques on how to do list building fast or at a minimal cost.

As part of the tips being shared by most successful online business owners, having a tool is a huge help for your campaign and one of this amazing tool is called Exit Popup feature to your website which you are about to get inside this product called Exit List Pro. 
Early Bird Bonus #4:  Three WordPress Themes
Since your users are actively posting content to their blog, why not give them a PROVEN theme to use? We've taken inspiration from three top viral sites - Viral Nova, Upworthy, and IFL Science and built a theme that's easy to use and is already battle tested by millions of users every month
Early Bird Bonus #5:  Bounce Rate Fixer Plugin
Site quality metrics are one of the most important ranking signals that Google uses, and user bounce rate is probably the most important of those. WIth this plugin you can control exactly how Google sees your bounce rate, allowing you to easily move up in the rankings.
Early Bird Bonus #6:  Viral Marketing 101 training document
Understanding the 'hows' and 'whys' of viral marketing can be quite confusing. the secrets of viral content is laid out in a clear and well documented training book, ready to kickstart any marketing effort.
Early Bird Bonus #7:  Top Viral Videos of 2015
Early Bird Bonus #8:  Top Viral Imgur Posts of 2015
Early Bird Bonus #9: WP EZ Share It 
 WP EZ Share It - 1-click image sharer! WP EZ Share It is a wordpress plugin that is designed to promote various types of content from your site by sharing it to the most popular social media sharing sites today.
Unlike other sharing plugins out there, this offers you several options to customize your site from the layout of the share boxes to addon visual and audio effects. You can even include an optin form for the users to subscribe to your newsletter.

 WP EZ Share It is also a sleek, powerful WP plugin that allows the visitors of your blog to easily share your images and videos in Google with just one simple click!
  • 100% Mobile-ready - "WP EZ Share It" was designed exclusively with responsiveness in mind. The plugin adapts flawlessly to any type of mobile device so even mobile users can share YOUR images and videos.
  • Your readers can share in Facebook, Twitter and also Pinterest (just imagine how many visits you’ll get when you are tapping into these GIGANTIC traffic sources!)
  • Quickly and easily edit and customize the styles, the way YOU want. Box style, background color, border, font and the share button can be adapted to your taste - there's no limit for your creativity.
  • You can include impactful effect styles such as audio or hover effects - impress your visitors so they are "forced" to share! 
  • Increase your social traffic to your site and increase sales and subscribers - This is very simple, once people share your images and videos, you will GET more traffic. 
  • Dead-easy to install - You can get "WP EZ Share It" up and running in under a minute (and it's quite easy to use it...You won't believe it.) 
  • No-quibbles, no-funny-business, 60-day, money-back guarantee that will put your mind at ease. You either adore and are super jazzed with "WP EZ Share It", or your money goes back to your pocket again. 
  • And much, much more! 
Early Bird Bonus #10: Social Quiz Plugin
This "Social Quiz," the easy-to-install WordPress plugin that will put the power of
viral traffic in your hands 
  • Installs in seconds--simply upload right from your WordPress plugin dashboard, and you'll be creating your own social quizzes in minutes. 
  • Integrates with Facebook--encourage your readers to share their results with friends and family simply by creating a Facebook app using the included instructions 
  • Create unlimited quizzes--keep your readers coming back for more by adding new quizzes for them to enjoy 
  • Develop your own scoring strategy--whether just for fun or to create a logical call to action, you control how each quiz is scored 
  • Use images or text or both--upload your own graphics to use as answers, or mix-and-match with text 
  • Reuse your questions--add the same questions and answers to multiple quizzes for faster creation time 
  • Control what Facebook shows--customize your message for your blog and for Facebook to create an intriguing call to action 
  • Enable Twitter sharing--because Facebook isn't the only social site in town 
  • Include unlimited questions in each quiz--whether one question or one hundred, it's entirely up to you 
  • Create playful viral quizzes that spread like wildfire on social networks, or more meaningful, fact-based quizzes that provide real insight to your readers 
  • Use unlimited scoring options--there's more to life (and quizzes) than just pass or fail, so we're giving you lots of room for customization 
  • And much more ! 
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Special OTO Bonus #1:  Lead Book WordPress Plugin
Take advantage of Facebook's powerful Lead Ads platform while seamlessly,
adding your new leads to your mailing list
  • One-click install right from your WordPress dashboard--no FTP to fuss with or databases to create.

  • Simple to follow instructions for creating your Facebook app ID and connection--our illustrated user guide makes it easy.

  • Integrations with today's most popular email marketing services, MailChimp and AWeber--no need to learn (and pay for) new services.

  • Connection to unlimited lists--perfect for offering multiple opt-in incentives from your Facebook page.
  • Integration with endless forms and form fields--as long as the information can be added to your mailing list, LeadBook can send it.

  • Total control over the frequency of imports - chose hourly, daily, or twice daily depending on how often you generate leads.

  • Simple set up right through the familiar WordPress dashboard so there's no additional software to navigate.

  • No costly month-to-month charges, so you can run all the ads you like without incurring addition fees.
Special OTO Bonus #2:  Link Gate Plugin
This LinkGate, the WordPress plugin that allows you to create a wide variety
of eye-catching pop-ups that only appear when your reader clicks a link
  • Installs quickly and easily right from your WordPress dashboard.

  • Works with any mailing list provider--no complex configuration needed.

  • Easily include images and HTML in your pop-ups.

  • Unlimited color choices to match any theme.

  • Opt-in forms use both name and email or only email for total flexibility.
  • Add background images, borders and more with the simple point and click interface.

  • Create unlimited Link-Gates for use on any page or post on your site.

  • Add customized calls to action to every post--give your readers exactly what they need, right when they need it.

  • Create informative, pop-up "Learn more" content to make training programs or step-by-step instructions easier to follow.
Early Bird Starts In...
Once You Purchase Authority Overlay, Your Bonuses Will Be In Your Members Area, And You Will Also Be Able To Find Them In Your JVzoo Customer Portal Listed As
"SamBakkerBonus". If you don't see this then please submit a ticket to with your receipt and we wil l get your bonuses to you right away!
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