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If you've ever opened a Shopify Store, we don't have to tell you about the eye-watering design fees you'll have to fork out to customize your shop. Unlike WordPress, the Shopify platform isn't easy for novices.

so you'd better be prepared to fork out fees like these... you could pay THOUSANDS to have your store customized.

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With our method, store setup is a snap and costs you absolutely NOTHING. Monthly fees are literally pennies on the dollar compared to Amazon and Shopify platforms.

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20+ over-the-shoulder, easy to follow and ACTIONABLE videos walk you from scratch to consistent monthly profits


EXCLUSIVE discount and FREE order management software from our favorite fulfillment center - you sell, they ship - it’s that simple


Our patented product listing template - the same one that’s generated over $913, 452 in sales in 2 years


Templates for pricing, setting quantities and more - zero guesswork needed!


Exactly where to source products, plus our ninja tactics for finding great deals


Conversion hacks that practically FORCE viewers to buy your products


Next level promotion strategies to scale up:
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Ultimate Product Jacking System & Automation

  • Your First Profit Tomorrow!
  • $100s Per Day from someone else’s product!
  • Step by Step Formula
  • Cloud-Based App
  • Simple & Newbie Friendly
  • No Websites or Domains Needed

Early Bird Bonus #3: Alibaba Profit System

This is one essential training that once combined with Bay Profits Academy is guaranteed to increase your bottom-line and ROI by up to 100% to 1000%.

Alibaba is a wholesaler’s haven. Once you start selling your products on eBay, at some stage you most probably will have to come here for product sourcing.

Having said that Alibaba Profit System is probably the most comprehensive in-depth video training course, where you get to watch over the shoulders, step-by-step, click-by-click on how to successfully leverage Alibaba to sell loads on any platform – and especially eBay.

  • How to do market research the right way.
  • Learn what Free Traffic System is and how it can help you and your business overall.
  • Tracking your visitors and making informed decisions so you could make more.
  • Though it’s not as popular as Facebook, Google Plus is still important, as it will contribute to your overall success. Learn how to properly use Google Plus and get free traffic as a result!
  • How to successfully utilize this new-age social media called Pinterest to drive traffic by creating awesome images.
  • Learn video marketing using YouTube. With this video, you’ll learn more about Youtube and how you can get traffic from organic search.
  • How to make sure that the copy you write converts well so that your business thrives. Discover in this video how you can have high-quality copies and more.
  • An overview of social media and how you can positively use it to drive traffic to your eBaylistings and websites. You’ll also learn the 8 C’s when it comes to social media, which will prove crucial to your efforts when it comes to traffic.
  • How you can use Facebook to get massive amounts of free traffic! Learn how to use Facebook right and connect with your target audience or market.
  • YouTube is more than a video sharing site –learn in this video how you can be ‘social’ in YouTube just as you would in other social media sites and get lots of traffic as a result!

Early Bird Bonus #4: Social Quiz Plugin

This WordPress plugin is so fast to install and so easy to use, you’ll have your first quiz online just minutes after downloading it.

Ready for EVEN more free traffic?

By taking advantage of social quiz phenomenon, this plugin creates playful viral quizzes that spread like wildfire on social networks, or more meaningful, fact-based quizzes that provide real insight to your prospects and buyers resulting in a few minutes of fun, some shared laughs on Facebook, and lots and lots of traffic to your eBay listings.

Early Bird Bonus #5: The Power of Branding

Create yourself such a strong brand for your eBay store, that sales should be coming in automatically. This is the guide you will need to become a super star on eBay!

When you think of any big company or a store, the brand is probably the first thing to come to mind.

In fact, there are very few successful businesses that don’t have a prominent brand and it’s hard to imagine how a company could get big without investing in its image and creating an identify for itself.

Despite this, many small businesses and internet businesses don’t take the necessary time to create a strong brand and a strong identity that they can use to drive their organization forward.


Often it comes down a lack of understanding.

Not only do many businesses and entrepreneurs not understand how branding works; many also don’t understand just how important branding is.

Having said that, once you go through this guide, you’re bound to create yourself such a strong brand for your eBay store, that sales should be coming in automatically.

Here’s a list of all the subjects this book tackles…

  • What is a brand and why does it matter?
  • Choosing your mission statement and name
  • Your mission statement
  • Choosing your company name
  • Creating Your Look – Logos and Much More
  • How to Create Your Logo
  • Promoting Your Brand – How to ‘Be Everywhere’
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Delivering On Your Promise and How to Stick to Your Company’s Core Values and Achieve Your Mission
  • The Importance of Packaging and Delivery
  • Reputation Management Basics
  • How to Handle a Rebranding
  • How to Create and Use Multiple Brands
  • Fantastic Examples of Branding You Can Learn From

Early Bird Bonus #6: Social Encore Plugin

Social Encore WordPress Plugin lets you maintain your social accounts
while still getting your work done.

Social media is important for traffic. Even eBay pays attention to your social engagement when deciding where to rank your listings, so you know you have to stay active.

With the continued growth of social media, it’s more important than ever for the future of your business that you build (and maintain) a solid presence. But if you’re wasting time manually scheduling your posts, you’re taking time away from other business tasks.

It's like your very own virtual assistant that will make sure you keep your fans and followers engaged so they keep coming to your stores, buying from you again and again.

Here are even more to literally seal your success with Bay Profits Academy

Early Bird Bonus #7: 123 Logo Kit

A Logo Kit with 38 unique and original logos created by a professional designer that normally charges $99 per logo.

Your logo represents your brand so you want to make sure you have a professional-looking logo that symbolizes your business.

123 Logo Kit will save you time and money because you get 38 unique and original logos created by a professional designer that normally charges $99 per logo.

Make your eBay stores and listings stand out and look superior by using these 38 fully customizable, eye-popping ready-made logos.

Early Bird Bonus #8: How to Sell
Digital Products on eBay

This guide covers all the steps you need to take to start making a killing by selling digital content on eBay.

Did you know that you could also sell digital products like eBooks on eBay; well this guide covers all the steps you need to take to start making a killing by selling digital content on eBay.

Since the profit margin with selling eBooks is so high, this is one of the easiest ways to increase your eBay sales portfolio, achieving Top Rated Seller statusquickerwhilemaking huge profits. A must read if you are venturing into eBay.

Early Bird Bonus #9: WP Profit Doubler

Double Your Chances Of Generating Profits From Visitors!

WP Profit Doubler comes in, allowing you to make a second offer to those visitors who are leaving without ordering.

You can offer them a gift in exchange for subscribing to a follow-up autoresponder, a better deal - or even a completely different offer.

When visitors decide not to take up your offer and to leave your site, you actually get a second chance to offer them something else instead.

You can offer them a gift to encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter.

You can offer them something completely different - either your own product or an affiliate product.

You can show them a survey form to ask them why they didn't order your product.

Early Bird Bonus #10: Video Affiliate Pro

Provide professional review for any affiliate product to increase your affiliate revenue stream. A very unique way to display your affiliate review.

  • It’s easy to use and you can install it in less than 30 seconds
  • Display Testimonials from your clients or supporters
  • Display reviews of your product or service
  • Display a list of quotes
  • Link Case Studies
  • Complete control: customize it the way you want & much more!

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Discover How This Automatic Screen Capture Tool That Will Save You Loads Of Time By Snapping Multiple Screenshots At One Go!

  • Add multiple URLs into the 'snap' section to snap multiple sites in an instant!
  • Customize the browser width, height as well as dimensions of the screen capture or thumbnail saved so you save on time spent on editing it!
  • Select the format you want to export the screen capture as - No need to rely on photo editing software!
  • Import and export a list of URLs without having to spend time keying URLs one by one
  • Specify where you want your images to be exported to automatically to better manage your image files!
  • Automatically create screenshots, thumbnails, icons, etc. through the use of one software!
  • And Much More!

Special OTO Bonus #2: WP Email Countdown

A Powerful And Crazy Profitable WordPress Plugin That Allows You To Inject Scarcity In Your Emails With Effective Countdown Timers That Will Make People Do Your Bidding
And Generate RESULTS For You!

  • It's easy to install and to run
  • Several useful customization options; you can modify and customize the plugin your way by choosing countdown style, effects, animation, style and much, much more!
  • In-depth statistics are included: this is something really cool as it can reveal interesting data that you can use to make better business decisions (and thus, increase your profits).
  • Proven to work like a charm: increase your conversion rates and click-through rates and make more sales!
  • Grab your subscribers attention in a fraction of a second and "force" them to buy from you!

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