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So, What's Required For Free TRAFFIC?
  • Post interesting content on a regular & consistent basis to keep followers interested and engaged!
  • Post at the times of day when most followers are online to see content and interact.
  • Use nicely-created, professional graphics on all posts.
  • Select the best articles, images, and videos that always gets a lot of comments, likes, and provoke conversation followers.
  • Provide something of value in each post, like a coupon, discount, free gift, or valuable information.
BUT, Running a Successful Social Media Campaign
like these Big Brands is Extremely Expensive...
Think about it... It takes a lot of people to get results like this…
That’s over $4,800 per month…
...and that’s the cost of filling just one crucial position…
You will need multiple employees in the following positions...
  • Social Media Manager
  • Graphic & Digital Designers
  • Content & Copy Writers
  • Market Analysts & Network Admins
If You’re Like Most Online Entrepreneurs,
You Don’t Have The Money To Hire Experts…
  • You Don't Have The Knowledge Required To Manage All Social Media Requirements...
  • You Don't Have The Time to Write The Hundreds of Articles To Engage Your Followers...
  • You Don't Have All The Professional Graphics to Use in Your Posts...
  • You Don't Have The Money to Spend on Expensive Staff or Freelancers...
  • You Don't Know What to Post to Get your Followers Engaged...
  • You Can't Work 24 Hours Per Day...
BleuPage Ultimate
Connect, Curate Content, & Auto-Post 
With Multiple Social Media & eCommerce Accounts 
BleuPage Ultimate connects your social media and eCom Accounts, finds and posts the most engaging content according to your niche, and posts it on ALL major social media networks including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, G+ and EVEN WordPress on total automation! It takes care of all your content demands, and helps you build your email list FAST!
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Value Packed Features Included!
Everything You Need To Manage Traffic To Your Shop or Sales Pages. 
Clean Dashboard & User Interface
With Bleupage Ultimate, you can easily naviate through the application having All Your Social Media Accounts in ONE easy to manage dashboard.

Track all your social media campaigns from one location and plan upcoming campaigns using Bleupage content fetcher and autoposting features.

Manage Your Own or Your Clients' Social Media Campaigns with a few clicks.

Generate recurring income by managing multiple social media campaigns at the same time.
Increase Sales With eCom Booster
The BleuPage E-Commerce Social Media Marketing System connects Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Woo Commerce, and any other ecommerce store with Your Social Platforms. It fetches & syncs with your existing e-Commerce Products.

Easily add new products, images, description, pricing from a single screen. Share your products on 9 major social media platforms on a schedule and run multiple campaigns at the same time.

Promote Your eCommerce Products with BleuPage intelligent auto random-posting to multiply e-Commerce Store revenues with ease.
Easy Content Curation With
Content Fetcher
With Content Fetcher, you can search for content to post on your social media accounts using keywords and hashtags for articles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Easily respond & Repost High Quality Content to your various acccounts, timelines, and pages with a few clicks.

Select your articles based the number of likes, comments or shares. Post your articles instantly or place them in a queue for autoposting on a schedule you create. BleuPage Content Fetcher fully supports RSS, Atom, XML & RDF feeds.
Facebook Search
Instagram Search
Twitter Search
Timelines Overviews
View, Interact & Accumulate your social media feeds (Likes, Comments & Shares Etc.) with BleuPage Timeline. Check all your posts on various accounts and click from one account to the other,without having to login and out of your social media platforms.

Monitor your likes, shares and comments quickly and compare your post on a single screen. Don't like a post on your timeline? No Problem, just Delete Tweets/Posts right inside the BleuPage platform.
BleuPage Total Automation 
You don't have the TIME to manage your social media? Try " Total Automation" by BleuPage. Source content hands-free from 35 different industries and post to your social media accounts in minutes! Select your industry, time, days, frequency of posting, and YOU'RE DONE!

BleuPage will Source, Format, & Post on your Profiles, Pages, & groups for you, with the latest and freshest content from selected industry sources. IMPRESS your customers with consistent & updated content, and GROW your social media followers within days with ZERO EFFORT!
Ultimate Customer Reporting
With BleuPage Ultimate reports, you can analyze the results of your social campaigns and improve conversion & traffic by monitoring your traffic in real time. See which accounts are actively posting on autopilot for you, and how many posts are in queues & scheduled for posting.

With BleuPage Reporting you can receive all reports direct to your Email in an easy to understand format. Or, download your REAL TIME data at any time.
STOP Paying Expensive Social Sharing Platforms
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With BleuPage Ultimate you get FULL Integration
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Easily Add Powerful Exit Popups To Your Web Pages - To Build Your Mailing List On Autopilot!
It has already been proven and tested that if you want to build a massive online empire that will earn you millions of dollars, building an email list is necessary. Well, there are lots of information in the internet giving you ideas and techniques on how to do list building fast or at a minimal cost.

As part of the tips being shared by most successful online business owners, having a tool is a huge help for your campaign and one of this amazing tool is called Exit Popup feature to your website which you are about to get inside this product called Exit List Pro. 
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Secret, "Plug-and-Play" WP Plugin Will Unleash An Unstoppable Tsunami Of Visitors Straight To Your Blog!
  • You can also change every link from original website into your link
  • You can add HTML code before and after the content
  • You can add widgets to give effect and edit the content
  • You can add a popup
  • You can add a slide-in
  • You can see the statistics for views and clicks
Early Bird Bonus #6:  VIP Facebook Group Access
Connect with like minded marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies and other BleuPage Ultimate users! Strategize with the best in the field and get advice from your peers to get better and consistent results from your BleuPage Post Campaigns.
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INSTANTLY share customized articles or images with One Click using BleuPage One Click Publisher! Choose to post immediately, or schedule your post in the future. Save precious time by posting to all your social media accounts with full BleuPage Ultimate INTEGRATION. Simply upload your image, compile your article, & deploy to 9 different platforms and various accounts. Grow your fan base and followers immediately, add custom branding to your social media campaigns, and target your audience with wider reach. Draft your own content & post anytime!
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Use BleuPage Ultimate on your mobile device and experience the ease of (auto)posting to any of your social media accounts with a few swipes of your finger.

The BleuPage Mobile App revolutionizes social media posting on mobile.
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Early Bird Bonus #10: WPStickyBars WordPress Plugin 
Create Scarcity Sticky Bars (Fixed Date or Cookie Based) with just some clicks. Works with WP Pages or Posts!
Maybe you already have heard the idea of SCARCITY MARKETING. If not, you maybe already visited a website that has a countdown numbers on their page just to raise your urge to the buy their services or their products.

Well, that's very effective to convert your page very well if you sell something online. The good news is that, you can also use it for your own project using this amazing tool called WP Sticky Bars.

This WordPress plugin is so powerful that the scarcity feature of this plugin is located above the header and that if you scroll down it will stick above the page.
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Traffic is the lifeblood to every profitable Internet business and WITHOUT it your beautiful looking blog will be lost in a sea of mediocrity.

If you plan to use your blog to promote your business, sell products or generate advertising revenue, you won't make a penny without traffic!

So What's The Secret To Getting More Traffic?

I'll give you a hint... VIRAL TRAFFIC!

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