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How To Get The MOST Out Of BoltPublisher,
Build Your List INSIDE Of FB And Reach An EXTRA 800 Million Of The Web’s MOST ACTIVE Mobile Users

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Sam Bakker here to thank you for securing your BoltPublisher license. You’re going to love how easy it is to exploit FB mobile traffic like never before … without even needing to pay for ads to make it happen.

When we started developing the software, FB’s latest platform Instant Articles was still brand new. Very few people even knew about it - and many still don’t - which gives you an unfair advantage.

We’re so excited about the software and it’s an industry leader in letting any marketer profit from Instant Articles. You DON’T need what I’m about to show you to make it work. But, there are recent developments to FB’s platform you need to know about:

Tap Into Instant Article’s LATEST FEATURE To
Effortlessly Build Your List INSIDE Of FB

In very recent months, FB added a new feature to Instant Articles: the ability to include email signup forms inside your articles. At first, it only invited a handful of corporate giants to participate, including The NY Times and The Washington Post.

More recently, FB decided to allow any publisher to include signup forms. This is obviously a HUGE deal, because now you can get truly explosive list growth with the world’s largest base of mobile users.

But Once Again, Facebook Dropped The Ball

We thought publishing to Instant Articles was tough. In comparison, adding optin forms is a coding NIGHTMARE. Absolutely impossible without an experienced programmer or developer to do the work.

We didn’t want people to miss out on this goldmine list building opportunity. So spent months and CONSIDERABLE money finding a way around it.

After a lot of trial and error, frustration and - quite honestly - swearing, we figured it out. And now have a copy-paste solution for list builders to EFFORTLESSLY include email signup forms in any Instant Article they publish.

On its own, this feature is powerful enough to include as a stand-alone product. But we wanted to really over deliver. So we went out and did the unthinkable …

ADDED 800 Million Of The Most ACTIVE
Mobile BUYERS To Your Marketing Reach

FB mobile is huge. But face it, the user base is really broad. As marketers, we need to target those that are MOST likely to spend money.

BoltPublisher puts you in front of Facebook’s massive mobile audience … then it’s up to you to pinpoint and attract your best prospects.

How about getting your message in front of a targeted group of PROVEN buyers?

For that, we decided to work directly with the world’s 2nd most valuable company: Apple. Currently worth around $535 BILLION dollars, according to Reuters.

Apple has one of the most loyal groups of customers of ANY company. And these customers LOVE to spend money.

In terms of mobile traffic:

  • There are currently over 800 MILLION iOS users
  • According to Forbes, Apple Mobile users are 7 TIMES more active online than Android users
  • Among mobile operating platforms, iOS has 60.1% market share compared to Android’s 24.9% (source: NetMarketShare)
  • Apple users spend DOUBLE what Android users spend on app purchases

Apple Mobile Users Are HUGE Spenders And
HYPER-Active Online Now YOU Can Profit From Them!

Apple has its own version of Facebook’s Instant Articles platform. Simply called Apple News, it’s all about enhancing the mobile experience online.

And while FB has been playing “catch-up” to increase user experience, Apple’s been doing that from day one.

This slick platform is stunning, interactive and lightning fast. It brings YOUR content to life with engaging layouts, photo galleries, videos, animations and more.

Plus, it’s automatically optimized for ALL iOS devices. Whether someone sees your content on an iPhone or iPad, it’ll look incredible every single time.

Partner With The World’s 2nd Most Valuable Company

Like FB, Apple is encouraging new publishers and is sharing the love in a FINANCIAL way. Apple News has a built-in advertising platform that includes targeting and reporting functions. Monetize with ads and keep 100% of the revenues from ads you sell, and 70% from ads Apple sells on your behalf.

Because it’s Apple, the platform is incredibly user-friendly. Users can EASILY share and save articles, even sign up for BREAKING notifications from their favourite publishers. Use a search engine to find topics of interest, and much more.

Viral traffic has never been easier when Apple users are viewing your content.

Imagine Being A “Trusted Publisher” On Apple News

Once users select you as a trusted source, they’ll get instant notifications WHENEVER you publish fresh content. Not a guessing game like with FB reach - these people will get your content each and every time. So you build your brand and authority with the most active group of mobile buyers on the internet.

Just like with FB Instant Articles, we’ve made it ridiculously easy to tap into Apple News. You won’t have to hire a developer or jump through hurdles to get going. With our API access to Apple News and our SIMPLE dashboard, you’ll be sharing your content and driving traffic from 800 million iOS users right away.


When I first showed this pro version to my copywriter, he didn’t know where to start. His question was simple: “What do you lead with?”

What’s better? Building a list with unlimited FB mobile traffic, or getting in front of 800 million of the most active mobile users on the planet? His next question:

“You’re including BOTH in a SINGLE upgrade option?”

Yes, I am. The reason? This is a defining moment in the mobile marketing revolution, and I’ve been very lucky to take advantage of it.

As a new purchaser of BoltPublisher, YOU recognize the power of mobile traffic for your business. So I want to give you EVERY possible edge.

Grab ALL The Benefits Of Mobile Traffic
With BoltPublisher Pro:

  • Get EXPLOSIVE list growth using the newest update to FB’s latest mobile platform … leverage truly VIRAL traffic to grow your list WITHOUT paying for ads

  • Join forces with a $535 BILLION dollar tech giant that has the most active group of mobile BUYERS on the internet

  • INSTANTLY build your brand & authority to dominate ANY niche you choose

  • WITHOUT tech skills, developers or designers – it’s all point and click inside one simple to use dashboard

With Your Exclusive Access To BoltPublisher Pro
You’ll ALSO Receive:

Free List Building From The
World’s LARGEST Social Platform …
UNLIMITED Traffic From The Web’s Most
ACTIVE Group Of Mobile Buyers

It’s All Waiting For You Inside …

Of course your investment is covered by the same 100% unconditional guarantee I offered with BoltPublisher.

Pick up the pro version today and I’ll take on all the risk. Give it a try for 30 days. See how easy it is to build your list inside FB and drive targeted traffic from Apple News.

If at any point you have a technical issue or question, just contact our dedicated support desk. We’ll have you up and running in no time flat.

And in the HIGHLY unlikely event you just don’t think that monetizing the mobile web on MULTIPLE levels is for you, let us know. We’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund.

What could be more fair than that?

Act Fast For These Two VERY GOOD Reasons

I’m only making this upgrade option available to new purchasers of BoltPublisher. When the launch special ends, this upgrade offer ends also.

You’ll never be able to access this complete FB list building and Apple traffic application for such a low price again.

So what are you waiting to for? Nothing to lose, and unlimited list growth and traffic from an ACTIVE base of 800 million EXTRA mobile users are waiting …

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