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If Driving More Leads & Traffic While Improving Customer
Engagement Is Important To YOUR Business, Pay Special
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Lead generation & traffic are the cornerstones of any business. Yet, attracting QUALITY leads is getting harder by the second.

Don’t worry, I’m NOT going to tell you to cancel your autoresponder account! But would like you to consider a MULTI channel system for your marketing.

If you don’t, you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table.

Top businesses have relied on multiple forms of customer engagement for years. The truth is, different people respond best to certain types of marketing … it’s why direct mail works to this day, long after people predicted its death.

The benefit to multi-channel marketing is you can reach MORE users and improve engagement. And face it - the broader your message reach, the higher your profits.

How About The Social Media “Blanket” Approach?

The theory here is that most of your prospects and customers are spending time on social media.

But who knows which people are on what network, and when? Not even the mighty Mr. Zuckerberg…

So the answer for many marketers trying to grow their subscriber base and engage their audience is to blast social media on all cylinders:

The “Brute Force” Social Media Strategy While Improving Customer Costs A Lot Of Money AND Time …

Organic reach on most of these platforms is limited. You’re encouraged to pay to play. And gamble on the fact that prospects will convert into leads and paying customers.

That’s a pretty big risk to take. Especially with the cost of ads and number of hours it takes to keep up with it all.

With Email Dying & Social Marketing Being Such A Big Risk … How Do You Build Your List And Drive More Sales?

Let Me Help You With That Right Now:


Chat Response

Invite. Engage. Profit.

Chat Response is my response to the ongoing issues facing businesses, independent marketers and list builders. It leverages the very latest technology available.

See How EASY It Is To Build Lists And Promote Offers With Chat Response In This Brief Demo Video:

Chat Response Creates ENGAGED Lists &
Drives MORE
Sales In 3 Simple Steps:

Login to your secure member’s area …

Follow the quick start video to get your personalized FB messenger list building app up and running .

Share your unique messenger ID...

Across your social networks, with your fan page fans and even as a button on your websites to start collecting engaged leads immediately.

Send unlimited updates and promotions to your new lists

and enjoy more sales and user engagement!

With Chat Response, now YOU can...
Build A List From An Audience Of
Over 900 Million FB Messenger App Users...

Finally, FB Came Thru And Now Building A Buyer’s List
With Messenger Is A Reality For Anyone!

Literally WEEKS ago FB released an updated messenger app with bots and a send / receive API. What’s in it for YOU? You can now build lists AND engage with subscribers directly through FB messenger.

Because I’d already been anticipating this opportunity, I was able to get a jump start and create this software to take full advantage.

And took this update two HUGE steps further…

Chat Response Connects You With Subscribers Through
FB Messenger, Desktop Chat AND FB mobile...

1.44 BILLION active users on FB. Connecting through the messenger app, desktop or mobile. Now you can reach them all … in the most direct, powerful and impossible-to-resist method available.

EFFORTLESSLY Build Targeted Lists - Then
Maximize Profits With DIRECT Messaging

Chat Response integrates with even the simplest of fan pages. So you can create specific lists in unlimited niches. And make it incredibly easy for FB users to join your lists.

With this software, each subscriber you gain becomes a FB Messenger Lead. Then every message you send goes directly to every subscriber.

The Ultimate List Building, Engagement
And Promotion Tool...

icon1The easiest way to build a list of engaged subscribers - without selling products or creating lead magnets and squeeze pages.

icon22 click sign up for users:  no need to fill out forms or submit details, just 2 clicks and people are on your list - the easiest & fastest way for prospects to subscribe to YOUR list.

Leverage a BUYING audience - over 72% of FB messenger users are verified online buyers

Send engaging messages that demand action - this tech lets you include text, images and linked calls to action IN your messages - make more sales and profits with every message

UTOMATE customer support - set up messages to Automate Customer Support, and redirect them to a support url for immediate assistance

3 ways to build your list FAST - thru a simple button on your site, a link in your social media posts, or whenever a user sends a message to your page

UNLIMITED subscribers, lists and messages - absolutely zero limits with NO ongoing costs

These Companies Have ALREADY Started Using FB’s
Latest Messenger Update To Grow Their Business …

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The BEST Features Of Email Marketing
With NONE Of The Costs!

  • Add unlimited subscribers, create as many lists as you like

    Zero limit to the number of niche lists or leads you add, so you can diversify your profits.

  • Create unlimited list segments

    Perfect for sending specific promos and offers to targeted subscribers for incredible conversions.

  • Send unlimited messages to any or all of your subscribers

    no extra charges for message delivery, ever again.

  • Send broadcasts, one-time automated follow-ups or ENTIRE follow-up sequences to subscribers

    automate your customer support AND promotional strategy.

  • Broadcast specifically to subscribers that DIDN’T open your last message

    re-engage users to make sure every lead hears about your offers

  • All for ZERO monthly fees

All Of This And More With Chat Response

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