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First,  GroupMe is a
Mobile Text Message Marketing app.


It gives you an easy way to text message your customers, staff or coaching clients. If you have a broadcast that you’d like to send out to everyone at once or if you’d like to schedule in training or offers that go directly to your audiences phone GroupMe will help you do just that.

This is exactly like Chat Response except for Microsofts text message marketing app Group Me.

You can watch a Full Step by Step demo of how to use this Software to better Communicate with your customers and staff down below.

Here’s how GroupMeBot Works:

  1. Inside the Chat Response Dashboard, under Bots select GroupMe > New Bot

2. You will then be redirected to the GroupMe website to login. Now if you don't have an account yet, create an account and it's free to sign up through this URL

3. Once you have logged in, automatically your Bot Access Token is filled in for your GroupMe Bot in your Chat Response account.

4. Create a Bot Name

5. Then select a group from your GroupMe account where you wish to have the Bot added to.

6. Click 'Create', and a notification appears that you have succesfully created a GroupMe Bot.

7. That's it, now you can start sending broadcasts through your ChatResponse account to your GroupMe groups integrated with the GroupMe Bot.

Here’s What You Can Do With This Software:

Once you have created your GroupMe Bot, you now have the ability to send out marketing broadcasts to any of your groups that you have categorized based on your list inside your GroupMe account.

This will give you the opportunity to reach a wider audience as the members have the option to set preference to text which means that every message can be received via SMS consequently giving you the chance to expand your marketing reach the same as reaching to your list in a more convenient way.

Not only that you’re also going to get access to another software that you can use as an additional way of communicating with your audience or staff.


You’ve likely heard of it. It’s 2016’s best app and it allows you to communicate with staff, customers or coaching clients through it’s app interface. If you had previously wanted to broadcast and schedule messages to your Slack app it wasn’t possible or if it was it was very complicated.

Now you can with this software effortlessly send out group messages, schedule in training to go out automatically to coaching clients or customers.

You can also watch a full step by step demo of how to use this software to better communicate with your customers and staff down below.

Here’s how SlackBot Works:

1. Inside the Chat Response Dashboard, under Bots select Slack > New Bot

2. You will then be prompted to enter Bot information, leave this page for now and open a new tab

3. On the new tab, access and log in to your account. If you don't have an account yet, create one and it's free to sign up.

4. Inside the Slack Apps dashboard click Build > Make a Custom Integration > Bots. Or you can just go directly to this URL

5. Enter a Username for the Bot and click 'Add Bot Integration'

6. An API Token will generated, copy it

7. Go back to Chat Response page

8. Create a Bot Name and paste the copied API Token in the 'Bot API Token' field.

9. Click Save Bot.

10. Once Slack Bot is created, head on back to your Slack page and add it in the Slack Channel you wish to have the Bot added in to.

11. To add the Bot in the desired channel, just open the Channel and on the upper right hand corner click the Channel Settings > Invite team members to join

12. Select the Bot created and click 'Invite'. Once this has been completed. You should now be able to send messages from your Chat Response account.

Here’s What You Can Do With This Software:

With SlackBot, you not only have the ability to send out unlimited Marketing broadcasts, you get to use this upgrade as a way of organizing your business, projects, and staff too. Create channels in your Slack based on your purpose, whether it be used for training, coaching, meetings, and so on.

Just have the bots linked in to the channel you wish to have it added to. A solution to having you marketing messages sent out and organizing business all in one platform.

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