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FREE Content In 2 Clicks
CONTENU: Generates 100% Unique ‘Readable’ Content In Minutes… Without Typing A Word!
You Need INSTANT Content
CONTENU extracts the spoken word from any YouTube video and turns it into unique readable text in less than 60 seconds.

CLICK 1: Open CONTENU and type in your keyword or phrase, or drop in the URL of any YouTube video (suitable for use in any niche).

Choose your filter and click submit.
Select Content Source
CLICK 2: Choose one of the videos to use as your content source.

CONTENU will then extract unique content from the video (in text form) and auto format into a draft post which you can edit if you wish or use as is.

Extraction to draft takes less than 1 minute (on average)
CONTENU extracts the spoken word from YouTube videos and turns it into text form. Once extracted the APP then builds you a fully formatted blog post, while auto filling tags and featured image, all of which can be edited before publishing.

All you have to do is publish.
Now watch the demo to see just how easy it is 
to generate unique content almost instantly.
CONTENU APP: Features List
CONTENU Consists of 1 Software APP (WordPress Plugin)… 
Plus: 2 Proven & Verified Monetization Methods… See below.
  •  60-seconds to Finish! Convert any YouTube video into your very own unique blog post... all in less than 60 seconds FLAT!
  •  Trigger Keyword Linking… You can even use our “commission attracting” Link specific keywords throughout the blog. Add any words you want to trigger an affiliate link in global settings to show throughout your blog.
  •  Content Spinning Is Built In… You probably won’t need to spin it, as the content extracted is almost always unique… But if you do, you can do it all inside CONTENU APP with 1 click.
  •  Automatic Post Tags… CONTENU will fetch video tags from the video you extract content from. It then adds them to your post tags automatically, which helps your posts get indexed higher on search engines (you can also edit tags)
  •  Complete instructions and tutorials on how to quickly setup and use the WordPress Plugin.
  •  Call-To-Action to sell ANY product or service you want! Quickly add a Call-To-Action right at the end of your post
  •  Word Count Details…Knowing your Word Count as well as the reading time will quickly help you ensure that your targeted post is not too long nor too small for your readers and perfect for SEO purposes.
  •  Categorize… That's right. CONTENU will help to arrange your posts into categories right from the CONTENU dashboard.
  •  Images… The YouTube video's thumbnail is automatically added to your new Blog post by default… But you can change it with a click. Choose from stacks of Free to use images, replace it with your Youzign, DesignoPro2 or DropMock graphics. YES – we integrate with all 3.
  •  CONTENU supports 105 languages
Generate Results from Day 1 by Simply Publishing 
Content No Selling or Traffic Required
Step #1. Set up your PayPost account
There is nothing techy about this… it really does cost NOTHING, and setting up your account will take just minutes.

Once your account is approved simply insert your credentials on the CONTENU settings page and you’re ready to go.
Step #2. Tick to Publish
Each time you extract and publish new content to your blog simply check the box just above the green ‘Create Post’ button.

CONTENU App will then re-post your content to PayPost social platform automatically... This process is genuinely autopilot.
Add 370 Style Posts to Your Blog for Even BIGGER Results
  •  Easy to follow Step-by-Step Process
  •  Unique Blog System: Generate BIG Results 99% Passively.
  •  100% Newbie Friendly Simple 4 Step Process
  •  1-3 Hours Set-Up Per Project - Pro-Active & Passive Results
  •  Evergreen model (working for over 14 months)
  •  Includes free & optional $5 a day instant traffic source.
Your CONTENU Package Includes...
1 WordPress Plugin, Monetization Part 1 & Part 2
  •  CONTENU Content Extraction App (WordPress Plugin)…. App extracts unique content from YouTube videos and turns into unique fully formatted blog posts
  •  Extract using Keyword or URL – Extraction from video to post editor in 1 click
  •  Helen’s full Monetization Part 1 ‘PayPost’ tutorial / training
  •  Monetization Part 2… Mark’s 370 Daily Blog Trick – Full Step-by-step system
  •  App includes 10 post per month quota (quota replenished each month without additional cost), built in content spinner, auto tag and image fill
  •  Monetization Part 1… Fully integrated re-post feature, all newly published content is automatically reposted to PayPost platform for automated (no additional work) results.
  •  Each Module / Element can be used standalone or together in synergy.
  •  Full App set up and usage tutorials
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Reseller Rights Animatio
3x More Conversions From Existing Websites… - Using This 1 Piece of Code - Visual Impact Forces Them to Read & Buy
  •  Simple & Newbie Friendly App – Click an Animate Any Element
  •  Force your visitors to Focus, Read More & Buy More
  •  Setup Within 3 Minutes – Animation In Seconds
  •  Includes over 50 animations and 20 male and female voice prompts & sound templates, detailed video training and full PDF User Manual / Tutorials.
  •  Works with all WordPress themes and WP based page builders 
Reseller Rights
WP SociConnect
Powerful “One-Click” Plugin INSTANTLY Provides Authority Content to
YOUR Websites from ANY Fan-Page on Facebook
  •  One-Click Instant Authority from 'Any' FB Fanpage.
  •  Google Rewards with Organic FREE Traffic to Active Sites.
  •  Means MORE Leads + Income for YOU...
  •  Never Have to Create Content Ever Again...
  •  No Need to Hire Someone to keep your Sites/Blogs Active.
  •  Drop ANY Ads or Scripts you'd like on your Beautiful Blog's Pages.
Resell Rights VidInvision
High quality, IN DEMAND cloud-based video player software

Something every business needs so it practically sells itself...
Instant import of YouTube AND Vimeo videos to your websites: keep traffic on your website and redirect to any landing page of your choice.
Allows users to create stunning layouts:
Set videos to play inside images of laptops, tablets, smartphones, cameras & smart watches … for instant appeal to a wide audience...
Built-in lead generation:
Add customisable optin forms over your videos to capture leads with seamless integration with all major autoresponders...
Clickable calls to action, banners and ‘buy’ buttons:
Instantly include clickable buttons within your videos to direct viewers to your offers and content...
WP FaceBook Quiz Creator
With WP FaceBook Quiz Creator, you can easily create fun, entertaining FaceBook quizzes with just a few clicks of your mouse.

By using this useful and effective plugin, you’re giving your visitors the chance to challenge themselves by solving quizzes that will keep them entertained (so this way they will spend more time in your site.)

You can also use it to grow your traffic using a series of trivia quizzes with topics related to your business/website.

Mobile 2 Step Opt-In Generator 
Now You Can Easily Create Mobile Two Step Opt-In Pages in Just Minutes!

According to the latest statistics, more than 1.2 Billion internet users are now using their mobile to browse the internet.

And if you are not utilizing the power of this opportunity, your business might get left behind from your competition.

You see, there are tons of ways how you can reach your audience and this time, it would be more personal and more handy especially if you are going to use this amazing software that will help build an email list using mobile optin features.

Viral Source 
Review Pack 
Make Money Online as an Affiliate Promoting Viral Source Product!

If you are doing business online, you would know how important list building is...for the simple fact that by having an email list to market to as an affiliate is one of the fastest ways of making online profits.

WP In-Content Popup Pro
WP In-Content Popup Pro is a new plugin that lets you create attention grabbing popups within your content.  

You can trigger in-content video popups, image popups, text popups, or content popups which you can use to showcase your product, article or even your profile.

This is an “in-content” trigger tool so you have the ability to choose the timing when the popup shows up.  

This way, you’ll capture the attention of your traffic at exactly the moment it matters the most.

WP Checkout Maximizer
A huge percentage of people add products to their carts but never checkout, its a big problem in eCommerce and this Plugin Will Help You To Dramatically Increase Your Sales Checkouts using its technology.
EZ Pricing Table Maker
EZ Pricing Table Maker - Create Impressive Pricing Tables In A Flash !
Are you still struggling to make a table price for your sites! You can get your hands on this software that will allow you to easily make an amazing pricing tables for your websites!
Suggestion Box Plugin
Finally, the power to quickly and easily find out exactly what your readers and members want and need is available to you. This easy-to-use WordPress plugin makes your next product creation choice as easy as clicking a button. Simply install the plugin on your WordPress website, and begin setting up a one-click voting system that gives your readers a fast and fun way to share their thoughts, while giving them the flexibility to add suggestions you may not have considered.
Abundant Content Loader Plugin
ATTENTION: WordPress website owners who want to save time on content creation !
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Unlimited Content / Post Extraction | PayPost Video Training
Formula 3 Passive Monetization | More
WP Image Plus
WP Plus Image Plugin – More Than 1,000,000 Copyright-Free, High-Quality Images – Straight From The Admin Area Of Your WordPress Blog

Choose From A Massive Gallery Of Jaw Dropping, Top-Notch Copyright-Free Images

Quickly And Easily Edit Them Straight From Your WP Dashboard. Publish Them Into Your Blog, And Voila… You Are Ready!

Video Backlinks Bomber
Link building is one of the best techniques to make your webpage higher in Google SERPS.

As internet marketer and SEO's we already knew that each backlinks are not equal in terms of power.

One of the best sources of links came from high page rank webpages which is relevant to your niche or perhaps from a high ranking video.

Internet marketers wants to have those video backlinks but the question is that, how are you going to put your link on those videos?

Video Backlinks Bomber is the answer to that question. Check the software out and it for yourself.
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