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Engage visitors with precisely targeted messages based on their behaviour 
Easily build lists of subscribers with integrated lead generation features 
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sales for any product or service
Just some of ConvertBar's visitor
engagement and conversion features 
Micro engagement surveys 
 Show a micro survey before your opt-in form to increase conversions and segregate leads onto different lists so you can follow up with them based on their specific interests or goals.
2-step call to action 
Boost conversions and minimise intrusions to other visitors with ConvertBar's 2-step process which only reveals your call to action when a visitor shows interest in your offer. 
Scarcity countdown timers 
Create urgency for your offers with built in countdown timers. Set the timer to run on autopilot, starting when the visitor first hits the page, or end on a specific time and date. 
Call-to-action videos & images 
Grab attention the moment a visitor clicks your offer with a personal video or an image of your product directly inside your ConvertBar! 
Intelligent bar trigger rules 
With ConvertBar's easy to use advanced bar rules you can select exactly when you want a bar to show on your page and how often. 
Create, customize & publish in minutes! 
The simple visual bar editor makes it easy for you to create and customize a ConvertBar to suit your offer in just a few clicks without any complex code or technical hassle. 
ConvertBar is perfect for.. 
Building lists 
Selling products 
Special discounts 
Product upgrades 
Promoting webinars 
Limited time offers 
Affiliate promotions 
In-app notifications 
And much more! 
Set a sequence of follow up offers for every visitor 
Automatically show a sequence of personalised offers for each visitor as they return to your site over a specific period of time. 
Convert visitors with powerful countdown timers 
Easily set what type of timer you want, when it should end for each visitor, and what action to take when it expires. 
Track everything from one simple dashboard 
Get a snapshot of how ConvertBar is performing on all of your websites from our simple yet powerful dashboard. Get real-time analytics and tracking right at your fingertips! 
Designed for the highest conversions on all devices! 
ConvertBar has been designed to look great and get the highest conversions across all devices. 
Coming soon!
More advanced rules 
A/B split testing 
More bar types 
Even more conversion boosting features... 
Exit trigger
Trigger your offer the moment
a visitor tries to leave.
On site targeting 
Target visitors who have seen a specific page on your site. 
Fully hosted images 
Add your own custom images
or icons to your bar. 
Time on page trigger 
Target visitors who spend more
than a set time on your page. 
Scrolling triggers 
Target visitors who scroll to a
specific part of your page. 
Bar positioning 
Display a ConvertBar at the header or footer of your page. 
Drag & drop organizer 
Keep your bars organized with drag and drop positioning. 
Realtime analytics 
Clear real time analytics of all your sites and ConvertBars. 
Scheduled bar timing 
Set exactly how long your bar
will show to each visitor. 
No branding on your bars 
Unlike other services we do not force you to have our brand on your bar anywhere. All your bar's are completely unbranded so your visitors only have one place to click.. Your call to action! 
Fully hosted software platform 
ConvertBar's platform is built on solid enterprise-grade servers which means it's fast, reliable and there's no complicated setup process so you can get started in minutes. 
Ongoing 1st class customer support 
We pride ourselves in having exceptional customer support. Your happiness is our top priority and our dedicated support team will always make sure you are 100% satisfied with our products and services! 
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It has already been proven and tested that if you want to build a massive online empire that will earn you millions of dollars, building an email list is necessary. Well, there are lots of information in the internet giving you ideas and techniques on how to do list building fast or at a minimal cost.

As part of the tips being shared by most successful online business owners, having a tool is a huge help for your campaign and one of this amazing tool is called Exit Popup feature to your website which you are about to get inside this product called Exit List Pro. 
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  • You can also change every link from original website into your link

  • You can add HTML code before and after the content

  • You can add widgets to give effect and edit the content

  • You can add a popup

  • You can add a slide-in

  • You can see the statistics for views and clicks
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Most people are surprised when they find out just how profitable text ads are.  They often result in far more sales than purely image ads.

This is why hundreds of thousands of sites around the web distribute ads from Google, Yahoo, and countless dozens of other ad networks.  These sites are useful for those just starting out.

But, the problem with these sites is that they either show ads your visitors aren't interested in or they give you a tiny fraction of the revenue they generate.
This is why a new tool has been created that solves these problems.
  • Supplies fresh and updated content for better results in the search engines!  Since the ads are text, the search engines read it as fresh content, which they love!

  • Rotates as many ads as you want! You no longer have to deal with irrelevant ads that suck-up your valuable web real estate, costing you money.

  • Allows you to conveniently add or remove ads from a single central location!  My Ad Rotator is a breeze to use and manage, even when you're dealing with a lot of pages!
  • Advertises your own products or those you have resale rights to so you keep ALL of the profits!  You can often earn far more from your own products than if you run somebody else's' ads!

  • Gives you the ability to promote proven top-selling affiliate programs where you generate far more than with ads from other sources!  You can now find high-converting sites and generate significant amounts of traffic through your affiliate links!

  • Ensures your ads are relevant to your website visitors and generate gobs of new sales as a result!    You can promote the best selling product in the world, but if your visitors aren't interested in it, then your sales are going to be minimal.

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This is a very simple script that is used to safeguard your email address from Web based email harvesters.

Instead of announcing the information in your form code, your email address is safely "hidden" in a separate PHP file.

You can easily edit the contact page to match the look and feel of your website as well as change or add any wording that you feel is necessary.

A few minutes of your time permanently and effectively prevents spambots from capturing your email address.

Gives you the ability to quickly and easily include a standard contact form that can't be "hacked.
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