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  • Visitors see real names, real photographs & real places of people who signed up to your offer.

  • Conversion widget shows live conversions constantly & builds urgency.

  • Works with every sort of conversion including sales, signups, downloads, etc.
ConvertProof Just Made All Other Kinds
Of Social Proof Obsolete 
Trips That Powerful Herd Instinct 
Integrates Just Like FB / Google Pixel 
Boosts Sign-up & Sales Massively 
In front of the visitor no matter where on the page they are 
Advanced Tech Pulls Out Real Names & Photos 
Top Marketers Swear By
Social Proof

Do You Have It On Your Page Yet? 
Do you ever read marketing articles and guides from experts like Frank Kern, Neil Patel, Jeff Bullas, etc.?

Bet you’ve read this a 100 times already.

“Get Social Proof!”

Yes, you need to get testimonials, reviews, votes, likes, sales numbers, customer lists, anything that will tell your visitor that people are actually buying or opting in. 
Social Proof Unlocks The Herd Instinct
The Mob Does Things That An Individual Won’t 
I’ll tell you a psychological secret, the most compelling reason why Social Proof works.

It’s all about feeling secure.

People feel secure when they see that others are already invested.

When they are at your sales page, thinking whether they should buy or not; they are questioning their own judgement.

When they someone else taking action, that feeling of insecurity goes away.

“So many people can’t be wrong. If they are already in, then this is a good deal. I am going to get in too.”

That’s it. One little encouraging push and you make that sale, get that lead.

It works. Period. 
Let Me Show You The Most Powerful
Social Proof System

This Works Better Than Anything
Else You’ve Seen Before 
Do you like the simplicity and the effectiveness? 
This is the most potent form of social proof. More powerful than even best review and testimonial because the prospect sees someone putting their money on the line.

That’s more powerful than any words that can be said.

Admit it! You’ve done this too and bought stuff a 100s of times because you saw your friend, your colleague or even a stranger buy it.

Buyers have been trained to view the sales pitch with skepticism, but they trust their peers.

Visitors see live conversion proof wherever they are
on the page. There’s no way they won’t be
Visitors see real action, not just words. 
Follows your visitors everywhere. 
New conversion pops all the time & creates urgency. 
Not Convinced It Can Be That
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The Most Powerful Social Proof Technology Invented 
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ConvertProof Is Powerful & Simple
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Cool Dashboard gives you the latest stats and performance details 
Fill in a few easy details and set up your webpage. 
Copy your conversion pixel code to the clipboard. 
Paste it on your webpages. Ready to go! 
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  • Upload plain text files or HTML for total control.
  • Super simple installation right through your WordPress dashboard.
  • Simple auto-schedule setting lets you add content to your site over time - perfect for keeping Google happy!
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  • Attribute uploaded articles to any blog author. 
  • Review every article before scheduling, so you can be sure the author, category and post type is correct. 
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  • After upload, it's easy to fine-tune the formatting, tags and other information by going to the "all posts" screen 
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  • Give it to them in a way that makes sense, so they'll remain on your site longer and increase your sales and advertising rates.

  • Create multiple related posts or recently viewed posts areas according to your specific needs.

  • Set default numbers of posts to show so your readers get just what they want--and easily override those settings as needed.
  • Choose to show only related posts, or only recently view posts, or both.

  • Show titles only, titles and images, excerpts or not--this totally flexible plugin puts you in control.

  • Works with your existing tags so readers see exactly what you want them to see, and never see unrelated content.

  • Perfect for cooking blogs, review blogs, affiliate sites, or any website that relies on page views and clicks to to earn a profit.
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