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If you've ever been told by a loved one, that successful Internet Marketing
is nothing more than a dream...

If you've tried Affiliate Marketing before and it's not gone well...

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You Can Skip Having To 'Learn' Anything...
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What are you more likely to spend your time on? (Be honest!)

A) Building a sustainable business with an email marketing list, spending time creating
squeezepages, giveaway items, researching and learning how best to provide value
and reviewing products, creating bonuses and writing high converting emails to them

B) Playing with the new software that does stuff 'so much cooler' than anything else...
Without even realising the longterm effect this is having on your future ... you're definitely NOT alone - it's something that happens to 99% of people trying to make money online.

What you might know (logically), is that yes - staying focused on building your own email list is well worth your time.

Having your own email marketing list is still arguably one of the best ways to consistantly grow passive income...  

But - it takes takes time to do everything right.

If you’re just starting out it's hard to stay motivated all the way through to that victory moment, where you’re seeing regular sales coming in.

Too many people quit their online dreams that tiny bit too early, knowing that your painstakingly hand crafted emails will only go out to a handful of people, with just a few of them opening it and even less clicking on your offer…

It’s impossible to know too, if the reason they aren’t buying is because of something you wrote, the offer you promoted - or something else entirely!

It no cake-walk for experienced marketers either - finding the time to review products, manage a schedule for promotions, write the emails, get your affiliate links and tracking codes all set up and actually send emails.

It’s a lot of work for that ‘make money while you sleep’ type cash… which is why I've created Covert Commissions
100% DONE FOR YOU Email Marketing!
Entire Squeeze Page System
Squeeze, giveaway report or software gift, thank you/download pages all done for you!
Covert Commissions is your completely done for you, 100% managed affiliate marketing system.
Everything is done for you:
  • Done for you squeeze pages
  • Promoting the highest converting offers
  • Created bonus packages for each promotion
  • Personally written highly responsive emails
  • We'll mail out your affiliate links in every promotion
Never Write An Email Again!
I'll write promotional emails for affiliate promotions, queue them and mail your leads ALL with your affiliate links in every email.
All You do is send the traffic

And we'll give you the tools and show you how to do that too!

There is nothing to setup, code or host.

You get a link, you promote, we'll take care of the rest.

The commissions go straight to your affiliate account!
Have A Look Inside Your Members Area
Does It Really Work?
With JVZoo Tracking ID's You Can See Exactly Where Your Sales Are Coming From!
Every single promotional email I send has a special tracking ID, so you'll be able to see exactly how much money your making with Covert Commissions sales in your own JVZoo account - like some of our members have excitedly discovered!
Covert Commissions just ... plain... WORKS!
Here are a few member screenshots they've shared, from promotions done recently
But... Will It Work For Me?
If You're COMPLETELY New To Affiliate Marketing Online:
  • This is hands-down the EASIEST way to make money online
  • All you need to do is send people to the links we give you
  • We've even got friendly walk through videos showing you free ways to do that!
  • Our staff is ready to help you if you get stuck
  • We even show you how to get (free) JVZoo and Clickbank accounts if you need it 
  • We've got a 30 day money back guarantee too!  So there's nothing to lose!
If You're An Experienced Online Marketer:
  • This will let you add easy added streams of income
  • Add banners to your thank you pages, giving away free stuff and profit
  • Copy/Paste our giveaway swipe emails into your autoresponders and make more cash too!
  • YOUR links go out in EVERY SINGLE promotion
  • Every person you refer to Covert Commissions sees your links in the members area too!
  • At no time EVER will people see anything other than your affiliate links
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Early Bird Bonus #1: Resell Rights - Web Traffic Wildfire
Instantly Access CUTTING EDGE Traffic Techniques Used by World Class Experts Who, Could Collectively Drive Enough Web Traffic. 
You’re going to get EVERYTHING you need to ensure maximum success with your traffic campaigns, whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro. 
  • Where to find the traffic that converts to cash in your pocket
  • How to drive traffic, getting more visitors to your pages
  • Of all of the different methods which one is best for you and what you have to offer?
Early Bird Bonus #2: White Label Rights - Social Pop
This Scarcity Software Can 10X Your Profits, Leads & Get You 300% More Traffic Using The Exact Strategy BIG COMPANIES use.
Do You Want To Stop Losing Money & Grow Your Traffic & Sales At The Same Time ?
  • Fully Hosted Software, One Click Add To Your Site.

  • Increase Scarcity and Social Proof With Real Time Updates

  • Works On Your Website, External Websites, Blogs And Ecommerce.

  • Bonus Pages, Product Sales Sites, Shopify Sites And More.

  • Integrates with all popular email marketing platforms.
Early Bird Bonus #3: White Label Rights - Consulting in Minutes
  • Includes All Of The Sales Material To Sell Consulting In Minutes (PSD, HTML)
  • Includes Sales Video's To Help You Sell Consulting In Minutes
  • Promote Consulting In Minutes As Your Own Making 100% Of The Profit
  • Own The Documents To Use As Your Own And Sell
  • And Much Much More...
Early Bird Bonus #4: Copy Cut Marketing
My Simple Strategic System For Making Money Affiliate Marketing

This is the best Social Media Marketing sales product we have. It sells for $197 consistently. You're going to get the ability to sell this as if it's your own keeping 100% of the profit. You get all of our sales material and you can rebrand the system as you want. It's going to show your clients how to make money helping businesses!
  • Sam's Complete Story About How A Young Failed Telemarketer Hit It Big Generating Up To $100,000 A Month Online Marketing

  • Discover: The “Copy Cut Marketing” System...Uncensored! The exact formula for making money through internet marketing

  • Your all-in-one guide for bigger business & profits in 2016

  • The tell-all book you won't see other internet marketers sharing! This book includes everything Sam knows about becoming a successful internet marketer... are YOU ready to follow the same steps?
Early Bird Bonus #5: Viral Traffic Ninja Plugin
Discover A Simple Automated Traffic System You Can Use To Get UNLIMITED Visitors To Your Blog For FREE,  With No Effort On Your Part!
Traffic is the lifeblood to every profitable Internet business and WITHOUT it your beautiful looking blog will be lost in a sea of mediocrity.

If you plan to use your blog to promote your business, sell products or generate advertising revenue, you won't make a penny without traffic!

So What's The Secret To Getting More Traffic?

I'll give you a hint... VIRAL TRAFFIC!

It's fast, it's easy and most importantly,  this method is guaranteed to drive unlimited traffic to your blog!
Early Bird Bonus #6: Lead Book WordPress Plugin
Take advantage of Facebook's powerful Lead Ads platform while seamlessly, adding your new leads to your mailing list
  • One-click install right from your WordPress dashboard--no FTP to fuss with or databases to create.

  • Simple to follow instructions for creating your Facebook app ID and connection--our illustrated user guide makes it easy.

  • Integrations with today's most popular email marketing services, MailChimp and AWeber--no need to learn (and pay for) new services.

  • Connection to unlimited lists--perfect for offering multiple opt-in incentives from your Facebook page.
  • Integration with endless forms and form fields--as long as the information can be added to your mailing list, LeadBook can send it.

  • Total control over the frequency of imports - chose hourly, daily, or twice daily depending on how often you generate leads.

  • Simple set up right through the familiar WordPress dashboard so there's no additional software to navigate.

  • No costly month-to-month charges, so you can run all the ads you like without incurring addition fees.
Early Bird Bonus #7: Cloud Save It Plugin 
Cut Down On Support Tickets And Make Downloading Your Free Reports And Products Easier And More Convenient Than Ever Before! 
Cloud Save It Improves Customer Experience And Leaves Your Readers With A Positive Impression Of You And Your Business!

With this one simple WordPress plugin, you can instantly gain credibility and turn readers into raving fans, just by saving them time and making the download process easier.

The idea is simple: Give readers a way to automatically download your product right into their cloud storage solution of choice. No browsing for the right folder. No wondering later where the file was saved. No contacting support later for a replacement.

Just a one-click download to either Dropbox or Google Drive, so she'll know exactly where the file is. Even better, she'll be able to access it from anywhere. 
Early Bird Bonus #8: WP EZ Viral Contest
A superb, subscriber-increasing WordPress plugin that will allow you access to quick and easy RESPONSIVE contest pages that will keep visitors engaged and the best thing is that you can do this in just a few minutes!
Follow a simple 3-step procedure, and you can have your own contests to drive more action into your site, heavier traffic and new subscribers!

By using the dead-easy setup wizard you can 100% customize your contest: add details, images, the start and end of the contest, change fonts, background colors and even add your own background image.

With just one click of your mouse button, you can publish your contest and share it via Facebook, Twitter, email and much more. You can conveniently manage your contests from a very user-friendly control panel where you are in total control at all times.

People will be "forced" to enter the contest in your blog, and once they do, they will be motivated to share with others to get more entries. You can easily track ALL the results from your admin panel to make informed decisions. You can also see at all times the contest statistics in real time. 
Early Bird Bonus #9: Share Per View Plugin 
Here's how Share to View works.

Simply create content as you would, but before you publish it for the world to see, protect some (or even all) with a custom shortcode. Now when visitors land on your page, they will need to "unlock" your content by sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.
  • One-click installation for fast setup. 
  • Set-it-and-forget-it social credentials. 
  • The ability to protect content on both posts and pages for total flexibility. 
  • The option to set default messages for all hidden content. 
  • The ability to create custom messages on a post-by-post basis. 
  • The option to create custom Tweets for each hidden content, as well as different Twitter   handles for each post (perfect for multi-author blogs!)
  • The familiar WordPress WYSIWYG editor for total control over both your hidden content and   the message your site visitors see.
  • The choice to protect text, audio, images, video and even download links. 
  • Custom cookie settings, so returning visitors don't have to share again to read the same content.

    Not only that, but this sophisticated plugin works so well, you can: 
  • Hide content on many different pages without effecting the protection of others.
  • Use it to offer special bonuses or coupon codes to those who share. 
  • Combine with special formatting plugins to create beautiful notifications, coupons and   more. 
Early Bird Bonus #10: Local Leadpage Plugin  
New WordPress Plugin Creates Local Lead Generation Pages Quickly and Easily! 
Amp Up Your Network With Crisp, Clean, Powerful Local Lead Pages! Crank out professional looking lead pages with lighting speed!
LocalLeadpage Plugin helps you crank out professional looking lead pages with lighting speed.
With the right options for you to customize your lead page to your brand, your lead pages will match your website nicely.
Sell to your clients, rent, or use the these lead pages for your own personal network. 
  • Easy Customization
  • Call To Action Header
  • Tap To Call
  • Featured Tab Area
  • Optin Ready
  • Social Ready
  • Extra Text Area
  • Map Ready
  • Model Image Gallery
Early Bird Starts In...
Once You Purchase Covert Commissions, Your Bonuses Will Be In Your Members Area, And You Will Also Be Able To Find Them In Your JVzoo Customer Portal Listed As
"SamBakkerBonus". If you don't see this then please submit a ticket to with your receipt and we will get your bonuses to you right away!
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