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In Today’s Internet Age, Wealth Can Be Created
WITHOUT Physical Assets:
The world’s biggest bank, with no actual cash.
The world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles.
The world’s most popular media owner, creates no content.
The world’s most valuable retailer, has no inventory.
The world’s largest acoomodation provider, owns no real estate.
ALWAYS ON ACCESS has led to a
MASSIVE SHIFT in buying patterns

Today’s consumers prefer to rent than own
There is no doubt today that the subscription model resonates with customers … Why own a car when you can rent a new one as-needed? Why trek to the pet store every time you run out of dog food?

... the advent of the internet sparked a resurgence over the past two decades, transforming how almost everything — from dinner and CRM software to pet food and Cadillacs — gets sold
—, May 2017
The Global Internet Economy Has Forever Changed
The Way People Live, Work AND Buy
Today, the average person changes jobs ten to fifteen times (with an average of 12 job changes) during his or her career. Many workers spend five years or less in every job
—, May 2017
According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the average person in the United States moves residences more than 11 times in his or her lifetime
—, October 2016
Increased mobility means people are collecting less, and subscribing more. They want 24/7 access to everything they need, without the clutter. From houses to cars, chocolates to software … people are paying to ENJOY, not to OWN.
Thanks to the internet, on-demand access to literally anything you need is a click or tap away.

Companies that have adapted to this SUBSCRIPTION ECONOMY
are making incredible profits:
How The Subscription Economy
Can Make You RECURRING Passive Income

Just as with other products & services, people today will gladly subscribe for access to information.
As digital marketers, this is a huge — and widely untapped — opportunity.
Which of these options makes more sense?
  • Sell something ONCE for a single payment?
  • Sell the SAME THING for ONGOING MONTHLY payments?
With this model, the only difference is in positioning

These days, it’s almost more unusual not to do a subscription business than to do one … Take Cadillac, which recently launched a program allowing drivers to drive multiple models for $1500 a month
—, May 2017

Cadillac isn’t making more money by making more cars …
It’s making more money by positioning its EXISTING cars in a way that
maximizes recurring income.

And instead of paying for more traffic…
Constantly creating brand new products…
Or fighting for NEW customers every time you want to make more sales…

Every buyer that comes in the door becomes a source of RECURRING monthly income.

Until recently, this type of business model just wasn’t an option for most internet marketers. But thanks to this huge shift in online spending, recurring passive income is now easier than ever. 
Now $916 isn’t a lot, but here’s the thing: I set that site up 5 years ago and have hardly touched it since.
It still has customers paying monthly for access, without me having to lift a finger.

Since then I did most of the things we’ve all been taught to do online.
Worked like CRAZY to make one-time sales to one-time customers.
When you promote affiliate offers, you’ll often make videos, do reviews, put together bonus packages…
If you launch products, you’ll spend time and money on sales materials, affiliate incentives and complete funnels…
And even though these thing can work, they only work ONCE. One sale, to one customer, one at a time.
Every time you want to make more sales, you need to find more customers.
And internet marketing becomes just another job.
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