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Three Simple Steps to Create Copy for Your Entire Funnel
That Even the World's Top Copywriters Will Steal From

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Includes Everything From Emails to Sales
Pages to One-Time Offers to Downsells

Now every piece of your funnel is 100% covered, including driving traffic
to your funnel, the sales pages and even the upsells and downsells.

High Performing Emails

Our Top 40 Email Templates

With over 21 years of combined experience and thousands of sent emails, these are the best emails we've ever written!

Just fill in the blanks and create emails in any niche! Watch the video for a quick demo and watch us create high performance emails in just seconds!

XX Effective Sales Letters

Even though it's the age of VIDEO - too many marketers are ignoring one of the best ways to sell someone - WRITTEN WORDS.

As a matter of fact, it's more effective to use a written sales letter for LOW TICKET products, but sales letters can cost you $10,000+ for a good one. Well, not anymore!

Powerfully Written Sales Letters

Profit Boosting Upsells

XXX Upsells - DONE!

The #1 way to increase your customer value at the very beginning is by adding in a funnel of amazing upsells.

However, 90% of marketers will avoid this.

Why? Copy!

Well, not anymore! We've added our best converting formula and XX pre-written upsells for you.

XXX Downsells - DONE!

What do you do if you offer someone a product and they say 'no'? What if they try to leave your site?


Downsells have their own formula. They are very simple but require just the right words. We've created these for you!

Sales-Saving Downsells

BOTTOM LINE, any copy you need to build your ENTIRE funnel is 100% done for you. All you need to do is just choose your niche and you're off to the races!

Over 240 High-Converting Copy In Over 12
Categories - Immediately Available...


Exact Model

The Fill In The Blank Copy Writing Software

We have put in well over 20 hours of research per niche. Our research not only made full use of our master formulas for copywriting, however, we also took time to analyze:

  • The top converting funnels in every niche...
  • Specific market research for each niche...
  • Special industry lingo and jargon that we used in the copy!
  • Particular benefits and pain points that are personal to that niche!

Each copy has been written with great research and market in mind. We didn't just blindly use our formula and make it stretch to all niches. The formula was personalized based on the speficic market!

After Delivering 3.2 Billion
Emails - Here's Our Top 50!

In addition to including copy for product sales pages, we decided to also add some of our most powerful EMAILS.

It's not a secret that an Email list can be the #1 Monetary Hub of an Online Business. Well, now, you can Simply Copy and Paste our Most Profitable Emails!

You're now about to have to major advantages when it comes to copy...

#1 - We have a combined 21 years of experience & thousands of copy written...

#2 - We've helped deliver over 3.2 Billion Emails!

The first part is pretty self-explanatory.

Considering how long we've been Email Marketers, we've written thousands of Emails and analyzed each and every one. You're now about to have the advantage by all our data.

We know which of our Emails work the best - We're literally ready to hand them to you on a silver platter!

Now, the second part of it is the part you probably don't know.

What we've learned after
delivering 3.2 Billion Emails...

We collectively started a company called Sendlane about 3 years ago. Today, it has over 20,000 users and has delivered over 3.2 BILLION Emails.

Every day our team evaluates the best Emails and the best trends. We have automatically built these into the Emails we're about to hand to you!

After Exact Model, you'll never have to worry about Emails again - We are giving you our best 50, they're 100% done for you (and optimized for the best performance)!

Just fill in the blanks and you'll be ready to go!

2 Minute LIVE Demo

Watch Us "Write" Incredible Copy For a Niche We Know Nothing About - In Just Minutes!

No better way to prove something than to accept a MAJOR challenge!
Watch the video below and you'll see us create incredible copy - all in a niche we know NOTHING about!
Ready to start the timer?

Each High-Converting Copy Could
Cost You Over $250 Each!

It's one thing that you can now have absolute speed of execution. That has it's own value! But take a moment to think what GOOD copy will cost you?

Most copywriters worth anything will charge a minimum of $100 an hour.

Copywriters such as myself (Anik Singal) would charge at least $2,000 an hour. That should give you a range of the value of this copy.

Now, if someone is going to create copy that is actually well thought out and has a chance at succeeding. They're going to be looking at a minimum investment of 2 to 3 hours.

Right there, even a semi-good copywriter at $100 an hour will end up costing you over $250 PER Copy. But, we can save you all that today - 100% of it!

Over 240 pieces of copy - today, yours for LIFE - just get started with Exact Model!

Exact Model allows you to build an UNLIMITED number of funnels and digital products, while removing the #1 hardest part of the process - copywriting!

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Take this opportunity to basically tap our 21+ years of experience, $150 Million+ in sales and imagine having us virtually writing YOUR copy!

Special Early Bird Bonuses!

When You Purchase Exact Model, You Also Get
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Early Bird Bonus #1: Affiliate Kickstarter

Start promoting Affiliate Offers Effectively!

  • How to correctly promote to subscribers you generate
  • What Affiliate Offers to chose and why!
  • The key to email marketing and communicating with your list
  • A high-quality step by step case study of how we recently made over $12,000 in 1 day with a promotion

Early Bird Bonus #2: Launch Kickstarter

Get Access To My Upcoming Guide About Creating Low Ticket Launches
from my 'Kickstart by Sam Bakker' Series

  • How to brainstorm a launch that will SELL
  • How to get started even if you have no idea where to start!
  • What it takes to create an awesome product launch in this industry
  • How to make money from low ticket launches - in 2016 and beyond!
  • Resources, Blueprints and documents to help you put together your first low ticket launch of 2016

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White Label Rights to Video Script Software

Sell Video Script Software for 100% profits!
Rebrand our sales material and sell!

Early Bird Bonus #4: White Label Rights - CTA Bar

High-converting call-to-action bars over your website that you can sell for profit!

Early Bird Bonus #5:
Resell Rights to Exit List Pro Software

Exit popups are now a well-proven technology for building a list, allowing you to turn ordinary visitors into highly profitable subscribers.

Easily Add Powerful Exit Popups To Your Web Pages - To Build Your Mailing List On Autopilot!

It has already been proven and tested that if you want to build a massive online empire that will earn you millions of dollars, building an email list is necessary. Well, there are lots of information in the internet giving you ideas and techniques on how to do list building fast or at a minimal cost.

As part of the tips being shared by most successful online business owners, having a tool is a huge help for your campaign and one of this amazing tool is called Exit Popup feature to your website which you are about to get inside this product called Exit List Pro.

Early Bird Bonus #6:
Resell Rights to WP Cool Live Chat Plugin

WP Cool Live Chat is a WP plugin that will allow you to add an enticing, attractive live chat to your websites and blogs.

Brand New, Sizzling Hot WP Plugin Enables You To Add Conversion-Increasing Live Chats That Will Send Your Profits Through The Roof!

The cool thing about this slick plugin is that you can customize it the way YOU want making the chat visually enticing and COOL in front of your visitor's eyes.

  • You can quickly and easily add a visually enticing live chat in your blogs… in less than 2 minutes flat.
  • Easily customize the widget… you can change the style: background color, text color, fonts, and this is for any element (header, footer, main content, chat bubble).
  • Plus, you can easily modify according to YOUR needs the following: title, info, and message form.
  • Add cool effects such as animation while chatting.
  • Admin dashboard that makes it easy to organize customer's chats, Email messages while admin goes offline.
  • Notification for new chat and offline chat.

Early Bird Bonus #7:
Resell Rights to WP Viral Click Plugin

Secret, "Plug-and-Play" WP Plugin Will Unleash An Unstoppable Tsunami Of Visitors Straight To Your Blog!

  • You can also change every link from original website into your link
  • You can add HTML code before and after the content
  • You can add widgets to give effect and edit the content
  • You can add a popup
  • You can add a slide-in
  • You can see the statisticsfor views and clicks

Early Bird Bonus #8: Speed Lock

Create A Sense of Urgency On Your WordPress Pages
So Your Mailing List Becomes Even More Compelled To Buy

Early Bird Bonus #9: Sales Letter Titans

Create Sales Letters That Convert Quickly & Easily

Grab The Most Unique 100 Sales Letters Targeting 100 of the Most Lucrative Niches in the World!

You should know by now that sales is the gateway to online riches. If you can't sell, then you will be broke.

Knowing how to sell make sure you will be fed a long tie. One good letter means tons of customers over and over again. It's almost a turning on a tap.

  • 100 Sales Letters
  • 100 Squeeze Pages
  • 50 Promo Emails
  • Set of JV Letters
  • High Converting Sales Letter Graphics
  • Mastery Of Words Copywriting Education
  • Guarantee Pages

Early Bird Bonus #10: WP iAsk Plugin

Effortlessly Create Insightful And Engaging Surveys, Gather
Critical Data Such As Statistics And Answers From Your Visitors…All In One Place!

  • Quickly, easily and instantly create surveys at the push of button and get precise, in-depth statistics that will help you make better decisions next time regarding the way you run your business
  • Possibility of using shortcodes in order to make your life easier – The surveys can be embedded in any post or page via shortcodes
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Jaw-dropping Widget Effects –Get access to various styles that control the appearance of the survey widget…for a great first impression!
  • Restrictions option available– Surveys can be made available only to registered users or to the general public…you have the control
  • And Much More!

Early Bird Bonus #11: WP Testimony Pro

This is a fantastic plugin that not only will save you time and money, but also it will allow you to quickly and easily increase your profits in a way you’d never imagine!

  • It’s easy to use and you can install it in less than 30 seconds
  • Display Testimonials from your clients or supporters
  • Display reviews of your product or service
  • Display a list of quotes
  • Link Case Studies
  • Complete control: customize it the way you want & much more!

Early Bird Bonus #12: WP Video Optin

Discover my secrets for creating conversion crushing promo
videos that sell insane amounts of your products and services

  • Customize your Page to your Needs
  • Add Your Video to the Background
  • Add Any Auto-Responder You Want
  • Create Unlimited Beautiful Video Pages

Early Bird Bonus #13: Instant Infographic Creator

Create amazing infographics... for your business marketing needs

  • Create powerful infographics online
  • Don't pay hundreds for a creative infographic...do it yourself within minutes!
  • Increased Brand Authority, Backlinks And Traffic
  • Hundreds Of Built-In Graphics
  • Simple But Powerful Interface…Including An Intuitive Drag And Drop

Why You Need OTO#1

Exact Model - Template Club. Priced at $39.

Introducing the Template Club

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Special OTO Bonus #1: WP ezLead

Create Amazing High Converting Squeeze Pages With WordPress. Create awesome looking “full background image” lead capture pages that can fit anywhere and convert like crazy (can be used for the web, Facebook and mobile devices)

Special OTO Bonus #2: WP Like Pop

Convert Qualified Traffic with Eye-Grabbing Animated
Social Pop-Ups That Activate At The Bottom of Your Blog

Use One Fun-to-Use Plugin To Increase Your Social Like / Follow Conversions with All The Most Popular Social Networks

Create your own social pop up widget for your WordPress blog! Take advantage of this offer to improve your social conversions. This product allows your PEOPLE to conveniently follow,like or subscribe to your social media page to keep informed about updates and new releases.

Upon reaching the bottom of the page your captivated viewers will be drawn to this convenient pop up. The variety of designs will allow you to select a theme that will match your WordPress blog which appears as a natrual feature of your blog. There are also eye-catching effects that will draw attention to the widget that will match your theme.

Early Bird Special Begins In...

Once You Purchase Exact Model, Your Bonuses Will Be In Your Members Area, And You Will Also Be Able To Find Them In Your JVzoo Customer Portal Listed As "Sam Bakker Bonus". If you don't see this then please submit a ticket to http://sambakker.zendesk.com with your receipt and we will get your bonuses to you right away!