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I Regularly Beat Affiliates
With Lists 20 Times The Size… How?
The short answer is Video Engagement – I’m an average joe who jumps on and I talk to people on camera. I put a face to my brand and this helps to connect with my audience.

When they see my videos they remember me and what I do. This lets me stand out from the crowd and also increases my engagement.

Now I know exactly what you’re thinking…
The Truth Is Everyone Makes Mistakes & Most People Hate Being On Camera…
Now I’m not Brad Pitt, and I have a very strong Northern English Accent…

In fact, when I first started doing videos I had customers send me messages asking me if I was even English… I have been in the exact same position as many of you when it comes to getting on camera.

and I made tons of mistakes…

So when I started doing Facebook lives it was a nightmare and I literally made mistake after mistake.
Then It Hit Me…
By Combining Pre-Recorded And Live Video You Eliminate All Mistakes And Stress.
After giving this much thought, I realized that If I wanted to eliminate the mistakes and stress that can be made doing Facebook Lives I needed to…

Combine the LIVE with a Pre-recorded video in my presentations.

When I put this to a test the results were astounding….
This MASSIVELY Increased My Sales, Shares, Comments, And Likes.
By being able to pre-record my presentation, and still have the power of being live and being able to say hello to viewers who were watching it gave me the best of both worlds.

It allowed me not only to engage my audience live, it also allowed me to ensure that my presentation ran perfectly the way I wanted it to.

It also allowed me to keep my live structured and make it more engaging than just having my face on the camera for 15 minutes…Because I could also show people what I was talking about.

This Totally eliminated the stress of me worrying about messing up my presentation when I was live because all I had to do was jump on say hello and then let the pre-recorded video do the rest.
By Using These Exact Skills Here Are Some Of The Incredible Results….
I Created The 1st Ever Facebook Live Production Quality TV Show…
In Fact, My First Episode Generated Over 2,800 Views 93 Likes, 64 Shares And 201 Comments With No Website.
My Second Episode I Decided To Create A Website And This Generated 100 Email Subscribers.
News Flash…
You Don’t Need To Be A Model, Or Have The Perfect Accent Or Be A Polished Presenter To Make Money With FB Live!
This is why I created Facebook Live Mastery…because literally, anyone can start doing Facebook Lives to build their business with no website, no list, and totally free software!

I mean here is just some quick stats that show just what a MASSIVE IMPACT Facebook Lives are having…
Users Comment On Facebook Live Videos At 10x The Rate Of Regular Videos.
Daily Watch Time For Facebook Live Broadcasts Has Grown By More Than 4x.
Facebook Live Videos Are Watched 3x Longer Than Videos That Aren’t Live Anymore.
Facebook Live Mastery
The ONLY, Facebook Live Training Course You Will Ever Need!

Discover: Exactly How To Overcome Camera Fear, Produce Engaging, Professional Quality Lives & How To Get Results In Your Business Without Making Rookie Mistakes Like Me.
  • Loose Your Camera Fear
  • Make Your Lives Look Pro
  • Easily Add Your Own Branding
  • Add Lower Thirds
  • Live Green Screen
  • Pro Live Interviews, Speaker, Side By Side
  • Planning Your Facebook Lives
  • Pre-Recorded Video
  • Add Intros – Outros
  • Mix & Match Formats
  • Scheduling
  • & More!
Overcome Camera Fear!

I’ll share with you my strategy and tips for overcoming your fear of being in front of the the camera.
Make Any Live Look Pro!

Easily make your live broadcasts look professional. You’ll learn how to add your own logo, lower thirds, and how to add your own intros to your live broadcast quickly and easily.
Plan ANY Type of Live Broadcast…

Affiliate Promotions, Live Interviews, Q & As, Training and more. Regardless of the niche, I am going to show you exactly how to plan and structure your FB Lives to keep your viewers engaged.
Run Lives For Local Businesses!

The training I provide inside this course will also give you the skills to run professional quality Facebook Lives for local businesses. You can apply these skills to work in any niche you want, anywhere from “Make Money Online” to “Personal Training”, it’s entirely up to you.
Easy To Follow Videos, Checklists, Worksheets & Step By Step PDFs!

Now I know not everyone likes to learn by watching videos, that’s why I have also created step by step guides for each training lesson and have also included video transcripts, checklists, worksheets and more…
Learn To Completely Obliterate Your Competitors With Quality Of Your Lives!

A lot of people have realized just how powerful Facebook Live is for their business. Yet, all their doing is sitting in front of the camera talking and rambling on for 25 minutes, and they wonder why they are not getting results with their lives.

With my training in FBL Mastery I’m going to show you how you can completely blow them away, and make you, your product or service stand out and get results… With mix and match ways to present your live broadcast.
Run Pro Facebook Live Interviews

You’ve probably seen Live interviews on Facebook where two people are side by side and that’s how the entire live broadcast is run. In this course I’ll show you how to quickly and easily make your interviews far more engaging.

You’ll be able to quickly make your guest speaker go full screen while they’re talking, and then, back to your yourself while you’re talking, and then, back to side by side whenever you choose to. Just like you see on TV news channels.
How To Get Extra Visitors To Your Lives By Scheduling!

Just scheduling your future Live Broadcasts alone will get you tons more viewers. You can schedule a FB Live up to a week in advance. Scheduling allows viewers to subscribe and get notified prior to your live broadcast.

You’ll get more people viewing because your audience has had prior notice.
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Early Bird Bonus #1: White Label Rights - Audience Drill 
Easily Find The Best Targeting Demographics Active on Facebook so You Can Use Them For Your Ad Campaigns, Boosting Posts and Running Buyers To Your Websites
The Only Targeting Software Of Its Kind That Has The Power To Instantly Increase Your Facebook ROI by 100% Through More Precise Market Segmentation
  • Graph Search Drill - Find best targeted audiences in any part of Facebook you choose

  • The Interest Drill - Find the razor-sharp REAL interests (yes, every single result can be used in your ad) you should be using in your Facebook Ads to drive even more precise demographics to your Ad

  • The Post Drill - Get an inside look at what your competitors are doing successfully and replicate it in your own business!
Early Bird Bonus #2: White Label Rights - Video Script 
Sell Video Script Software for 100% profits!
Early Bird Bonus #3:  
White Label Rights - Outro Videos by Sam Bakker
These videos will be perfect for using at the end of your videos. I'll close off the video for you and encourage your viewers to subscribe to see more
  • Get access to Intro & Outro videos done for you which you can use for your Videos

  • Simply Download The Videos And Add Them To Your Amazon S3 or Camtasia Video project to merge with your video

  • These look great and fit all occasions

  • Use these to increase your conversions & engage your viewers with clear calls to action!
Early Bird Bonus #4: Content Marketing Blueprint 
Discover A Shortcut To Building Immense Authority and a Huge List of Readers Even Faster!

This is a complete content marketing blueprint that you can adapt to your own brand, build immense authority and a huge list of readers.

No stones are left unturned you’ll get everything you need inside to do it…
Early Bird Bonus #5: Facebook Ads Authority 
Discover How To Use Facebook Ads To Get More Leads, Build Brand Awareness And Make More Sales!

This Step-By-Step Guide Will Show You How To Get Started With Facebook Ads, Attract The Right Audience, Bidding Strategies And Much More!

By the end, you'll be able to build an entire business with no prior experience this is the fastest way to set up a passive income stream online!
Early Bird Bonus #6: 22 Ways To Get Noticed On Facebook 
22 Ways to Get Noticed, Get Liked and Create Engagement on Facebook

Did you just create a new page? Ask everyone and anyone you know to like your page, even if you have to turn to friends and family. Your objective here is simply to get the ball rolling.

Learn more inside and start making massive increases in your engagement on Facebook.
Early Bird Bonus #7: Facebook Mastermind Continuity 
The 9 Part Video Series To Help You Create Recurring Income With Facebook Group

Inside we breakdown the process and show you everything from picking a niche, to researching your competition.

We walk you through creating a product funnel and show you exactly how to price your product and discuss niche continuity models you can use and a whole lot more!
Early Bird Bonus #8: Social Marketing Advantage 
Discover The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Dominating Social Media Marketing And Make Profits, Starting Today.

This Comprehensive A to Z, 8-Part Social Media Marketing Course Will Guide You From Zero to Brand New Customers. Are you ready to finally get the UPPER HAND in your social media marketing efforts?

I show you  exactly how inside!
Early Bird Bonus #9: List Building 3.0 Made Easy 
List Building 3.0 Made Easy is a step-by-step, info-packed video training course that will take you by the hand and teach you how to showcase your products and services easily.

Build your list with your target audience faster and easier!

Are you ready to start building your list because i am ready to show you how inside...
Early Bird Bonus #10:  Action Poll Plugin
Allows You To Easily Segment Your Mailing List and Achieve Better Opt-In Rates, Increased Conversions, and Higher Profits
  • Full integration with both AWeber and MailChimp so you can quickly connect your new subscriber to exactly the right list and opt-in message.

  • Easy HTML form parsing to connect with any other email service provider--no need to move your lists or learn new software.

  • Fully customizable polls using simple point and click options.

  • Endless color variations to match your theme--or to create eye-catching polls that grab a reader's attention.

  • Easy short-code placement anywhere on any page of your site without worries over broken scripts or search-engine unfriendly iFrames.
  • Eye-catching graphics--your style choices are limited only by your imagination.

  • Customizable call-to-action buttons so you can create the color and size combinations your readers respond to best.

  • Simple installation--no need for FTP or database configuration, just upload it right through your WordPress dashboard.

  • Unlimited polls--create new opt-in offers for every segment of your audience, every blog post, or every product you sell.
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Special OTO Bonus #1: FB Redirect Pro 
Put Links on your Facebook Page to Redirect Traffic Anywhere On The Web 
Special OTO Bonus #2: WP News Pro Plugin
WP News Pro is an easy-to-install, traffic-driving WP plugin that’s completely out-of-the-box – in fact, it’s so simple to use! 
  • Displays content from different sources such as Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest (these are respected and well-known sources that will add a “halo” of authority).

  • The news will be displayed in several useful ways such as: inside content, content feed, website link and as a widget!

  • You can choose between different types of content… images, news, profiles, product and timeline.

  • You can easily sort them by date, so that you display the most relevant news available at the time.

  • 100% fully responsive which means that the news will automatically adapt to any mobile device

  • You can use three different types of amazing effects: Slider, Boy Roll, JavaScript Roll.
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