Recruit Your Own Personal Web Designer With Advanced Skills - And They Won’t Even Cost
You A Monthly Wage… 
Save Time & Effort By Easily Building Stunning Pages In Just Minutes - Completely With Your Voice With The World’s First Artificially Intelligent Page Builder. 
Early Bird Starting at 11 am. Get Flexy for the Lowest Price.
  • Super-intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Next Generation Technology Made Easy
  • Responsive 
  • Fast
Early Bird Starts In...
  • Your Personal Page Building Guide: Be guided through the page building process by your own artificially intelligent virtual assistant.

  • Never have to lift a finger: #Create stunning sites, quicker, easier and using only your voice!

  • Fast, Easy, Effective Cloning: Clone a site in one single click.

  • Zero Learning Curve: Easy to use - Intuitive to learn. 
  • Time Saving and Efficient: Export your whole site into a single line of code.

  • Never EVER Waste Traffic: Test conversions BEFORE you go live with a 91% - 95% accuracy rating - without wasting a single visitor. #WorldFirst

  • Increase Your Engagement And Conversions: Your very own 3D avatar will greet your visitors AND read out your copy. #WorldFirst 
Make Your Websites Stand Out From The Crowd With The Same AI Technology Used By
Just imagine recruiting your very own web designer - Who works hard for you every single time you create a page.

Who’s smart - like REAL smart.

And knows how to make pages convert like a beast - every time.
(It’s like she’s psychic!)
And not only that, she’s got a real eye for design... 
She ALWAYS knows the perfect image to choose for every spot on your site.

She’s multi-lingual too - (told you she was clever!)

In fact, she can create sites in over 104 different languages.

And can translate with 99% accuracy.

She’s that smart that she’s also figured out how to include smart elements that automatically change images, videos and more - dependent on where your visitors come from.

And not only does she create these amazing, stunning websites - She’s a coding genius.

Every time she finishes a gorgeous site, she manages to export it into one neat single line of code.

She even greets every visitor to your site AND massively boosts your engagement by reading out your copy…

She’s such a hard worker - and she 
saves you so much time and effort. 
And the best bit -

You don’t even have to pay her every month.

She took just the smallest fee off you when she first got the job…

And she’s over delivered ever since.

Whatever did you do before Flexy?

Meet your new employee… 
Simply Speak. And Build.
The World’s First Voice Activated Page Builder. 
  • Super-intuitive

  • Easy to use
  • Reliable

  • Next Generation Technology Made Easy 
  • Responsive

  • Fast 
No matter how ‘easy drag n’ drop’ other Page Builders claim to be - there is always a huge amount of scrolling, clicking and fiddling about…

To get your site just right.

Building beautiful pages is undoubtedly time-consuming and fiddly.

Yet not only do we all need beautiful pages that are fast and easy to make, we all pages that engage visitors.

We all need pages that convert. 
Let’s Watch The "Flexy Pages" Your Customers Will Prefer
The same revolutionary, engagement boosting personalized web pages you will soon be able to make in just minutes. 
This very site was made with Flexy software using voice editing. Before, you’d have to pay a web designer $3,000 to create a smart, intelligent site like this 
But now, you don’t need to be some kind of tech web design genius and you don’t
need to pay a team of developers.

And now you don’t even have to lift a finger to create the site…

You just need to use Flexy. 
How Flexy Came To The Rescue And Saved Tons 
Of Valueable Time For Misan Between His Hectic Product Launch! 
Flexy Empowers Your Business With Bang On The Minute, Industrial Grade Artificial Intelligence! 
This beast can create a site from scratch or import in just 1 click. And THEN edit the entire thing using only your voice!

Simply speak to Flexy and she will perform the actions - exactly how you want them.

We have users that have created entire funnels - 
8 stunning pages…in just one hour!

That’s how easy, quick and effective Flexy is to use. 
Just in case you need convincing any further that Artificial Intelligence (AI) really is the future. 
Morgan Stanley predicts that as of December 2016, over 11,000,000 people owned an Amazon Echo. 
(Nearly 9% of the US population) 
And as people are warming to the Echo’s ability to make their daily tasks faster, easier and more efficient - simply by speaking to Alexa - the Echo’s artificially intelligent, voice activated assistant,

More and more people are getting themselves a one-way ticket to AI easiness…

And they are never going back. 
I’ll Admit At First - I Thought Alexa Was A Gimmick. 
Nothing more than a showing off of what AI technology can do.

We worried that Alexa wouldn’t be able to hear us properly…

We worried that she wouldn’t understand us…

That she might misinterpret our directions…

And very soon, we’d be going back to the old, fiddly, time-consuming way of pressing fiddly buttons…

But we didn’t.

And we haven’t.
Alexa has changed our life. 
Flexy blew away their expectations:
Flexy DID understand them.
Flexy DID follow their instructions and did 

everything they asked:
Flexy empowered our beta users to make stunning engaging websites, quicker, easier and with greater conversions than ever before. 
And This Is EXACTLY What You Will Experience With Flexy. 
The ability to dictate exactly what you need on your pages and have it carried out exactly as you want it -

Without having to press anything.

Without having to physically move, click, drag, drop, reposition ANYTHING…

Is truly life-changing.

All you have to do is ask.

It’s truly next generation stuff.

And it’s a plane you really have to be jumping on right now. 
Flexy is NOT just another page builder. 
Flexy Is The First And ONLY Page Builder In The World That Responds To Your Voice. 


AND gives you beautiful results every time.

You don’t even have to be sat at your workstation to build your pages.

Build pages from your bed, the sofa or even the restroom(!)

As long as Flexy can hear you, you will have beautiful pages built without you lifting a finger. 
Our goal with Flexy was simple: 
To Produce A Page Builder Where The User Didn’t Have To Do Anything At All. 
The page builder is at your complete and total command.

Anything you want - you can have - with just a simple voice command.

Flexy will hear you and guide you effortlessly through your entire page creation process.

Flexy will change your world.

Of course, this is massively high tech, now-generation technology. 
But voice control isn’t all Flexy has in it’s arsenal… 
Be guided through the page building process by your own artificially intelligent virtual assistant. 
Export your whole site into a single line of code. 
Test traffic with a 91% - 95% accuracy rating - without wasting a single visitor. #WorldFirst 
Clone a site in one click. 
Never have to lift a finger: #Create stunning sites, quicker, easier and using only your voice! 
Increase your engagement and conversions by having your very own virtual assistant greet your visitors AND read out your copy! #WorldFirst 
Easy to use - intuitive to learn 
Be Super-Creative: Flexy will make changes in a split second, meaning you can change your mind with just a word - meaning you get perfect results every time. 
Take the decision making stress away: Flexy’s Choice - Smart Video Picker. 
Boost engagement and make your visitors feel right at home with that personal touch: Smart elements instantly transform your page images, videos and more depending on your visitors locations! 
Never ‘get it wrong’ again - never ever ‘waste traffic: Predict your conversions with 91 - 95% accuracy. 
Flexible: 3 ways to create: From scratch, using one of our stunning included templates or by cloning another site in just one click. 
Go Global: Instantly and automatically translate
your site into over 100 different languages depending
on where your visitor is from. 
This set of amazing advanced features make the difference between Flexy being a cool A.I gimmick -

And an integral, enjoyable to use piece of software that will become part of your everyday -

And make your every day easier. 
Flexy is not just different - it’s ultimate page-building flexibility.

The first sales page creator to give build you stunning pages without ANY manual editing.

Quickly create pages - without ANY manual editing.

Flexy - your artificially intelligent Digital Assistant guides you through a seamlessly, easy page creation experience 
Let’s Have A More Detailed Look At Flexy’s Next-Generation, Yet Easy To Use Features: 
Feature #1: Total Flexibility With How You Create Your Pages 
Create from scratch: Start With a Blank Page 
Want total flexibility? Have a vision of exactly what it is you want from your page? Then this option is for you.

Start from scratch and create your perfect page with Flexy totally with your vision. 
Clone Already Existing Pages 
Simply add the URL of the page you want to clone…

And ta dah - in seconds your page is cloned with Flexy! Ready to edit with just your voice -

And add any of Flexy’s amazingly advanced features to your newly cloned site. 
Feature #2: Two Choices For Quick and Easy Editing
Free Form Mode 
Allows you to drag your element to any position and edit the way you like. 
Block Mode 
Allows you to build pages using rows and columns to allow content to be responsiveness on all devices. 
Feature #3: Flexy Will Tell You Your Conversion Future

Just Imagine If You Could Tell What Your Conversions Were Going To Be… Without Having To Waste Real Traffic On It…

With a Spectacular 91% + Accuracy!
Flexy is your conversion crystal ball.

Flex allows you to see into the future without having to waste any of your real traffic -

Our ConverMetric AI will send from 50 to 500 virtual visitors (you chose the amount!) to your page -

Who will cleverly engage and scroll just like real users. 
Our ConverMetric has been trained to record data and flow of the page and automatically compares it to pages that consistently convert highly.

It gives you an engagement score, a bounce rate, conversion rate, user retention rate and more…

With 91% - 95% accuracy!

And even suggests specifically how you can improve your conversions 
Feature #4: Make Your Visitors Instantly Feel At Home With Automatic Smart Personalization.
Since the success of products like SmartVideo - we all know the engagement surging power of page personalization.

Engaging with your prospect on a personal level can increase your click through rates by up to 985% (Forrester)

So just you wait to see how many percentage points your conversions go up by once you visitors see their home city mentioned right there for them.

(And remember, this is all done automatically for you - you don’t even have to lift a finger!)

Your visitors can see a video or image specific to their region - And this is all done automatically for you.

You don’t even have to lift a finger. 
Feature #5: Be Creative In No Time At All And Get Perfect Results.
Flexy can even take some of those stressful fiddly decision making processes off your hands…

Because it’s so quick and easy to get Flexy to try a new colour or insert a new picture…

You can try as many options as you like in less than half the time it would take you manually…

And you can be sure you’re getting the best possible look and feel for your page.

Be completely creative - in an instant - and with just a couple of words! 
Feature #6: Always Get That Perfect Image Exactly Where You Need It With Flexy’s Smart Image Picker.
Now, (unless you really want to), there is no longer any need to um and ah over that killer image to place on your page.

Simply chose a genre or keyword and say “Flexy, your choice”…

And Flexy will automatically choose for you the perfect image that will fit great on ‘that spot’ on your webpage -

Flexy monitors the dimensions, colours and more of you page to help you make perfect choices without the stress…

And help you trigger the right emotion to close your clients every time. 
Feature #7: Flexy’s Exclusive Storytelling 3D Avatars Boost Your Engagement.
People love listening. So many people lean towards auditory information rather than reading it.

(Think of the rise of audio books!)

With Flexy - not only are you getting up amazing 3D avatars that will welcome and greet your visitors to your page…

They ALSO accurately read out your pages for you.

Using Flexy’s copy reading 3D avatars can increase your engagement by up to ?%. 
Feature #8: Instant language Translation To Over 100 Different Languages With Over 99% Accuracy.
Flexy is not only the most artificially intelligent page builder ever created.

She’s multi-lingual - An instant language translator.

In fact, Flexy’s AI has surpassed the average human translation accuracy. (She’s a smart girl!)

Once you’ve created your page -

Your page gets instantly translated into the languages of all of the countries you have chosen.

And it’s 99% accurate. 
The language translation is automatic and instant.

Powered by the latest neural network translator powered by Google - (So it’s not like other engines that translate per word - and therefore get it wrong).

This engine actually reads out the sentence before translating and comes out with a 99% perfect translation..

Every major language is catered for including: 
Special Early Bird Bonuses!
When You Purchase Flexy, You Also Get
Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses
Early Bird Bonus #1: Madsense Reborn
  • Over $200,000 in personal results
  • Get results in less than 24 hours
  • Real student results and testimonials
  • Works on Complete Autopilot
  • Easily Repeatable & Scaleable

  • Copy our exact templates Ads Optimisation Strategy
  • 100% FB & Adsense compliant 
Early Bird Bonus #2: White Label Rights - WP iAsk
Effortlessly create insightful and engaging surveys, gather critical data such
as statistics and answers from your visitors... All In One Place! 
  • Quickly, easily and instantly create surveys at the push of button and get precise, in-depth statistics
  • Possibility of using short codes in order to make your life easier
  • Share buttons for social traffic
  • Each survey is SEO friendly (potential to drive tons of traffic via search engines)
  • In-depth Results and Statistics 
Early Bird Bonus #3: White Label Rights - WP Engage+
A Tremendously Powerful And Deadly-Effective WP Plugin.... Discover EXACTLY What
Your Visitors Are Thinking About Your Blog, Products Or Services And Use That
Information To Your Advantage! 
  • 7 jaw-dropping and professional designs that you can choose from.
  • Add audio background into your poll/surveys and instantly capture the attention of your visitors!
  • Easily redirect your visitors after each poll to any page you want
  • Cool and engaging widget effects: in order to increase the engagement of your visitors, you can control the appearance of the survey widget.
  • Each survey or poll can be embedded on sidebars, in posts, and even on pages (again, you have complete freedom to choose where your polls are going to be.)

  • VERY easy to install and to use 
Early Bird Bonus #4: White Label Rights - WP Image Plus
Easily Tap Into More Than 1,000,000 Copyright-Free, High-Quality Images
Straight From The Admin Area Of Your WordPress Blog 
  • With just a few clicks of your mouse you can select, edit, and publish exceptional images that are copyright-free.
  • Effortlessly edit the pictures in hundreds of different ways in order to suit your needs. You can crop, resize, and even insert any text you want!
  • Choose between 26 creative filters (from "vintage" or "grungy" to "emboss" or "radiant blur.") You have SO many options to choose from that you'll always come up with winning combination each and every time!
  • It's easy to install and use (in fact, it doesn't matter if you never touched WP before, it's SO easy to use that you'll laugh! 
Early Bird Bonus #5: CTA Revealer 
Create Unlimited High-Converting Call to Action Short code Buttons in
  • Powerful WP Plugin - Easy to install & use WordPress plugin. Get started right away, and set up as many CTA short codes as you want...

  • Easy Social Sharing - Add one link to your offer or link and share it on a network of social sharing websites...
  • Auto-Responder - Easily add your HTML for your autoresponder service to collect leads with your short codes!
  • Unlimited Short codes - Create as many short codes for all your affiliate links, offers or coupons!

  • Promote Your Offers - Each short codes has its own share buttons, auto-responder, custom design and content! 
Early Bird Bonus #6: QR Offline Marketing 
Combine Mobile marketing with offline marketing. Full access to create
unlimited QR codes with 6 Flash print-ad editors. 
  • Expand Your Market Offline - This is your chance to take any of your online offers, services, products and make effective direct-response ads with embedded QR codes that will redirect all readers into viewers and than into leads & customers!

  • The Perfect Local Marketing Tool - All-in-one area you will have all the tools required to create a entire advertisement that you can use to gain a new avenue of traffic to your online offers, services and products. This really is your secret weapon.
  • Digital Media With Offline Ads - Combine the two powerful mediums to display your marketing strategy: online digital media (videos, websites, etc) with offline print-advertisement. This is a very easy and simple way to start a new marketing approach. 
Early Bird Bonus #7: WP Media Remix
This one plugin creates brandable media players with your content, your links,
and let your visitors embed on their blogs… You already know why that is super
powerful in viral traffic, sales and lead generation. 
This one plugin creates brandable media players with your content, your links, and let your visitors embed on their blogs.

At any point in time you can set a pop-up of your Auto-Responder service code to collect new leads at the click of a mouse.

You can also set a timed alert box and even grab attention with flashing Call-to-Action button that will appear on your media player and ALL of embedded players. 
Early Bird Bonus #8: WP Squeeze Question
Use Micro Commitments To Build A MASSIVE List. Create Email Opt-in
Questionnaire WordPress Pages in Only Seconds 
  • Micro Survey - Ask one question and provide 4 choices for a quick way to engage your visitors and for you to gain insight on each lead you collect. Proven to increase conversions...

  • Seemless Experience - Everything happens on one page, they answer the question, optin and you can show them any message you wish...
  • Collect Email Leads - Collect leads with your questionaire page using only the HTML for any auto-responder service. Paste auto-responder code and it will automatically connect to your page...
  • Very Customizable - Use the wordpress meta options panel to have complete control over your email opt-in question page. Edit a variety of options, including your logo or banner image. It's super easy!
Early Bird Bonus #9: Branding Secrets
Discover How To Successfully Market Your Brand Online And Share Your Story
with Your Audience 
Find Out The Tips, Techniques And Exact Steps To Build Your Brand And Develop a Social Media Strategy! 
  • How to define your brand and all that it represents.
  • How to create your own, unique identity.
  • How to create relevant content.
  • How to develop a buyer persona so you know exactly who you're targeting.
  • How to leverage industry leaders to leapfrog your way to success.

  • and much much more... 
Early Bird Bonus #10: Facebook timeline Optin
Build Killer Timeline Opt-in Pages. The perfect small business Facebook
application. Create professional business hub pages in seconds! Use it for all
your offline clients. 
  • Easy Integration With Facebook - Easy to follow tutorial on how set it up with Facebook. Start collecting leads in a few minutes...
  • FB Viral Share Built-in - After they optin you can reward your leads if they share the offer with their friends...
  • Easy Fan Gating System - Block the optin page to only people who like your page, works amazing well for fan building! 
Early Bird Bonus #11: WP Affiliate Fix
Promote music and profit! Now is your chance to tap the billion dollar music
industry w/ WordPress + iTunes + Amazon 
  • Full Control Over Blog - Full control over the content, trailers, design and much more in options panel.
  • Affiliate Review Theme - Make money from Amazon or iTunes by promoting movie reviews and trailers.
  • Professional Design - High quality design and super immersive browsing and watching experience.
  • Built-in SEO - The blog appears on all pages to help you have more keywords per page. 
Early Bird Bonus #12: WP Call Directory
Start your own toll-free call directory for your offline clients or yourself! Have a
real 1-800 number on your site. Increase conversions with a REAL number and
sell the toll-free system to offline clients. 
  • Easy Integration With Twilio - Dead simple integration with Twilio, and it only costs $2 a month for a number with Twilio...
  • Manage Full On Call Directory - Setup a directory for each keypad number from 0 to 9...
  • Leave A Message System - You can have a department record a message from the caller then have the recording be sent to an email, great support...
  • Super Simple Call Forwarding - You can have a department call any number you wish, great to connect with sales, or support! 
Why You Need OTO#1
Flexy Jet Pack Priced at $27
Purchase Front End & First One Time Offer
To Qualify For These Special Bonuses Below
Special OTO Bonus #1: WP SpinCode Plugin
How Would You Like To Keep Your Website Content Fresh
By Automatically Alternating Elements For Maximum Visitor Exposure? 
  • Spin any text, image, ad, code or anything else that you want using a simple short code. SpinCode also supports multi-level and nested spin tax formats.
  • Effortlessly integrates with any post, page, widget, plugin, feature or anything else. If it's being processed where short code can go - then SpinCode can do it.
  • Ensure your site is completely SEO friendly and compliant no matter the circumstance. Because of the way this plugin progresses the text, Google and other search engines will be none the wiser - all the see is unique content.
  • An easy-to-use stand alone version of SpinCode that will work on any mini site or project that you need it for. Allso comeswith a front end that makes using the stand alone version completely painless.
Special OTO Bonus #2: WP FlexiWidget Plugin 
Insert ANY WIDGET Into Any POST or PAGE, Not Just In The Sidebars! 
  • With WP FlexiWidget, you can easily create as many widgets as you'd like and using a menu on your post / page editor, easily insert any of the widgets into the main content of your post - AT FULL WIDTH.
  • This means that you can create widgets for images, text blurbs, certain scripts, and even commonly used features on your WordPress website. And they will display on the main section of your post, rather than in the sidebar like they usually do.
  • You can then easily recall them in any page or post that you create, as many times as you'd like, using the built-in short code.
  • The possibilities are limitless with this plugin. You can save time and get extremely creative with the functionality of this product.
  • The best part is: this plugin is easy to install and will seamlessly integrate with your WordPress installation and work space.
  • You can add your widgets to old posts and new pages alike because FlexiWidget incorporates itself into the panel of your editor.
Early Bird Starts In...
Once You Purchase Flexy, Your Bonuses Will Be In Your Members Area, And You Will Also Be Able To Find Them In Your JVzoo Customer Portal Listed As
"SamBakkerBonus". If you don't see this then please submit a ticket to with your receipt and we wil l get your bonuses to you right away!
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