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The following method works great for both online and offline businesses …
Yet many online marketers don’t take advantage of this shortcut to higher sales.

Ever hear of McDonald’s?
Think they make their money selling hamburgers? Nope.
They make their money selling fries, sodas and desserts … It’s ALL about the add-ons and upsells.

You walk in looking for a burger. You walk out with a “full meal deal” and ALL the extras.
Which makes McDonald’s a LOT more money.
Because McDonald’s knows that a BUYER is more likely to make EXTRA purchases at the point of sale.
Fast Food Funnels + Automation
For A 300% Income Boost
McDonald’s figured out the sales funnel decades ago.
Thanks to modern technology, these same cash-driving funnels can triple your profits as an online marketer … with almost zero extra work.
Automation means online funnels do the selling for you, 24/7.
They’re “always on” … working for you to constantly maximize your sales.
Marketers sell products every day, but most of them leave a lot of money on the table

"Because the real money isn’t in the initial sale - it’s in the related products and add-ons.
The burger, the fries and the soda"
Email follow-ups and ads can work, but don’t come
close to the selling power of automated funnels.

Funnels give customers more choices
… and can put a lot more money in your pocket.
Up to 300% more profit
without any extra effort
The second point is huge - some call this “retail therapy”
Most of the time, the simple act of buying makes people feel good.
Don’t take my word for it. Take Amazon’s. The largest eCom platform on the planet makes it’s billions with funnels and bundles designed to maximize the buyer experience.

Why? Because Amazon knows how easy it is to encourage people to spend more when they’re in a buying mood.

Search almost anything on Amazon, click on a specific product,
and most of the time you’ll see something like this:
Sales funnels are proven to work in any industry, market or niche.
On any platform.
For physical goods, digital products and services.

Even when you’re promoting products
you haven’t created yourself

By offering customers choice, automated funnels increase buyer experience.
They turn "single item" sales into "packages", putting more money in your pocket.

A solid funnel can make you three times the sales
For almost ZERO extra effort
WITHOUT relying on sending emails or paid ads to make the extra sales
Turn One-Time Buyers
Into Long Term Customers

Used properly, funnels help increase both how much customers spend …and how long they keep buying from you.

Because when you give people options to choose multiple, related products, you become a “one-stop shop”.
Which saves your customers the time it takes to find what they need somewhere else …
And keeps them coming back to you instead of going to the competition.
Forget Paying More For Traffic
Creating Brand New Products Just To Boost Sales or Losing Customers To The Competition

You don’t have to …
because now you can skyrocket sales without extra traffic OR making new products.
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