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Cinemagraphs Are Increasing Every Metric Marketers Care About

(Except The Cost of Ads, Which Is Reduced By Almost Half!)

… And It Does It All By Doing ONE SIMPLE THING Better Than Video Or Static Images EVER COULD.

These show-stopping“living pictures” have a remarkable ability

The ability to freeze your prospects mid-breath, mid-scroll, mid-click.

The ability to grab attention faster than the sound of a cocking gun.

How do they do it?


Which One Of These Two Images Grabs My Attention The Most?

The picture’s pretty enough. But that’s all it is.

By contrast, the cinemagraph doesn’t ask for your attention. It DEMANDS it.

It’s breaks into your brain like Jack Nicholson breaks through doors.

Cinemagraphs Exploit Two Military-Grade Mind-Hacks The Human Brain Is Powerless To Avoid

It used to be how we survived.

That unexplained rustle of leaves had a lion behind it waiting to pounce.

And we’re not on the Serengeti any more... but our brains still FORCE us to focus on unexplained movement like our lives depend on it.

Which means it’s ONE HELL of a powerful tool for your marketing.

But cinemagraphs go even further...

Remember how your eye got fixated to the movement above?

That’s because, by keeping an isolated part of the video moving, while the rest of it is caught in a freeze frame, cinemagraphs create an unstoppable hypnotic effect.

It’s called “isolated motion,” and there’s nothing better at grabbing and keeping attention.

ou’re tricking the mind, by tricking the eye...

And The EXPLOSIVE Split Test Results Speak For Themselves...

So If Cinemagraphs Are So Hot, Why Isn’t Everyone Using Them?

Because they’re a nightmare to make.

Even simple tutorials are as long as an episode of 30 Rock:

And that’s AFTER you’ve shelled out for Photoshop and put hours into learning how to use it.

That’s why a few smart graphic designers are making as much as $50/hour offering their skills as Cinemagraph makers to hungry businesses.

If you ask me, these guys are set to clean up big time in the very near future.


“Hypnotize. Mesmerize. Monetize”

It’s Easy To SEE Why Users Are “Going Nuts” For Graphitii’s Attention Grabbing Voodoo

Graphitii is a premium cloud-based service that lets you tap into the power of eye-guidance and isolated motion to produce awe-inspiring Cinemagraphs in minutes.

  • You don’t need skills.
  • You don’t need expensive software like Photoshop.
  • You don’t need to upgrade your computer to get the software to work… because there’s nothing to download.

If You Can Upload A Video, And Click Your Mouse
Then You Can Use The Fastest, Easiest, Most Beautiful Cinemagraph Maker On The Web…

Create Gorgeous Cinemagraphs Anytime, Anywhere...

Graphitii Is So Easy To Use, You Can Do Everything From Your Mobile Phone

The days of complicated apps are over.

Sit in your favorite cafe. Whip out your smartphone and shoot a quick video. Your cinemagraph can be rendering by the time your coffee’s arrived.

This is how online business is meant to work. Complete freedom to build your business without ever being chained to a desk.

8 Easy Ways

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And with the Graphitii Commercial Licence, you’ve got full rights to sell your cinemagraphs to other businesses for as much as you like.

And here’s the thing:

People think Cinemagraphs like this MUST take an age to create. Because they used to.

That’s why they’re prepared to pay premium rates.

But with Graphitii,you’re making them in minutes.

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With Graphitii You Don’t Risk A Single Penny

That’s right, with Graphitii you’re not even out of pocket.

You work hard for your money. We respect that.

So here’s the deal:

Even though you can make as many Cinemgraphs as you can handle with Graphitii…

And even though you can make them in minutes…

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If you want to taste life as a successful marketer, irst you need attention.

Marketing is a hard, lonely place when no-one knows you even exist.

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100 Exclusive “Cinemagraph-Ready” Videos

But, Before You Go Ahead And Annihilate Your Competition… There’s Something You Should Know:

Every cinemagraph you make will live or die by the quality of the video you use.

And shooting video that’s good enough for cinemagraphs is a skill very few people have mastered.

It should be no great surprise that shaky, handheld camera-phone footage screams AMATUER louder than the front row of America’s Got Talent.

So, what to do?

You could buy yourself a tripod, and dust off the old DSLR, but even then you could spend days trying to shoot the perfect footage.

Finding good quality video online is possible. It’s less time consuming. But it’s far more expensive.

Shutter Stock offer a discount if you buy a pack. But that doesn’t make it cheap. A pack of 25 HD videos will still set you back a hefty £1,149 (That’s $1,435!).

It’s totally unfair!

While everyone else is fighting tooth and nail for any scraps of attention their amateur-hour video and second-rate cinemagraphs can muster up…

You’ll be firing up Graphitii and choosing from a monthly banquet of first-rate, professionally recorded HD videos…

Videos Specifically Created To Be Transformed Into Show-Stopping Cinemagraphs.

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