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  • More than 5000 high definition green screen backdrops that is compatible with all your favourite software.
  • An additional 2000 versatile images that you can use to mix and match with the backdrops to create unlimited unique scenes.
  • Hundreds over extra dazzling motion backdrops.
  • Developer rights included at no extra cost.
What do you get with Green Screen Backdrops?
A Massive collection of more than 5000 high definition green screen backdrops.
The collection comes with large selection themed backdrops such as interior, backstage, theater and many more.
All the backdrops are in standard JPG image and they are perfectly compatible with all your favorite software.
Packed and organized into easy to browse categories so you can easily pick and find the scene you want easily.
Green Screen Backdrops is not your typical “images pack”, rather its a unique HUGE collection of more than 5000 high definition backdrops that you can use for Green Screen project, mix and match to create various scenes, in graphics project, presentation, video and much more.
How you can use Green Screen Backdrops?
In green screen related project.
Create unlimited unique different scenes using the backdrops.
In different type of projects such as graphic design, presentation, video creation and etc.
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White Label Rights - Ambient Sound Collection
The Ambient Sound Collection is an unique collection of more than 55 high quality ambient sound in WAV format.
White Label Rights - 500 Sounds FX
The 500 Sound FX collection is a huge bundle of more than 500 high quality sound effects in WAV format in various themes.
White Label Rights - 429 Music Tracks
Huge bundle of more than 420 full length music tracks covering various unique categories such as chill, techno, cinematic and many more!
White Label Rights - 100 Green Screen Office Scenes
The 100 Green Screen Office Scenes pack is a package of 100 HD scenes perfect for use with spokesperson to create different office scenes. You can create various scenes such as meeting area, work area with these high quality scenes.
Resell Rights - WP Swift Page Plugin
This Plugin Will Let You Instantly Increase The Speed Of Your Site While Drastically Reducing Your Bounce Rate And Getting Your Visitors To Stay Longer!
  • Remove RSD Link, WordPressShortlink, Adjacent Posts Links, Windows Manifest, WordPress Version, and all RSS Feed links

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Resell Rights - Simple Membership Generator Software
Easy To Use Software Generates A Super Profitable Membership Site In Just A Few Simple Steps!

Membership websites are one of the best online business models that you can make a lot of money on the internet. This is because most membership sites have recurring subscription based type of product which means that you get paid again and again after the subscription expires.
The thing is that, there are only few successful membership websites on the internet that are earning huge profit. Not just because of the lack of information but also because of the technicalities of the process.
The good news is that inside this product is a tool that will help you build a simple membership website that you can profit from the internet.
WP Mockup Plugin
The plugin helps you to prepare custom website mockups in bulk, in no time.

This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily prepare custom website mockups in bulk. Yes, prepare custom mockups in bulk in no time.

This plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to dynamically pass mockup data values to any WordPress page.

This way, you can prepare a website mockup once for any niche and your clients see this mockup with their data.
WP Video Focus WordPress Plugin
WP Video Focus WordPress Plugin is a plugin that allows you to clip your video and serves as a widget to any corner on your page.
I Know What You Like Plugin
Easily Deal With 2 Big Problems That Most Bloggers and Internet Marketers Have!

Almost every blogger or internet marketer who tries to monetize his content, will sooner or later face with these 2 big problems!

This amazing plugin allows you to show banner ads to your visitors… based on their specific interest.
Turbo HTML Brander Pro Software
As a clever Internet Marketer, you've clearly seen the benefit of using the Turbo HTML Brander as an essential part of your marketing strategy!

Turbo HTML Brander PRO allows you to add a header and a footer in the generated form so you can match the form with the style of your site.
  • Extra Protection: Login System
  • Archive - Save Your Work For Future Use
  • Match the Style of Your Site
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Green Screen Backdrops OTO Priced at $37
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  • 7900 Additional HD Green Screen Backdrops.
  • 2000 more extra Versatile Images.
  • Collection of many more high definition Motion Backdrops.
WPUnderAttack WordPress Plugin
WPUnderAttack is a WordPress Plugin that automatically blocks anyone doing mass attack to your site or abusing from it, without blocking the good guys!
WP Page Takeover Plugin
WP Page Takeover is a wonderful and powerful plugin that will allow you to promote any kind of product or even service, and put it right in front of your visitors while they are reading in ANY page of your WP blog!

With this incredibly useful and profitable WP plugin you can create an entire Promo Page or even promo widgets to any normal WP page or post - we are talking about a floating video box here.

Basically, with just a few clicks you will be able to hijack your visitor's attention instantly, and also create instant awareness of your products, affiliate offers, or even services!
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Make sure that Sam Bakker's code: #34934 is showing on the Secure Checkout Page. Click here for instructions about how to check.
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