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An Extensive, Highly effective, Targeted Traffic generating 4 in 1 Cloud Based Software, that sucks up Buy-ready traffic from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest and allows you to acquire More Leads, More Sales, More Profits and More Success.
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It Create Ads That Skyrocket Your Click Thru And Conversion Rate
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It creates stunningly Professional Social Branding Graphics in Just Minutes
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The MOST POWERFUL Social Marketing Software Ever Created That Siphons Leads From Facebook Automatically 24/7
  • Simple Intelligent Technology That Allows You To Easily Choose What Content You Want To Update

  • Built To Customize And Convert – Here’s What Happens When You Update Your Facebook Page With This Simple Technology

  • Powerful LIVE Editing Interface

  • Professional & Stylish Dashboard For easy campaign management

  • Simple Scheduling Technology
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Early Bird Bonus #4: Resell Rights - 429 Audio Tracks
Early Bird Bonus #5: Any where Exit Popup 
Get Your Exit Pop On ANY Web Page That You Share! Share a news story, capture the lead or promote an affiliate offer!
Generating traffic into your webpages is not the end of your tasks if you want to make sales in your online business. Most of your site visitors will only pass by without even signing up into your newsletters or just ignore your offer.

But this time, using this amazing technology and technique, your visitors would likely become your customers as you will have to engage with them when they are about to close your page.
Early Bird Bonus #6: Combo Lok Squeeze Machine  
Neat twist on creating squeeze pages which visitors have to enter a combination to access download. The visitor can optin to be sent access code to enter and get download link!
The money is in the list. This is what most successful internet guru are saying if you really are serious in making money online.

To get started in doing email marketing, you must have a squeeze page which will capture your audience's email address and let your autoresponder do the follow-up to build your authority and relationship.
Early Bird Bonus #7: Easy Download Pages 
Create Download Pages on the Fly Without Wasting Your Time!
Are you an online entrepreneur? Do you happen to have pages for your products? Would you like to give your customers convenience in downloading your page? Then Easy Download page is just right for you!

This product will serve as an instrument on how to use Easy Download page. This has a step by step tutorial for you to easily follow the steps.
Early Bird Bonus #8: Easy Video Spinner 
New Push Button Software Cranks Out Dozens of Unique Marketing Videos In Seconds! Massive Time Saver for Product Creators, Affiliate Marketers, CPA Marketers!
We all know that video marketing is HUGE. Most of us probably have a ton of videos on YouTube and other video sharing sites with links back to our various websites generating us traffic daily.

Let's face it - it's way easier to get a video to rank on page one of the search engines than it is to rank a website. And the more videos you have directing traffic your way, the better it is for your bottom line. But making all those videos takes time, and it's expensive to outsource the task.

Then, if you want to create various versions of your videos so that you can target different keywords without getting penalized for uploading the same videos, it takes even more time or money.
Early Bird Bonus #9: Ever Green Lead System 
Grow Your Business With The Ever Green Lead System! Easiest Way To Get High Quality Leads!
The success of your business is in the techniques you apply to generate traffic and leads to your service offers. The question now is that how you are going to do this.

The good news is inside this amazing product is a piece of software that will help you attract and get high-quality ever green leads today.
Early Bird Bonus #10: Pic Retarget Plugin 
Facebook Image Re targeting Plugin
Use Shared Images on Facebook To Build A Custom Audience! You can use the Pic Retargetr plugin to build Facebook custom audiences for RETARGETING hot leads that are interested in your subject!

This plugin is used to create a Facebook custom audience and also to create a campaign start to finish.

All you have to do is make significant posts with same images and share them on Facebook pages, groups, your own timeline, friends time lines or in private messages.
Early Bird Bonus #11: Social Encore
Improve Your Social Media Presence and Drive More Traffic to Your Website Without Wasting More Time on Facebook & Twitter!
Social media networking sites plays a huge role in marketing your website's contents and offers. Even Google also values social signals as one of their basis to rank a website or webpage.

The thing is that, social share buttons is one of the best ways to solve this challenges as you attract your readers to share your content to their social media accounts and be seen by their friends and so on.

But what you didn't notice is that, if you have many websites and have many profiles to manage, this will be a huge time consuming tasks. That's scheduling your social media post software and services has been created.
Early Bird Bonus #12: Social Sharing Control
Attract and Drive More Social Media Traffic to Your Website!
The plugin helps you to control the way your content is shared on Facebook and Twitter (you can set a custom title, image and description).

You can control this for each one WordPress pages and posts, individually.
Early Bird Bonus #13: Social Site Share
Social Site Sharer Links Widget takes your site URL and blog name to construct social share links in any widget placement.
Simply "Click and Forget." This plugin will provide your site a sharing link to social media without any configuration needed.

You can simply choose what social media you want.
Early Bird Bonus #14: Subscribers Only Plugin
Set a VIP Type of Blog Post in Your WordPress Blog!
How would you like to have a semi-membership site feature on your blog? Membership plugins are expensive but using these amazing subscribers only plugin, you can have a post that only your subscribers can read
Early Bird Bonus #15: Testimonial ToolSoft
Are You Getting Overwhelmed with Tons of Testimonial or Review Requests? Here you meet with best solution.
Early Bird Bonus #16: WP Conversion Tracker
WP Conversion Tracker is brand new and it works great! With this plugin you can improve website conversions based on smart data, know all about your website visitors and rapidly identify the traffic investment that is producing for you the most money.
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SpecialOTO Bonus #1: WP Viral Breakout Plugin 
A Powerful, Brand New WordPress Plugin That Will Bring Thousands of Visitors Flocking to Your Site in Hours! 
  • Get eager, converting viral traffic to your site in seconds
  • Leverage your existing content and visitors
  • Go viral the quick and easy way
  • Give your ranking a massive boost
Special OTO Bonus #2: IM Plugin Pro 
Generate Instant Salespages, Squeeze Pages, Review Pages & Exit Pops 
Stop wasting time creating Internet Marketing pages and focus on converting sales. Use one wordpress blog to create unlimited pages for all your marketing campaigns.

- Create Super Easy and Powerful Sales Pages    
- Create E-mail Squeeze Pages on The Fly    
- Create Affiliate Review Pages With Ease    
- Attention Grabbing Exit Pop-up Pages    
- Create ALL of these pages INSIDE Wordpress 
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