Imagine reading people's minds and predicting what customers want.  

Suddenly you can create the perfect offer, product, video
or sales pitch with the highest conversions possible...

Breakthrough Technology That Lets You Know Exactly How People Feel And What They Want You To Sell Them Next...

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What does the customer want?

Every business and marketing effort starts from this ONE question.

And that's why big brands and agencies spend millions of dollars in research every year for the answer.

Everywhere you look, experts say you need to make sure that you are serving the needs of your customers.

If you can clearly and accurately answer this simple question, it can bring more revenue for your business -- like pouring gasoline on a fire!

However, finding the real answer is not that easy.

Many people think that the answer is simply asking your customers what they want.

But STILL, No "Regular Analytics Software"
Can Tell You How Your Customers REALLY Feel...

"Is my video too long? Too short?... "

"How can I KNOW if people like this product idea?... "

"How can I be certain my video ad will sell or go viral...BEFORE I create it? "

People have changed. Technology should too.

But STILL, No "Regular Analytics Software"
Can Tell You How Your Customers REALLY Feel...


When you're spending millions on a video ad, you've got to get it right.

That's why they use Emotional Recognition Technology.

So whenever they create a marketing video, or a video ad, or even a traditional style TV commercial, they KNOW how their massive audience is going to advance!

Right down to their eye movements and facial expressions.

Imagine If YOU Could Capture And Measure Your Customer's "Micro-Expressions" Automatically!

As you read this page you may have squinted your eyes, raised your brow, or pursed your lips. Those small changes in your face that you make subconsciously are "micro expressions".

In Paul Ekman’s words:

“Micro expressions are very brief facial expressions, lasting only a fraction of a second. They occur when a person either deliberately or unconsciously conceals a feeling. Seven emotions have universal signals: anger, fear, sadness, disgust, contempt, surprise and happiness.”

What IF... you could eliminate guesswork by measuring real prospect behavior, as if you have psychic powers?

By seeing your prospect’s smiles, frowns, boredom and attention behaviors you can identify objections on the fly.

These "human metrics" allow you to pinpoint the exact moment when you are LOSING YOUR AUDIENCE… so you can easily go back and make quick adjustments and tweaks...

...that ultimately increase your conversion rates with your video content campaigns and video ad campaigns...

...not to mention increasing sales from your video sales-letters, sales presentations, and more!

Understand the reasons behind behavior – Improving the performance and experience of your videos or video calls starts with understanding what your prospects want and what's preventing them from achieving it.

Previously only available to Secret Services and Big Brands, now affordable for smart marketers too – Understand what users want, care about and FEEL about your videos, webinars, products ideas, content, ads and more by visually uncovering their DEEPEST emotions – which is the strongest indicator of your prospect's motivations and desires.


Humalytics™ is the all-NEW Innovative “Human Metrics” technology that measures the emotional response, facial expressions and reactions from REAL people who watch your videos to help you PREDICT and CONVERT more viewers into paying customers and save TONS of cash wasted in unproductive video marketing.

Give Your Business Emotional Intelligence
With Just a Few Clicks!

In The Past, Understanding Human Behavior Was Difficult And Required Psychic Powers…

Humalytics' intelligent facial analysis algorithm measures behavior and emotional triggers in real time.

You won't have to guess!

The data will show you EXACTLY what you need to do, and Humalytics gives you that data...


Create a video survey in seconds by simply adding your videos from your computer, YouTube or Vimeo.

#2: SEND

Share a unique link with your audience. You can even post on Facebook. They open and watch. We measure their micro-expressions and responses using the webcam or front facing camera (with their permission of course). The Incentives module below will work like magic for this step.


Learn how your audience reacted to every frame of your video. You can download the raw data or print off a report. It’s yours to use however you want.


Plug the holes in your sales funnel and stop 'profit leaks'. (Instantly uncover where you're losing business and claw it back with covertly-obtained intel.)

#1: Record

Whether you're on Skype having a sales call, coaching call or even interviewing someone you're hiring, record these calls and save them on your PC. (there's a free, easy to use tool you can use to record these, we'll show you how)

#2: Upload

Upload your video call recordings and/or screencasts from your computer with a few clicks.

#3: Uncover

Uncover buyer and/or student obstacles and concerns during your call so you can easily go back and make quick adjustments and tweaks to your presentation.

Humalytics facial analysis algorithms capture and understand how your audience reacted to every frame of your call. You can download the raw data or print off a report.

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