Embracing The Power Of Video Is The Key To Your Success Online
32 Part Video Course Teaches You How To Create, Edit, and Publish Videos for Every Scenario in the World of Internet Marketing
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    If You Answer “Yes” To Any Of The Following, You Need To Pay Close Attention To What I’m About To Show You...
    • You’ve tried to make a video in the past and struggled

    • Using video in your online business seem a little “over your head”

    • You don’t think you can afford to create professional-quality videos
    • You’ve made a video that just didn’t look as good as you wanted it to, and you’re not really sure how to improve things

    • You’re avoiding using videos because you’re just not sure where to start
    The bottom line is this…
    If you’re not successfully using video to its full potential, you’re going to left behind…
    You will STRUGGLE to create the life-changing income you want with focusing on video…
    Create Stunning Videos, Edit Like A Professional, Publish with Confidence
    Discover how to create stunning videos, even if you’ve struggled with video creation in the past, or you’ve never made a video in your entire life
    Learn the simple steps to 
    editing your videos like a professional… even if you don’t have experience or tools for editing right now 

    Publish your videos with 100% confidence that you’ve created something that people will watch and enjoy! 

    You’ll get your hands on inside secrets to video creation that NO ONE is teaching...
    MODULE 1 | Recording Equipment 
    Get an overview of the best equipment to use depending on the type of video you’re creating…

    The two things you can use to record MOST videos… (You likely have at least one of these already)... it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to get setup to create videos the right way...

    How to set everything up the right way… even if you’re not technically savvy and you’ve never made a video before in your life
    MODULE 2 | Recording Types 
    An in-depth training of the the exact steps to follow and when to use office and webcam recordings, whiteboard recordings, and green screen video recordings

    Why sometimes a simple office and webcam video is perfect, and the exact steps to follow to do it the right way and not look like a video amateur

    The power of using a green screen and how to easily get the best results with green screens… It’s not as complicated as you think, and you can create some absolutely STUNNING videos when you do this correctly
    MODULE 3 | Funnel Videos 
    How to record optin page videos and the reason why I personally don’t use them.

    The most important video for branding your business and building a relationship with your audience is revealed… You’ll discover a winning formula for creating this video to get the best results possible

    The 3 simple methods for using PowerPoint to create high-quality videos that convert well (one of these methods uses 100% FREE software)
    MODULE 4 | Prep Before Take Off! 
    The advantages of recording outdoors, the exact steps to follow to get the best video and audio results, and the equipment you should be using for top quality (outdoor videos are great for JV invites pages and sales videos)

    The importance of choosing the right background when shooting video outside, the best place to stand, and how to use the sun’s position to advantage (examples included so you can see EXACTLY what works the best)

    The importance of a quality script for training videos and sales videos, and the exact steps to create videos scripts and a video outline in no time… (Example of the EXACT script I used to outline IM Video Masters included inside)
    MODULE 5 | Software Solutions 
    The various types of software used to record, edit, and publish your videos including FREE software options for people on a budget (link to download the FREE software shown included inside)

    A review of the most common paid editing video softwares and the one I personally recommend that’s the perfect balance of cost and learning curve

    How to record high-quality Facebook live feeds in higher quality by using an expensive cable, a camera, and special free streaming software (Recording quality live feeds is getting more and more important these days, so this module is extremely helpful)...
    MODULE 6 | Video Animations 
    An in-depth look at video backgrounds, text effects, logo intros, and how to tie it all together and make it simple to get results and create stunning videos

    The power of kinetic text in your videos to better engage your audience… There are 3 ways to do this, including the exact software you need to do this the right way (including my favorite method for doing this)

    Add a touch of flare with video intros that take your videos to that next level of professionalism… There are free ways to do this, and you’ll also discover a simple way to get this outsourced for less than $10 in many cases
    MODULE 7 | Bonus Training 
    A breakdown of the various ways to host your video content… I recommend hosting different video types in different places to balance your costs and the quality of the user experience… I show you what I personally do and give you ‘pros and cons’ of multiple hosting methods

    Get the EXACT Equipment Checklist and Software Checklist I personally use… These checklists break down all of the equipment and software covered inside the IM Video Masters course (Instantly download in PDF format)
    PDF Outline For Every Single Module
    Although going through the video training is highly recommended, I’ve put a lot of time into creating easy-to-follow videos that are truly the next best thing to having me sit down next to you and show you how to become an IM video expert. But sometimes it’s nice to have a PDF outline to refer back to if you have questions. For many people it’s more efficient and makes learning that much easier. For that reason, ALL 7 modules include an in-depth PDF outline that goes over EVERYTHING covered in the video training…
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    • You can see the statisticsfor views and clicks
    Early Bird Bonus #5:  
    ‘Video Hosting Options’ Bonus Video Module
    Inside this video training, you’ll discover…
    Multiple methods for hosting your videos (Paid and Free)

    The best types of hosting for EACH type of video covered in the training

    What I personally use for video hosting and the ‘pros and cons’ of all of the video hosting methods that are revealed 
    Early Bird Bonus #6:  
    Equipment Checklist and Software Cheat Sheet
    Equipment Checklist 

    This equipment checklist shows all of the equipment used and discussed throughout the training

    I’ve also included pricing and links to each piece of equipment for more information

    Software Cheat Sheet 

    This helpful PDF lists all of the software that I talk about throughout the course.

    Both free and paid software are included along with links to download or purchase. 
    Early Bird Bonus #7:  Video Ads Training + Lifetime Support
    +  Access To Future Updates
    Video Ads Training 

    In this bonus video module, you’ll discover…

    An overview of Facebook video ads and why they’re currently one of the best ways to get traffic to any type of online offer

    Examples of actual ads that are performing well

    How to get started with Facebook video ads today, even if you’ve never advertised on Facebook before in your life

    Lifetime Support

    Although IM Video Masters breaks down everything and makes it simple, if you ever have a question about anything covered in this training, support is just an email away.
    Access To Future Updates

    From time-to-time, I may add or update this training. Although most courses charged you for additional and updated content, when you get IM Video Masters today, you get all future updates to this training for FREE.

    Early Bird Bonus #8:  Video Ad Placer
    Finally! Gain Complete Control Over YouTube Videos So You Can Use Them To
    Drive Sales And Earn Higher Profits!
    • Uses the familiar YouTube system so there's no learning curve
    • Easily create pop-up calls to action that appear below your video, so you can lead viewers to exactly the actions you want them to take
    • Create your own custom end frame--no more showing other people's content to your site visitors
    • Automatically pause the video when a viewer clicks away from the page--your content is important, and you don't want her to miss it!
    • One-click turns off the player controls (yes, even on a YouTube embedded video!)
    • No more link back to YouTube, so viewers won't be pulled away from your site
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    Discover my secrets for creating conversion crushing promo
    videos that sell insane amounts of your products and services
      • Customize your Page to your Needs

      • Add Your Video to the Background

      • Add Any Auto-Responder You Want

      • Create Unlimited Beautiful Video Pages
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