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Check Out These Videos From The 4 MOST WATCHED Facebook Publishers Of September 2017
In Just 30 Days, These Publishers Combined For
Over 10.4 BILLION FB Video Views: That’s VIRAL Traffic!
UNILAD - Chicken Nuggets
4.1 million views; 20,785 shares
The Dodo - Finding A Kitten
100 million views; 1.4 million shares
LadBible - Man Of Many Talents
2.4 million views; 5,253 shares
VT - Why To Invest In Bitcoin
2.1 million views; 10000  shares
None of these VIRAL videos have special effects.
No “attention-grabbing” features many video softwares say you can’t live without.
In fact, most of these videos look like they were shot on a smartphone built in the 90s.
So why all the views, engagement, shares and VIRAL TRAFFIC?
#1. Hardcoded Subtitles.
That Appear EVERY Time The Video
Is Watched, On Any Device 
Videos with captions or subtitles stand out in a newsfeed packed with viewers that scroll at hyperspeed. They engage people whether the sound’s on or off …

CRITICAL for FB marketing where 85% of videos are watched WITHOUT sound.

Use subtitles in your videos and you literally EXPLODE your audience. As importantly, more people absorb your entire message so they actually get to your call of action …click …and make you profits. 
#2. Voiceovers.
Natural Sounding, Accurate Voiceovers
When these videos are played with the sound on …
The captions are read WORD FOR WORD in a natural voice.

Combining voice with visible subtitles is PROVEN to increase engagement & retention. So more of your viewers watch and absorb your ENTIRE message. 
Less Flash Means MORE Cash
Using subtitles - also called captioning or transcribing - along with accurate voice overs works better than ANYTHING else for increasing traffic & conversions.

Subtitles Helps People Who Are
Deaf or Hard of Hearing

There are over 48 million deaf or hard of hearing people in the USA alone - nearly 10% of the population.

Subtitles have been proven to help this audience enjoy TV, and they do an amazing job of getting your video messages absorbed by this same group of buyers.

Not to mention the goodwill you get for your brand by actively reaching out to an audience historically ignored by video marketers.
More Views, Clicks & Sales From EVERY Video

Go GLOBAL with subtitles & voiceovers in foreign languages.

Alibaba - the eCom GIANT, makes billions each year selling in China & Asia …
$25.3 billion in a SINGLE day just recently ...

Tap into this MASSIVE BUYER market that most marketers never touch … and easily target custom audiences with extremely low cost ads.
 67.5% of YouTube views come from non-English speaking countries … this is a market you CAN’T afford to ignore!
Get More FREE Search Engine Traffic

Go GLOBAL with subtitles &
voiceovers in foreign languages.

Alibaba - the eCom GIANT, makes billions each year selling in China & Asia …
$25.3 billion in a SINGLE day just recently ...

Tap into this MASSIVE BUYER market that most marketers never touch … and easily target custom audiences with extremely low cost ads.

 67.5% of YouTube views come from non-English speaking countries … this is a market you CAN’T afford to ignore!
Stand Out - And PROFIT - In The Social Media Newsfeed

Most marketers lose with social media video because 85% of FB videos are viewed WITHOUT sound.

Viewers race thru their newsfeeds, and the BEST way to get your video noticed is by including subtitle text that makes people stop, click and watch.

10.4 BILLION video views in 30 days by just 4 publishers … ALL that use subtitles?

It’s a PROVEN formula for increasing views & traffic.

Mobile drives 52% of online traffic, and people buy from their phones 24/7. Revenue from mobile customers is expected to reach $694 BILLION dollars by 2019.

Subtitled videos connect you with this unlimited market by getting your messages received whether people are at work, in a noisy restaurant, or anywhere in between.

Video special effects are fun - But they don’t do much for keeping people engaged all the way to your call to action. The point of any video marketing is to get viewers to click & take action … so you build your audience, make sales, and make profits.

Subtitles and voiceovers are PROVEN to increase attention & turn more video viewers into action takers.

They also help build your brand and LONG TERM conversions as more people remember your message.

Video marketing is smart. But making videos takes time, money or both.

So maximize your traffic & profits from every video you create.

Subtitles with automated voiceovers open up a whole new world of traffic & higher conversions … WITHOUT the costs of creating new videos every time you need a traffic boost.

Anti-discrimination laws exist to help people with disabilities get access to the same resources as the rest of the population.

Recently Harvard, MIT, and even Netflix have been SUED for not having detailed captions for their video content … and Netflix has now started captioning its videos to avoid further legal problems.
Standard Non-Optimized Video with No Subtitles
Optimized Video With Subtitles 
Subtitled video with voiceovers work so well to drive profits for ONE reason:
They turn your message into a PERSONAL conversation.

You get all the benefits of a professional salesperson closing the deal …
And thanks to the internet, can now close those deals to a huge audience.

Now you can reach MORE people with each video.
Get MORE viewers to engage and take action …
So your videos do the selling FOR you.

Forget flashy effects and gimmicks because today’s consumers are WAY too smart for those. You need to engage on a personal level, and now you can. 
Instantly create video subtitles in ANY language to skyrocket your traffic and conversions across international markets.
Get automated, highest quality, NATURAL voiceovers for your videos in any language, instantly - with the click of a button.
EXPLODE your reach on social media & mobile with videos that stand out and are accessible by ANYONE at ANYTIME.
Turn ANY Video Into A Traffic & Sales Machine
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STOP scrollers in their tracks with subtitles that grab attention, and videos optimized for both social and mobile users… cash in on the HUGE user base that views video without sound
Create A
GLOBAL Audience
Instantly reach buying markets in foreign countries with captions & automated voiceovers in any language … profit in untapped markets that drive BILLIONS in sales
Get Explosive
Conversions & Profits
Your subtitled videos get indexed faster & rank higher … plus you can optimize them for specific keywords, getting you more consumer-based 100% free traffic on demand
Free Traffic,
Thanks To Google
Combine text & professional audio to engage more viewers so they ABSORB your message and take action stop losing viewers before they reach your money-making message
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Step 2
Get subtitles generated for your video in ANY language, regardless of the original language of your video
Step 3
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Step 4
Directly upload your transcribed videos to Facebook, YouTube & Vimeo for a HUGE increase in traffic and conversions
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