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  • Posting Images
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  • Redirect on Click
  • Image Editor
  • Analysis & Reports
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LetClicks PROOFs Image Clicks ROCK!
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One Click Redirecting Image Posts!
LetClicks allows you to post clickable images on Facebook that display as an image but when clicked - open ANY URL you want to open!
As a marketer - you want to capture as much "real estate space" as possible on Facebook - but if you just share a link - you capture ONLY a small rectangular size - but with LetClicks photolinks - you create a large square symmetric eye catching size - the MOST you can possibly get with images on Facebook! 
LetClicks enable Facebook to render your Image as an Image (not a link) and therefore sees it as a Native Post which guarantees MORE REACH (the amount of people that will see your post)!

Since the images are not distorted, they capture more estate over Facebook which will get YOU more attention, more engagements and more clicks from fans - clearly - it's a fan to customer machine! 
As We All Know By Now...
It's harder than ever capture people's attention and
engage them on Facebook!
It takes hours to create posts on Facebook and you're left hoping someone
finds your link inside the post description and clicks it!
The latest research shows that getting leads, subscribers and
sales is getting more difficult by the day.
LetClicks is Built By Facebook Marketing Experts!
LetClicks is a web based application (SaaS) that allows Facebook users to upload images, including GIFs (video like images), and post them on Facebook without having to create lengthy descriptions! Image Posts appear as a LARGE square post on Facebook, engaging your viewers to comment or take action.  These posts are totally eye catching and can hardly be ignored since they fill the entire screen on your mobile device!

With LetClicks Image Posts, your clients can finally create Image Posts that are directly clickable in Facebook! Once clicked, the user is sent directly to any URL that your client has entered in LetClicks. The Result?  More traffic to websites and offers, and you know what that means!  MORE SALES!  Check out the demo below!
Here’s What You Get With LetClicks:
Create LARGE Clickable Photo Links! 
Facebook posts with images get 2.3X more engagement than posts without images. Link posts with images, get nearly double the REACH than normal image posts!

LetClicks enables you to create links that Facebook will display as perfect square image links, making the images clickable and ready for maximum reach, likes, comments, shares, engagement, and of course CLICKS!
Create Clickable Video Links! 
85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. By uploading GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) animated images to LetClicks, you are able to create video like images that are 100% Clickable.

According to Dell that started using GIF images in their email: 
  • 42% increase in click rate!
  • 103% increase in conversion rate!
  • 109% increase in revenue!
Edit Images With PhotoLink Optimizer! 
Not ALL of your images will be perfectly square for use through LetClicks Image Links. Not to worry, because we've got your back covered! Included in LetClicks, you will find an Image Editor that creates perfect square images for you.

Whether you want a Blurred Background based on the image you have chosen or a solid color, you take your pick! 
Easily Clone Your Image Link Posts
Once you have created your Image Link and inserted your Redirect Link you are set to POST your image. But what if you want to use the same image again with another redirect link? Not a problem! With LetClicks, you can Clone Any of Your Image Links that you've created and use it again and again and again! 
View Post Details In ONE Glance! 
Track Your LetClicks Posts and see how many clicks you get on your Image Link Posts! Monitor the effectiveness of your image posts so you can adapt and adjust based on Click Performance!
Organize Your Campaigns With LetClicks Link Pools!
 For any of your projects you may want to organize, LetClicks offers you the ability to create POOLs of Links that you can combine together, so you can see the performance of your Image posts across your IMAGE POST campaigns.
Link To Full Screen YouTube Videos! 
Create LetClicks Image Links that redirect to Full Screen YouTube Videos! You can set the video to autoplay after the LetClicks Image Link is clicked! 
Your Own Image Library In LetClicks! 
With LetClicks you will get your own Image Library! Upload images, save edited images, zoom images and delete (per item or in bulk).

Add Images from your desktop or simple use our "Fetch Image From URL" feature! 
 Add Your Pixel For Max Retargeting!
LetClicks enables you to include any Pixel you chose to include with your image post. This way you can Track Post Clicks and Retarget Users that have clicked on your images with Targeted Advertising Campaigns. 
Fully Compliant with Facebook Terms! 
The LetClicks Team uses the Facebook API to connect with users. A Facebook Application is created by the user to enable Full Control over the Facebook Application and include custom Privacy Policies and Terms of Service. 
Check Out How I
Turn My Images and Videos
Into Click Magnets In Under A Minute!
Browser Compatibility 
Create GIF Video Posts With Ease! 
Let Your Posts Go Viral With Video Like Posts!
Create Amazing Posts That
Get Clicked!
GIF posts can be used for promoting your products, or products from other vendors. Use it for any niche, whether you are into Amazon Products, Software, Fitness, Video Marketing, Ads conversion, Email Marketing, SEO Tools, Website Conversion, Make Money Online, Review Videos, Offline, Real Estate, Medical Doctors, Wood Working, Dog Training, Finance, etc. Commissions are literally up for grabs using GIF posts that call for CLICK Action!
Grab EYEballs to Capture Attention!
Most people scroll down there timeline and get caught by something that grabs their attention. A catchy image will often do the trick, but with moving images, your posts just can't be missed. With using GIF images, you can can achieve just that! And the results: more engagement, more clicks and more money in your pockets! 
With LetClicks You Get ALL These Amazing Features!
Posting Images
Easily Posts Photo Links and GIF Links on Your Timeline, in Groups or on Your Fan Page!
Redirect on Click
Redirect to any Destination URL You Choose after Image Posts are Clicked!
Clone Links
Clone Links and Reuse Your Images for Multiple Redirect Destinations. 
Add Tracking Codes To Your Posts To Re-target Users with Google or Facebook Ads. 
Group Image Links Together To Organize Your Image Post Campaigns. 
Image Editor 
Image Editor Ensures All Your Posts Are Perfectly Squared For Best Views. 
One Click Signup/Login 
Sign up and log into LetClicks easily with your Facebook account! 
Clean Design 
Super Easy to Use with Clean and Intuitive Dashboard & Designs! 
Quickly apply filters to effectively select Groups of Image Posts for any Campaign. 
Analysis & Reports 
Get detailed Click Reports with Browser, Device, Platform, and Geological Data Per Image Posts!
One Click Support Desk Button Right Inside The Application.
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  • Full screen call to actions for any website in less than 60 Seconds.

  • A proven method to double & triple conversions and optins.

  • A strategy used by Multi Billion Dollar Companies like Apple, Uber, Spotify, Instagram & Paypal.
  • You save 100s or 1000s in designer and developer fees.

  • Stunning looking templates to please any marketer in any niche.

  • Works with all major auto-responders.
  • A/B Testing to find your most converting Pagehat.
Early Bird Bonus #2: LetSocify
LetSocify is a Facebook notification tool which helps to deliever notifications right
 into your users FB notification Tab.
How It Works!
Early Bird Bonus #3: White Label Rights - Audience Drill 
Easily Find The Best Targeting Demographics Active on Facebook so You Can Use Them For Your Ad Campaigns, Boosting Posts and Running Buyers To Your Websites
The Only Targeting Software Of Its Kind That Has The Power To Instantly Increase Your Facebook ROI by 100% Through More Precise Market Segmentation
  • Graph Search Drill - Find best targeted audiences in any part of Facebook you choose

  • The Interest Drill - Find the razor-sharp REAL interests (yes, every single result can be used in your ad) you should be using in your Facebook Ads to drive even more precise demographics to your Ad

  • The Post Drill - Get an inside look at what your competitors are doing successfully and replicate it in your own business!
Early Bird Bonus #4: White Label Rights - Copy Cut Social 
This is the best Social Media Marketing sales product we have. It sells for $197 consistently. You're going to get the ability to sell this as if it's your own keeping 100% of the profit. You get all of our sales material and you can rebrand the system as you want. It's going to show your clients how to make money helping businesses!
Early Bird Bonus #5: A Set of 300+ DFY Base Viral 
Meme Images!
Use VIRAL MEME Image Posts!
Receive 300+ Viral MEME Images and use them in your campaign. These images can be used for any niche and in any of your LetClicks Image Posts! 
Early Bird Bonus #6: GIF Converter
Easy Video To Gif Conversion!
A Tool which helps to convert any Video into GIF.
  • Upload/ Select Video From Youtube

  • Easy Video to GIF converter

  • Select Start Time and End Time for GIF
Early Bird Bonus #7: YouTube Video Downloader
Simply Download Any YouTube Video! 
A tool which lets you download any video from YouTube. 
  • Enter YouTube Video Link

  • Easy download in various Formats 
Early Bird Bonus #8: How To Post Photo & GIF Links 
Anywhere On Facebook!
Team LetX Expert Guide! 
Early Bird Bonus #9: 47 PRE-MADE Professionally Presented Intro & Outro Videos
Simply Follow 3 Easy Steps
Use these professional spokesperson videos to start and end your promo. and light up any offer and get the action that you desire from any hungry buyer. 
Convey Your Message Faster
A single minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. In seconds, a video can use sound, images, and text to convey a message that would take pages to get across in writing.
Accelerates Your Growth
The Video Tree Sequence entertains your viewers until they take action, growing your visibility, increasing your sales conversion and maximizing your return on investment. 
Attention Grabber & Retainer 
Your average person has an attention span of 8.25 seconds ( The average attention of a goldfish is 9 seconds. VTS optimizes these first 8 seconds to the Maximum to keep viewer watching. 
Makes Your Message Personal Again 
By choosing the most carefully selected video spokesmodel, based on our inhouse developed recruitment criteria and years of video experience, VTS guarantees a personal touch. 
Drives Your Viewers to Action 
Lead your visitors to take action under the direction of the spokesperson, carefully sequenced intros and outros. 
Loves to Work with Search Engines (SEO) 
Website content that is rich in video tends to keep visitors on the page much longer. Google and other search giants, love and give preference to websites with video. 
Integrates With All Social Media Platforms 
VTS Delivers videos for use on all social media platforms and drives traffic to your website, where you can engage with your viewer without the distractions of advertisements. 
Strengthens Your Brand 
A brand is identified and recognized by the face which represents it. Choose the right face, or the right spokesperson for your company and you can catapult your business forward. 
Never Sleeps
VTS is your doorman, receptionist, guide and sales representative all-in-one! VTS never sleeps and will work for you 24/7 and 365 days a year. 
Early Bird Bonus #10: Full Page Call-To-Action WP Pagebuilders
The Strategy To Triple Your Opt-ins Instantly In Just 60 Seconds! 
PageHat 2.0 Pagebuilder
The first ever Full Page Dynamic Call-To-Action Page Builder for the online marketer that wants a sure way to build a list of highly responsive YES buyers FAST... And that will start generating YOUR massive list in a matter of SECONDS, so YOU can start earning insane commissions INSTANTLY! 
  • full screen call to actions for any website in less than 60 Seconds.

  • A proven method to double & triple conversions and optins.

  • A strategy used by Multi Billion Dollar Companies like Apple, Uber, Spotify, Instagram & Paypal. 
  • You save 100s or 1000s in designer and developer fees.
  • Stunning looking templates to please any marketer in any niche.
  • Works with all major auto-responders. 
  • A/B Testing to find your most converting Pagehat.
Early Bird Bonus #11: 1500+ Background Images
Background Images! 
Finding the right images backgrounds for your project can consume many hours of work and cost you a ton of money. But for this launch only, we have found the best images for you! 
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WP Profit Detonator contains a suite of conversion maximization tools that will optimize every money making device on your site, like nothing else on the market.
It has the following functions :
  • Full A/B Split Testing

  • Anchor Text Optimization

  • Optimized Banner Ads
  • State-of-the-Art Heatmapping Technology
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