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Here’s What Profit Renegade Will Do For You

  • Find and target the HOTTEST niches in ANY location you can think of – Profit Renegade will supply you with all the BEST leads in ANY niche and ANY location at the push of a button.

  • 100% fully automated lead generation – just input your target keyword, input your target location and hit “go”. Then just sit back and let Profit Renegade work its magic.

  • Fully Automated Location Targeting – Don’t know where you want your leads to come from? No problem. Profit Renegade will sort through its built-in location database and do it for you.

  • One-Click Lead Filtering – You don’t want to waste time on stale leads right? With just one click of your mouse you can sort through the leads and get ONLY the best ones that are ready to buy from you.

  • One-click lead exporter – Export all your newly found leads at the push of a button and hand them off to your VA or anything else you please.

  • And much much more! This is only the beginning!

FINALLY You Can Fully Automate Your Lead Generation Into 3 Simple Steps

Profit Renegade is the longest-lasting and most up-to-date software suite that will take you from ZERO to having more leads than you can handle in just 3 simple steps.

Step 01
Let Profit Renegade Find You The Best Niches and Locations for you to profit in

If you already know what niches and locations you want to target, then this step is completely optional.

However, if you need some help getting started, then all you have to do is type in your desired keyword and use our built-in location database to target just about ANY city or State that you can think of. Want to go international? No problem, Profit Renegade comes built-in with 4 of the top countries worldwide.

Step 02
Let Profit Renegade go out there and find you over 1,200 targeted, buyer leads per minute in ANY niche and location you’d like

As soon as you input your target keyword and location and hit “start” Profit Renegade will get to work on complete autopilot and provide you with the HOTTEST leads on a silver platter within minutes!

All at the push of ONE button! You’ve never seen lead generation done this good and this fast before.

Step 03
Let Profit Renegade Sort, filter and scrub your newly found leads with just a few clicks of your mouse to get only the BEST leads that are ready to pay you

With just a few clicks you can filter through your leads even further so you only have the best of the best. This will allow you to ensure you get those HOT clients that are ready to pay you $1k-$3k every single month for your services!

With Profit Renegade all of the hard work and frustration of trying to generate buyer-leads are a thing of the past!

With just a few mouse clicks, and a few minutes of your time,
you can generate more leads than you can ever handle.

With Profit Renegade You’ll Have To Start Turning Business Away Because You Won’t Be Able To Handle All The Leads…

Imagine how awesome it would be to have the power to turn away client’s because you have too much business.. That’d be a great problem to have, right?

Once you have THAT kind of Lead Generation power in your business… It means the end of struggling to make a profit. It means the end of wondering “why do they succeed and I don’t?” It means the end of you investing in products that don’t work.. And it means the beginning of experiencing the freedom and flexibility that you so rightfully deserve… the beginning of having that passive monthly income that you’ve been working so hard towards!

To have the freedom to provide, to settle debt, to travel and will and to buy all of the toys you’ve ever wanted.

The only reason for releasing Profit Renegade at this discounted price is to bring new users on board and celebrate our NEW Branding and NEW overhauled look…and of course to get people excited about our software and let them feel its power so they join the hundreds of testimonials we’ve gotten over the years.

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Special Early Bird Bonuses!

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Early Bird Bonus #1: Local Kickstarter (First 50 only)

A step by step guide that Walks you through Exactly How to Make Money Helping Businesses. Strictly limited to the first 50 people who get access today.

This is a guide I've recently updated. It's never been sold and will be sold soon for $97.

It's a step by step guide that walks you through exactly how to make money helping businesses.

It includes strategies that are working right now and information based around my experience making over $100,000+ per year helping businesses.

Helping businesses is a great way to start making money online.

You can apply the 'online marketing' knowledge you've learnt from products online and make money helping businesses.

This guide will also be really helpful if you want to help businesses with Quiz Funnels.

Strictly limited to the first 50 people who get access today.

Early Bird Bonus #2:
Giveaway Rights - Consulting In Minutes

  • Includes All Of The Sales Material To Sell Consulting In Minutes (PSD, HTML)
  • Includes Sales Video's To Help You Sell Consulting In Minutes
  • Promote Consulting In Minutes As Your Own Making 100% Of The Profits
  • Own The Documents To Use As Your Own And Sell
  • And Much Much More...

Early Bird Bonus #3: Our Personal Business Listings

US Business Listings Database of 9+ million records. Directly import this list into Profit Renegade to hyper boost your lead generation within minutes of installing our software.

Early Bird Bonus #4: CSV Ripper

Filter Your Sales Leads Any Way You Want

  • Filter millions of records in just minutes.
  • Built-in file splitter.
  • Saves each filter step-by-step, in case you make a mistake.
  • Built-in automatic field tester (so that you can run ANY type of CSV file through it).

Early Bird Bonus #5: Client Sign Up and Proposal Contracts ($3,000 value)

Here you'll be getting the EXACT contracts we use to easily get clients signed up and pay us anywhere from $500-$3000 a month. And also the EXACT contracts we use for one-time services (like selling a video to a client)

Having a proper contract allows you to look a lot more professional AND truly commits your clients to working with you.

Early Bird Bonus #6: SlideIn Countdown Pro

At Last! Easily Increase Your Sales With These Slide In Countdown Timers

  • Creates Slide In Timers In Just Minutes
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks
  • Option To Change Background Colors
  • Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page
  • Option To Redirect After Offer Expires
  • Option To Add Time Delay To Slide In
  • Slide In Countdown Hovers Above Page
  • Requires Upload Access To A Webserver
  • Can Be Used With Any Website URL
  • Option To Change Text & Font Colors
  • Wide Selection Of Call To Action Buttons
  • Software Comes With Unlimited Use License

Early Bird Bonus #7: WP iASK Plugin

Effortlessly Create Insightful And Engaging Surveys, Gather Critical Data Such As Statistics And Answers From Your Visitors... All In One Place!

  • Quickly, easily and instantly create surveys at the push of button and get precise, in-depth statistics that will help you make better decisions next time regarding the way you run your business
  • Possibility of using shortcodes in order to make your life easier – The surveys can be embedded in any post or page via shortcodes
  • Unlimited Customization
  • Jaw-dropping Widget Effects –Get access to various styles that control the appearance of the survey widget…for a great first impression!
  • Restrictions option available– Surveys can be made available only to registered users or to the general public…you have the control
  • And Much More!

Early Bird Bonus #8: Cross Sell Slider Pro Software

Easily Boost Your Sales With Cross Sell Slider Pro On Your Websites!

  • Create Cross Sell Sliders In Just Minutes
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks
  • Software Requires No Installation
  • Option To Change Background Colors
  • Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page
  • Cross Sell Slider Hovers Above Page
  • Requires Upload Access To A Webserver
  • Feature Up To 3 Products Per Slider

Early Bird Bonus #9: CTA Revealr Plugin

Create Unlimited High-Converting Call to Action Shortcode Buttons in WordPress!

Early Bird Bonus #10: Instant Infographic Creator

Create amazing infographics... for your business marketing needs

What's Inside This Package?

  • Create powerful infographics online
  • Don't pay hundreds for a creative it yourself within minutes!
  • Increased Brand Authority, Backlinks And Traffic
  • Hundreds Of Built-In Graphics
  • Simple But Powerful Interface…Including An Intuitive Drag And Drop

Why You Need OTO#1

Profit Renegade Extended. Priced at $67.

Once you start using Profit Renegade, you’re gonna see what a powerhouse it can be as a stand alone product. However, the additional plugins that we have available take its lead generation abilities to a whole new level.

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