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Automatically Collect And Display Testimonials
and Reviews on Your *VARIABLE*
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  • Every Step is Fully Customizable To YOU!
  • Choose from over 10 different customizable designs or widgets
  • Ethical Bribes For Higher Quality Honest Testimonials
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     This is ONE of the 10 powerful ways you can display your reviews!
    Yes, this review was created and is being displayed with Review Trust!
    Here's How This Process USUALLY Works...
    When a visitor lands on a sales page or eCommerce page, the #1 thing they look for is ACTUAL reviews from real people for social proof. The typical process is:
    Not Only Is This Time Consuming But It's Very Inefficient
    The 2017 Way In Automating The Entire Process of Collecting
    And Displaying Reviews and Testimonials
    Review Trust is a powerful cloud based platform that allows anyone to collect and display real reviews and testimonials by simply pasting one line of code on to their website. And our system automates the entire process for you.
    Here's How It Works:
    STEP 1 
    You simply connect your campaign with the shopping cart of your choice, allowing the system to automate the entire process. Or upload your own list!
    STEP 2 
    Review Trust automatically follows up with them using our pre­designed followup sequence or your customized one.

    We asked for their rating AND their review with image, video, or audio. Leaving a testimonial of 1 to 5 stars. 
    STEP 3
     Copy and paste the one line of code to display on your website or eCommerce store. With Over 10 different "display options".

    You filter through the responses and select the ones you want to display automatically!
    Every Step is Fully Customizable To YOU!
    Perfect Testimonials And Design WITHOUT The Hassle Of Hiring A Web Designer 
    Worried that the testimonials Review Trust displays on your website will clash with your site design? Don't be.

    All widgets and testimonial boxes are 100% customizable (from colors to font face) to ensure they match your website exactly how you want.

    What's more, Review Trust makes it so incredibly easy to gather, collect, and display high­quality testimonials...
    Ethical Bribes For Higher Quality Honest Testimonials
    Review Trust also gives you the ability to collect what are called “incentivized reviews”.

    That means rather than reaching out to your customers and asking them to do you a favor – i.e. leave you a honest testimonial.

    We leverage another powerful psychological trigger called "reciprocity" where you can give them a free gift in return for the time and effort it took them to leave you a rating and a testimonial.

    The entire process is 100% automated by our system. The process of emailing. The process of collecting the testimonials. And the process of delivering your ethical bribe.
    Not All Reviews Are Made Equal...
    We work HARD to provide the best. From the product to the customer service, one little misunderstanding can typically "ruin" your entire image.

    With Review Trust, we allow YOU to decide if you want to display and make public the "bad apples." Instead, you can collect and contact the customer to make them happy.

    Our system allows you to review each and every testimonial before it sees the light of day!
    If You Can Copy And Paste...
    Then You Can Automate The Entire Process!
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