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Rocket Contact is a complete lead generation and contact software built to find and contact highly targeted prospects on auto pilot from one easy to use dashboard


Rocket Contact

Ground Breaking Lead Generation and Contact Software

Reach More Inboxes And See Results Fast

By filling out a contact you're guaranteed someone will see your message. However, in the past this proved to be a tedious, manual process. With Rocket Contact our powerful contact robot ensures your reach the intended person and reports back to you upon success. It will also search the site and also return all of the pertinent company data to include, the address, email, and phone number.

Email Campaign Manager and Follow Up

Not every website will have a contact us form, and some may have a form we are not able to submit and recieve a confirmation through. So to ensure maximum reach, we've built in an email campaign and follow up manager as a secondary contact method. Email follow up messaging puts your leads into a short contact sequence to boost chances of a reply

Upload Your Own Website Lists For Contacting

Our powerful API allows you to quickly search for sites to submit to based on location(s) and keyword(s) and returns results fast, however you may already have access to a list of potential partner websites. So inside of your campaign manager you have the ability to upload a list of sites you want to contact, and/or pull additional contact information from.

Contact Credits Debited Only For Verified Submissions

You'll never have to worry about wasting a single submission credit. To keep it fair, site submission credits are only used when a contact us form and/or email is successfully sent. You will not be charged any additional credits for multiple emails in the email sequence.

Employee Profiles With Automated Round Robin

With the ability to create multiple profiles you'll have the power to rotate these profiles within each campaign. This allows you to rotate through your sales team ensuring the same number of verified submissions for each profile ( feature not available with all plans)

Detailed Analytics And Lead Reporting

The reporting module tells you everything you need to know. First we'll provide all of the contact data we've pulled to include the website, address, and phone number. Once your campaign runs, we'll then report which sites we were successfully able to submit to and/or send an email to as well as which profile sent the message. You'll also know who opened your message and if they clicked on any track-able links within each message.

Export or Send Contact Data via API To Your Own CRM

Send new leads directly to your CRM or autoresponder platform for contact follow ups and nurturing automatically with our built in Zapier and Postmark APIs. You'll have the ability to segment leads based on analytics and data provided to ensure you prioritize your sales process with the hottest leads first.

Get Better Results In Less Time

Our proprietary lead generation and contact process has the ability to reach and engage more customers, while generating faster responses than every before. Based on our real world internal testing and results, you have the potential to see up to 5-10x the normal number of leads responding to your contact campaigns vs traditional marketing methods

Boost Your Companies Revenue

The ability to find and reach a higher quality lead directly, combined with a properly tailored marketing message creates more revenue. With a fresh and steady stream of potential new customers into your sales pipeline we'll help you grow your business fast!

Rocket Contact Generates Fresh Leads For Your Business!

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