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When You Start Creating Videos That Covert, You Too Can Create BIG Profit Like This

See, I’ve been using video in my business for over 3 years now and I’ve been teaching others how to use video in their business for about 3 years as well.

And one of the BIGGEST problems I see people struggling with is their videos just flat-out, NOT CONVERTING!!

And trust me, that used to be me as well...

“I created TONS of videos before I made a
DIME with Video Marketing..”

And I’m sure many of you are in the same boat right now.
Let me ask you a few questions before we continue:

  • Have you created a video within the past few months that just flat out didn’t convert?

  • Have you bought any new video creation tools to help you create better converting videos?

  • Have you paid a professional video creator a nice chunk of money to create a high-converting video and it STILL didn’t convert?

I’m sure you’ve answered yes to one or
ALL of the questions above.

But today, All of that is gonna change for you...

“Video Marketing will NEVER be the same for you once you’re done reading this page!”

“But I’m already using YouTube to Track my video stats…”

I know what you may be thinking: “I don’t need to track my video conversions, YouTube, Wistia and Vimeo already give me all my video stats.” And that is the FURTHEST thing from the truth.

You’re right about one thing though: you’re getting views, but what does that REALLY mean to your business?

The analytic data that services like YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo give you do NOT show anything that equals MONEY in your bank account or leads in your auto responder account!

For example: Wistia provides great data about viewer engagement in regards to how much of your video someone watched or rewatched.

However, it's what happens AFTER someone watches your video that's important.

Did they become a lead or a customer after watching your video? If you can't tell that, then it doesn't matter how many people watch your videos.

Because unless those views are turning into profit, then you’re just running a nonprofit organization. And we all got into this whole “online thing” to make a profit, right?

Yea absolutely.

“But, Wait! The problem gets even WORSE…”

To further the problem, tracking video performance in a way that can tell you how many leads or sales a video generated is nearly impossible….unless you (or someone on your team) has an engineering degree from M.I.T.

Or you have a big enough budget to custom code a piece of software to accurately track your video conversions. And I can tell you right now, that’s not a cheap thing to do.

And let’s take a few minutes and figure out exactly how much profit you’re leaving on the table by leaving your conversions to chance.


Smart Video Metrics

Smart Video Metrics Allows You To Automatically Track The Conversion Rate of any YouTube, Vimeo, or Wista video to determine how many leads or sales a video has generated.

  • Imagine how amazing it’s gonna be when you publish a video and IMMEDIATELY know what the ROI of that video is…

  • Imagine how amazing it’s gonna be to know EXACTLY what each view is worth to you…

  • Imagine how amazing it’s gonna be to know EXACTLY how much profit each of your videos is producing…

  • And Imagine how amazing it’s gonna be to know EXACTLY where your conversions are coming from…

And that’s ONLY the beginning. You’ll also be
able to run automatic video split tests...

And let Smart Video Metrics tell you which of your videos is converting the BEST…

In fact, you could be getting an accurate pulse on which of your videos are performing well and which aren’t in a few minutes from RIGHT NOW!

We’ve Made It THAT Simple For You

“Instantly Increase Your Video Conversion
Rates By Over 40%”

SVM user Joshua Van Den Broek started tracking his videos with Smart Video Metrics and found something very interesting.

Joshua started tracking a video on one of his opt-in pages. He found that the video was generating only a small fraction leads compared to the amount the page as a whole was pulling in. This was the exact opposite of what he expected.

He figured that because he had spent a lot of time and money making a killer video that people would watch it and then sign up for his offer. Not so.

Now that he knew how his video was (or in this case wasn’t) contributing to the overall effectiveness of the page, he was able to scientifically decipher what was happening.

He tweaked a couple things and was able to increase his video conversion rate by over 40%.

When you have the data to back up your assumptions you can make decisions about what to do with your videos with CONFIDENCE...and stop guessing about what might work.

This Sounds Amazing,  But How Much Is It Going To Cost Me.”

Well, first off, how much is gonna cost you to NOT know how well your videos are converting.. How much is it gonna cost you to continue playing the guessing game with your business?

Once you’ve answered that, you’ll clearly see the value of having SVM in your arsenal. You’ll see that having valuable conversion data about each of your videos is invaluable.

And you’ll see why we normally charge a monthly fee for SVM like all the other conversion and split-testing tools on the market today.

However, for the next 72 hours ONLY...

“We’re Waiving The Monthly Fee And
Offering You Access To SVM For A ONE-TIME Fee!”

But you have to make sure you act quickly, this is truly a limited-time offer before we set our prices back to monthly.

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