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What Automated Scaling Can Do For YOUR Business:

Hey this is Sam and Brad, and thanks again for picking up Social Optimizer.

You’ll love how this tool maximizes your ROI on any campaign you run.

We’re very proud of this software - the only tool to bridge your FB ads account with any and all merchant accounts you use. You don’t need what we’re going to share here to make it work.

As great as it is, there’s one weakness. On its own, Social Optimizer identifies winning and losing campaigns … then you can scale from there.

Meaning, you’ve got to have some profitable campaigns running in the 1st place. This is where a lot of people get stuck. We sure did when we were starting out.

Secrets To Winning Campaigns In Any Niche

  • Finding products that are PROVEN sellers – without knowing this, you’re guessing and that costs time and money

  • Setting up high converting landing pages that convert viewers into buyers

  • Uncovering targeted audiences in your niche that are ready to buy

  • Saving money by not chasing broad, overly-competitive audiences

Lessons Learned From Over 200K Spent On FB Ads

socop6Look, we’re kind of geeks when it comes to FB advertising. We’ve run thousands of campaigns for our own businesses and for clients.

We were the 1st to introduce FB targeting software to the market. For a while, we thought we had it all figured out.

Then we realized we were leaving all kinds of money on the table.
In fact, if we knew then what we know now …

We probably could have saved our clients THOUSANDS in ad costs.
And that’s where OUR mistakes can put money in YOUR pocket.

The most important lesson we learned?

The Shortcut To Profit Is
To Copy What Already Works!

socop4There are thousands of eCommerce stores already making great profits.
Thousands more marketers are using social media to drive sales.

Instead of “going in blind” and trying to invent campaigns from scratch …
It’s faster, easier and WILDLY more profitable to copy proven winners.

We found some tools that discover top selling products … but none that did so on multiple platforms.

Trying to find consistently profitable, established eCom stores takes hours of manual, mind-numbing research.

But the ability to find, copy and scale your competition’s BEST campaigns is so important to your success …

We invested over 15K to develop the ultimate all-in-one spy, targeting and social media research tool.


Copy & Paste Your Way To Maximum ROI

Social Spy is a software like nothing else available for FB marketers. Unlike tools that focus on either targeting, spying or ad creation …

Social Spy delivers ALL THREE in one simple dashboard.

It’s the only and LAST FB marketing tool you’ll ever need.

Profitable Campaigns Are Yours In A Few Clicks:

  • Uncover targeted buying audiences and unlimited ways to run winning campaigns
  • Find top selling products and best converting ads in ANY niche with our keyword tool
  • Use our “secret” algorithm to find top performing Shopify stores in your niche so you can model their product selections, themes and conversion tactics to explode your sales
  • FB Targeting Toolkit - packed with 6 modules covering everything you need to PROFITABLY market to hungry, untapped buyer audiences
  • Proven results from both complete beginners and advanced marketers

When you combine Social Spy with Social Optimizer, you’ll be unstoppable. In fact, the biggest problem you might face is WHICH campaigns to scale first - because you’ll have an unlimited choice of winners to choose from.

Unlimited ROI For Marketers Of ALL Levels


Beginners will see how easy and cost-effective it is to create ads for top selling products, directed to targeted audiences.

No “learning curve” and wasted money on ads that don’t convert.

Intermediate and advanced marketers will LOVE the in-built functionality to spy on the competition, create untapped niche-specific audiences, and maximize ROI in both new and ultra-competitive markets.

100% AUTOMATED Campaigns For Maximum ROI

Social Spy is the most advanced FB marketing tool available today. With a combination of our unique algorithm and SIX targeting modules, every single aspect of FB marketing is completely automated for you:

Powerful, User-Friendly Dashboard:

Instant access to all product, store & search results from your personal history

Save time & hassles by accessing the info you need, when you need it

Find top selling products on BOTH FB and Instagram with keyword and key-phrase search.

Filter to find viral products and niche opportunities.

Uncover the competition’s specific ad copy, images, landing pages and price points to EFFORTLESSLY create your own winning campaigns.

Ethical Store Spy Tool:

Legally find the top producing Shopify stores in your niche with our UNIQUE search algorithm.

Model their product selection, themes and checkout processes to maximize YOUR conversions.

Finding products to promote for profit has never been easier!

Targeting Tool Kit

6 Modules For The Ultimate Tool In FB Targeting Research:

FB Page Search:

Find Facebook pages based on keywords, then drill down to your specific niche and even HOW VIRAL each page is

See how top pages are marketing so you can duplicate their strategies!

Media Kit Search:

Get complete, independent demographic research for any niche.
No more tedious research, just copy & paste the results directly into your ad sets to target proven buyers

Similar Sites Search:

Find similar websites to ANY url you enter. This PROVEN method uncovers hot audiences interested in your offers

Simply paste all website results into your ads to target ACTIVE buyers in your niche!

Interest Search:

Find REAL Facebook interests and their EXACT audience size. Perfect for creating targeted campaigns.

Copy/paste functionality makes for quick and easy ad creation.

Just enter a keyword, then filter to find the most engaged audiences. Select specific interests for your ads, then copy and paste the results …

Find HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of hot buyers in ANY niche in seconds!

Post Search:

Target audiences looking at a specific website and keyword.

The software returns a list of all FB posts using those sites and keywords.

Create ULTRA targeted audiences to minimize ad costs and maximize conversions.

Find top performing eCom products, CPA & affiliate offers and more

Graph Search:

Eliminate user error with Facebook Graph search by using this module. Graph Search will give you easy to input templates that will yield precise and accurate niche research results within Facebook.

Easily set numerous extended search strings to narrow down your results to give you what you really want. It erases the fuss from doing it on Facebook as typing in the wrong thing can yield poor, to no, results.

Social Spy: Your COMPLETELY Unfair Advantage


  • Find the hottest selling products in any niche
  • Spy on the competition that’s selling those products
  • See EXACTLY how they’re driving sales - from ad copy to landing pages, specific stores and social media pages
  • Effortlessly tap into targeted buying audiences for maximum conversions with minimal ad spend
  • Create powerful, profitable campaigns in your niche on demand, then scale for effortless profits 24/7

The PERFECT Partner For Social Optimizer

We built Social Spy to go hand-in-hand with Social Optimizer. The Spy software gives you unlimited ways to create winning campaigns.

The Optimizer tool shows you exactly how to scale the best of the best for maximum profit.

Put them together and you have the ultimate profit combination to dominate any niche you go after.

This Is Your ONLY Chance To Access
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We built Social Spy to go hand-in-hand with Social Optimizer. The Spy software gives you unlimited ways to create winning campaigns.

The Optimizer tool shows you exactly how to scale the best of the best for maximum profit.

Put them together and you have the ultimate profit combination to dominate any niche you go after.

Rest assured, Social Spy comes with the same 100% unconditional
money back guarantee offered with Social Optimizer.

Take action now and your modest investment is completely risk-free.

If at any time over the next 30 days you don’t see the IMMEDIATE benefits of being able to create winning campaigns in your niche, let us know.

We’ll refund your purchase with no questions asked.

This is your chance to truly dominate the world of paid advertising.
Make maximum returns with minimal risk and cost.

Facing the rising price of social advertising, can you afford NOT to tap into a software that GUARANTEES a positive ROI?

Exactly. So what are you waiting for?

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