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The “Backdoor” Into The MASSIVE FB Profit Pool

These days, FB may as well have banners on buildings that say “We Want To Take Down YouTube!”

Because that’s exactly what it’s trying to do. Dominate video marketing. Knowing this, we can get WAY more organic reach (as in, free traffic) AS WELL AS get the most bang for our buck when we advertise.

As popular as video is … marketers everywhere agree that even though video is SUPPOSED to convert like crazy … it’s not the same as it once was.

Massive competition and an audience with short attention spans are to blame … but I’m going to show you how to fix that too. All by giving FB EXACTLY what it wants.



Your Marketing Conversion TRIPLE Threat

Everything You Need To
Triple Your Conversions…

Facebook Video or Embed Videos on Your Website

Choose whether you want to create custom audiences from videos on Facebook or on your website.

Create Your Facebook Post and Preview It

Enter your post/ad details and upload your video file to be posted to Facebook. A live preview is available on the right.

Or Create Your Campaign to Embed on Your Website

If you decide to rather run your campaign from your website, instead of creating a Facebook video, you enter your campaign name, along with a 3rd party video such as a YouTube video.

Custom Audience Video Milestones

Select how far into a video a viewer must watch (in seconds) in order for a custom audience to be created. For example, on the left, a new custom audience will be created and populated with audiences who watch 5, 10, 30, 120 and 500 seconds of the video. If you only want to run ads to people who view 30 seconds into your video, you now can!

Custom Audiences Automatically Grow into Targeted Audiences

Watch your automatically created custom audiences (based on your selected time milestones) grow as viewers reach your time milestones. In the example on the right, every time someone watches 10 seconds of your video campaign, they are added to that custom audience. The same happens when they watch 60 seconds.

Monetize These Highly Targeted Audiences

Monetize these extremely laser-targeted custom audiences based on how far into your video campaign they watched. Someone who watched up until 60 seconds may have heard your sales pitch where as someone who only viewed 10 seconds may not have. Or someone who views 300 seconds is WAY more interested that someone who views only 20 seconds.

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Conversions AND Reduce Your Advertising Costs

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Finally You Can Increase Visitors, Leads, Sales, With Our New Revolutionary Video Technology That Creates Profitable YouTube Marketing Campaigns In Seconds

Early Bird Bonus #3: White Label Rights - Audience Drill

The Most Advanced Targeting Software Created To Date, Giving You Laser Precise Results That Get Your Message Seen ONLY by Passionate Buyers.

The Only Targeting Software Of Its Kind That Has The Power To Instantly Increase Your Facebook ROI by 100% Through More Precise Market Segmentation

  • Graph Search Drill - Find best targeted audiences in any part of Facebook you choose
  • The Interest Drill - Find the razor-sharp REAL interests (yes, every single result can be used in your ad) you should be using in your Facebook Ads to drive even more precise demographics to your Ad
  • The Post Drill - Get an inside look at what your competitors are doing successfully and replicate it in your own business!

Early Bird Bonus #4: Social Video Spark

The #1 Facebook Organic Video Marketing & Timeline Ranking Software

  • Autoplays on MOBILE!
  • Avoid Facebook Security Check to avoid massive drop of share traffic
  • Never Run Out Of Amazing Videos To Share
  • Quickly & Easily Attach a Trackable Call toAction To Every Video You Post on Facebook
  • Works Seamlessly With Facebook’s Post Scheduling System!
  • Full Stats & Tracking For All Video Posts!

Early Bird Bonus #5: TeeSpring Mastery

Ever wonder how people are selling up to 6 figures per month with T-Shirts

TeeSpring Mastery

This video training course will cover exactly how you can set up your very own profitable t-shirt business today.

You won't have to deal with inventory, customers or any of that boring stuff. Just upload a design, start selling and everything else is handled for you!

Early Bird Bonus #6: Attention to Retention

Attention to Retention teaches you how to retain and please
existing customers and turn them into recurring customers!

Attention to Retention

One of the biggest problems is that it can take a lot of work to generate new customers. You have to spend money on advertising, you need to get them acclimated to your offers, you need to deal with any issues that come along with new customers, you have to create time to acquire them, you need to do market research etc... It’s easy to get wrapped up in the acquisition phase. I mean, who doesn’t want more customers? The thing is – you can’t be so wrapped up in acquiring new customers that you ignore your current customers! Attention to Retention teaches you how to retain and please existing customers and turn them into recurring customers!

Early Bird Bonus #7: WP Social Locker

Drive traffic, build quality followers and improve your website ranking using this WP Social Locker. The most popular Content-Locking plugin for WordPress.

WP Social Locker

New WordPress Plugin that will allow you to lock a part of content on a web page until a user clicks one of the social buttons (Facebook Like, Tweet Button, Google +1) in order to sky-rocket your likes/tweets/+1s, traffic and customers!

Early Bird Bonus #8: WP Ad Slinger

Wp Ad Slinger will allow you to add the same looking ads
that Facebook is using to make a their fortune.

WP Ad Slinger

Create unlimited Facebook-style ads with a few clicks to increase click-through rates, sales and conversions on your website!

Early Bird Bonus #9: Premium FB Graphics 2.0

Premium FB Graphics 2.0

Turn your Facebook pages into professional marketing powerhouses with this amazing brand new graphics package!

Early Bird Bonus #10: FB Timeline Express Software

FB Timeline Express Software

This software allows you to create Facebook timeline images in 60 seconds! Just download the software and you'll be shooting out professional timeline images in immediately...

Early Bird Bonus #11: FB Legal Doc Creator

FB App Legal Doc Creator creates privacy & terms documents
that comply with latest Facebook Apps requirements

FB Legal Doc Creator

No matter what you do on Facebook, you need to have legal documents on every page you run traffic to (otherwise, your account runs the risk of getting shut down permanently). This software generates documents automatically for you to be 100% compliant with Facebook's Terms of Service!

Early Bird Bonus #12: High Ticket Authority

How would you like to make $997 to $20,000 sales from each customer?

High Ticket Authority

Are you tired of making measly $7, $10 and $20 sales? You drive so much traffic only to make such a small amount. Sure, it's great for lead generation but then you also need high ticket sales on the backend to maximize revenue. How would you like to make $997 to $20,000 sales from each customer? Think about it… If you make just 5 sales of $4,997 a month, that’s $24,985! Let’s be a bit more conservative — at $497 a pop with only 5 customers, that’s $2,485. That’s the power of selling high ticket products!

Early Bird Bonus #13: Video Clipper Software

Easily Clip your Video to any Corner of your Page by Serving as a Smart Widget

Video Clipper

Video Clipper Software allows you to easily clip your video to any corner of your page by serving as a smart widget. Basically, the video will be playing and “follow” the visitor wherever he or she scrolls on any given page… Visitors will continue to be able to see the video and no longer only hear it, increasing responsiveness and engagement in ways you would never imagine would be possible!

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