Digital Product Millionaire Reveals Exactly what He Would Do if He Lost Everything and Had To Start His Online Business Again From Scratch

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Inside you'll Learn How to Take the Knowledge in Your Head (or any expert that you know) and Turn it into A Digital Instruction Manual that Can Be Sold Online.


PART 1: How To Guarantee Success Before You Do Any Work.

How Normal People Create Digital Product Businesses That Work.
You'll Learn the Secret Daily Habits and Mindset Tweaks that have helped Thousands of Normal People create Digital Product Based Businesses and Leave the Daily Grind of having a 9-5 Job.

Hungry Buyer Finder Secret #1
You'll learn about a very special website that we use to create some of the most profitable products out there. This one secret is a goldmine and special if you've ever felt stuck trying to decide on what to sell.

Hungry Buyer Finder Secret #2
Believe it or not, you've got a power income stream running a business in your town right now. We'll show you exactly how to leverage that and turn it into a profitable digital product.

Hungry Buyer Finder Secret #3
What if there was a way to guarantee that a large group of people purchased your digital product? And... What if you could help out your favorite local cause in the process? (this secret makes it a reality).

The "One Question Recycler" Technique
You'll Learn how you can create one product and turn it into multiple income streams with about 5 minutes of extra work.

The Buyer Cage Questions
4 of the Most Important Questions that you can answer about the potential buyer if you digital product. Once you've answered these you'll be able to create a product that will be impossible for your target customer to ignore.

PART 2: How Create a Digital Instruction Manual That Sells

The First Time Writer Fear Busting Technique
Most people out there think of writing is something that they hated back in Junior High. In this section you'll learn why you are perfectly suited to write a digital book (even if you hate writing) and how it ends up being a lot of fun.

The "Write it in 5 Days" Formula
You'll see exactly how to write, edit, and format your digital ebook in just 5 days. This formula will change the way that you add value to the world and the way you make income forever.

How to Design the Perfect Book Cover
You'll master how to make a great looking cover for your ebook in about 20 minutes using our Pre-Done Templates.

How to Make More With Income Multipliers
Why just settle on making money with your book when you can embed some power money makers right inside of your digital book. You'll make income multiple times just by adding these simple things to your book.

PART 3: Setting Up Your Digital Product To Sell (our million dollar setup revealed)

How to Write Your Sales Copy in 30 Minutes
You want people to really understand why your digital book will solve their problems... but maybe you aren't great at writing persuasively. This section will show you why that doesn't matter and how to sell online using a very simple tool.

How to Setup a Sales Page For Your Product
You'll see the exact way that we setup webpages that sell our digital products like crazy. Once you see how easy it is, you'll be able to set you own sales website up in under and hour.

How to Take Money for Your Product
Taking payments online isn't easy unless you've got a guide. We've processed millions of dollars in sales online and will show you exactly how to do it. NOTE: You don't have to be a Geek to Do this.

How to Instantly Deliver Your Product to Customers Online
We're not leaving anything out. We'll show you exactly how to deliver your product to your buyers right after they purchase from you.

How to Put all of Your Buyers on an Email List
One of the secrets to building a real business online is to set yourself up to sell your new products to people who bought your last product. This all happens with email. We'll Show you How.

PART 4: How to Get in Front of a Ton of Buyers. (even when you don't have a ton of money to spend)

Buyer Traffic without Ads
You'll learn exactly how to sell your product without having to spend a dime on ads. Our "Buyer Magnets" are the secret behind why anyone can make their first $1000 selling their digital product.

Buyer Magnet #1: The Devil You Know Method
Buyer Magnet #2: The Online Ghost Writer Method
Buyer Magnet #3: The Facebook Group Chip Shot Method
Buyer Magnet #4: The Instagram Royalty Method
Buyer Magnet #5: The Fund Raiser Power Play
Buyer Magnet #6: The Network Rebrand

"Your First $1000 Dollars Online" PROGRAM INSTRUCTOR

Ben Adkins has created over 100 Digital Products in Various Niche. He has mastered the art of creating Simple to Create and Consume Digital Products and has made Millions of Dollars Online Selling Them.

Inside of the Mastery Course You'll Learn his Exact Method to Putting Together a Digital Product from Scratch and how to Make Your First $1000 Online from Selling that Product.


The VIP Experience Package Includes:

Access to the VIP Experience Session with Ben Adkins
On this special call you'll get a behind the scenes look at how Fearless Social CEO, Ben Adkins, scaled his first $1000 dollars in Online Sales (from selling a $7 product) into a multi-million dollar per year business.

Professionally Prepared Notes of Both Session
Super Busy with your Existing Business? Skip the Calls and Watching the Replays and Just Take Advantage of our Professionally written notes.

The "Best Purchase Ever" Email Sequence
The Secret to Building a Business with Your Digital Products is in the Followup. You'll Learn about how we Help Customer Understand that they made the right decision buying from us (and how this leads to future sales).

The "Freebie First Sales Machine" Explained
You'll Learn the Secrets Behind Getting Email Addresses from Your Target Audience and Turning those Email Addresses into a Full time Income.

Adding Money with Upsells (full walkthrough)
Once you start making sales, you'll want to make sure you can add opportunities for your customers to buy more from you. We'll show you exactly how we do it (it's easy once you make the first sale).

How to Sell Digital Products with Facebook Ads
When you're ready to start hitting a mass market (after you've made 5-10k without ads) you'll want to start using Facebook Ads. We'll show you the right way to sell digital products with Facebook Ads.

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Early Bird Bonus #4: The Evil Copy Magician

This is the full “paint by numbers” sales copy system that you can use to quickly create sales copy to sell what you create using the “$10 Time Bomb Course”.

Early Bird Bonus #5: Fearless Branding

A Full Walkthrough of how the World’s Top Online Marketers create highly recognizable brands that help their products go viral.

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