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Dear Struggling Online Marketer…

How are things going in your online business?

Are you making the kind of money you want?

Or are you struggling?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that are working a lot of hours and trying all sorts of methods but just not getting the results that they want.

We Know How You Feel Because…
We’ve Been There Too…

It’s no fun spinning your wheels and struggling to get things going.

Especially when you’re buying a bunch of courses, trying hard, and chasing money.

If this sounds like you, we've found that there’s one thing in your online business that you rarely have enough of that will pretty much fix everything…

The answer is MORE TRAFFIC.

And not just any traffic.

Traffic that converts and actually makes you money…

Just like you, we all had traffic problem too, and we tried just about everything under the sun to get traffic flowing fast…

Paid traffic…

Free traffic…

You name it…

As you probably already know, paid traffic can quickly cost you a small fortune…

And free traffic usually isn’t so free…

… your time has a value and if you’re spending hours on end to get traffic flowing, it’s probably not worth it in most cases…

...especially since most “free” traffic is based on loopholes that eventually peeter out pretty quickly if you’re not continually putting work into it.

That’s pretty FAR from the “Internet Lifestyle” that most dream about...

A few months back, we all got together to talk about how we could get traffic flowing without spending a ton of money on paid traffic and without investing countless hours of our time creating backlinks, writing articles, and doing all that “normal” traffic-generation stuff…

We went into a brainstorming sessions and took turns sharing ideas for getting more traffic without breaking the bank…

Around we went…

Pretty much nothing new came to the surface…

Then Alex said..

“I’ve been doing something pretty unique with simple little videos to get really solid traffic that converts well…”

We Know How You Feel Because…
We’ve Been There Too…

His First Time Doing This, He Ranked my Video on the 1st Page of Google in 3 minutes!

Although this method works really well for getting traffic and making sales, there’s a BIG problem.

It takes FOREVER to do all of this.

Finding low competition keywords that meet the parameters above can take HOURS if you’re doing it manually...

As we were about to write this method off as another FREE traffic method that takes too much work, I had an idea and blurted it out loud…

“What If We Created A Software That Did All The Heavy Lifting With This PROVEN Traffic Method?”

Everyone went silent…

Luckily, Alex is an expert in the world of software creation…

He said…

“Yeah, it could be done…”

So, we got to work…

The goal was to take something that works well but takes countless hours and make it as simple as a few clicks of the mouse…


Traffic Xtractor

Inside The Video Training,
You’ll Discover...

  • How to get the best results possible from the software in a matter of minutes, even if you’re a total newbie and have ZERO “tech” skills

  • How to start making money as quickly as possible by using this very simple trick… Do this right and you’ll see traffic and even start making money within HOURS

  • How to quickly get to $100+ per day and then scale things up to a job-destroying SIX FIGURE online income with a few short weeks

  • The simple trick to automating almost all of this and working just a few minutes per day… In fact, we’ll show you how to make more by working less

  • Worried about making videos? Don’t be… We’ll show you a very simple way to make videos that convert like crazy in just minutes… (You don’t even have to show yourself on the videos if you don’t want to)

  • The simple trick we use to put our videos on steroids… Although finding low to ZERO competition keywords with the Traffic Xtractor puts you several steps ahead of the competition, when you do this one thing, you’ll get even MORE traffic… (Almost everyone gets this wrong)

Here's a Live Demo of the Traffic Xtractor Software:

Special Early Bird Bonuses!

When You Purchase Traffic Xtractor, You Also Get
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Early Bird Bonus #1: White Label Rights
Consulting In Minutes

  • Includes All Of The Sales Material To Sell Consulting In Minutes (PSD, HTML)
  • Includes Sales Video's To Help You Sell Consulting In Minutes
  • Promote Consulting In Minutes As Your Own Making 100% Of The Profits
  • Own The Documents To Use As Your Own And Sell
  • And Much Much More...

Early Bird Bonus #2:
Giveaway Rights to 3000 Leads In 30 Days

Use this as your own or Give it Away and Generate Leads

  • Use this product as a bonus on your bonus pages
  • Includes PSD Ecover, Graphics In PSD & A Word Document You Can Customize
  • Rebrand The Product, Rename It Or Keep My Name On There
  • Use The Guide To Generate Leads And Use The Ideas I Shared In The Video To Make Money

Early Bird Bonus #3:
PLR Brandable Software - Video Testimonial Ninja

Use this as your own or Give it Away and Generate Leads

(For Windows)
We all know that Video Testimonials are very powerful things but there's a big problem with them.

Not everyone who browses the web is at home or in an environment where they can play a video and/or have the volume switched up.

This can result in a key part of your sales message going unseen and unheard.

Video Testimonial Ninja is an easy to use piece of Software that will run on any PC with Windows XP or better.

It enables you to turn your ordinary video testimonial into a video with a quotation overlay. This means that if someone doesn't have sound or is browsing from their workplace and can't play a video they still get to see the most important part of the testimonial even if they never click the play button.

Early Bird Bonus #4:
PLR Brandable Software - Exit Pop Creator

This simple tool creates an exit catch that you can use
and set where you want redirect your leaving visitors

(For Windows)

This simple tool creates an exit catch that you can use on any site in a matter of minutes.

Simply tell it where you want to redirect your leaving visitors, push a button and out pops the necessary code ready to paste straight into your own web pages.

Early Bird Bonus #5:
PLR Brandable Software - EZ Image Converter

Simplest and Quickest way to convert images to and from a wide range of graphic formats

(For Windows)

Next time you need to convert a BMP to a JPG or change a Jpeg image into a PNG... rather than waste time loading the image into Photoshop and resaving as a new format, simply drag and drop the image onto EZ Image Converter!

It's the quickest way to convert images to and from a wide range of graphic formats. It's one of those tools you will wonder how you ever managed without!

Early Bird Bonus #6:
PLR Brandable Software - Sales Page Creator

A push button system that pops out smoking hot sales letters at the click of a mouse

Do you struggle when it comes to writing sales pages? You're not alone. Which is why we created this fill in the blanks, push button system that pops out smoking hot sales letters at the click of a mouse.

Simply answer the questions about your product, push a button and you get ready to use sales copy to either use "as-is" or use as a starting point to kick start your next sales campaign.

Early Bird Bonus #7: Affiliate Advantage Plugin

The Affiliate Advantage is a simple but powerful WordPress plugin that helps make sure you get the commissions you deserve and not only the ones where the reader clicks the right link.

  • This plugin sets your affiliate tracking cookie for the product they are reading
  • You don’t have to have obvious affiliate links in your post
  • You can set cookies for multiple products in one post
  • Easy to configure and no short codes needed!
  • Links easily edited or removed.

Early Bird Bonus #8: Giant Plugin Biz

Get your Hands on a Unique Set of 10 High Quality WordPress Plugins

- SEO Stone - gives you true insights on your website traffic efforts by shwoing you the number of indexed pages on Google, your Alexa and Google Page rank and social results.

- WP Viral Video Box - allows you to Brand Audio and Video players with your logo, content and add time-stamp call outs. You can create unlimited players and publish using a simple shortcode.

- WP Advert - will add an Eye Catching Bar to catch the attention of your visitors.

- WP Blog Book - creates an professional e-book of your entire WordPress blog. You can also use the word spinner to create new content.

- WP Flash Pages - creates blazingly Fast Marketing Pages.

- WP Link Tweet - allows you to shortlink words or sentences through shortcode to tweet any text you wish.

- WP Pop Box - Creates email opt-in survey questionnaire pages in your WordPress blog for list building.

- WP Scarcity Lock - creates professional direct response viral ebook pages that force your web traffic to tweet your ebook, offer or sign up to mailing list. If they do not sign up or tweet your ebook they will be cookied and forced to pay through a payment link.

- WP Shortcode CTA - creates call-to-action button shortcodes to show offers, coupons and collect email leads.

- WP Squeeze Question - Creates email opt-in survey questionnaire pages in your WordPress blog for list building.

Early Bird Bonus #9: Sales Page Writing Software

Sales Page Machine is a user-friendly copywriting Software that will generate premium sales copy for you in just a few hours.

  • Create Unlimited Profit Pulling Sales Pages For Every Product
  • Save Thousands Of Dollars Of Your Hard-Earned Money
  • The Ability To Create Completely Formatted And Optimized Sales Web Pages
  • Your Website Is Instantly Ready For The Search Engines
  • Increase Mailing List Subscribers
  • Increase Online Profits

Early Bird Bonus #10: Squeeze Page Creator Software

This easy to use software creates Squeeze page, video squeeze page and download page within a few seconds

  • You can set the headline to be shown at the top of your squeeze page
  • You can enter the text for your squeeze page
  • You can optionally turn the text into bullet points automatically, to emphasize the benefits of subscribing
  • You can include an image or photo of any gift you are offering
  • You can paste your signup form from your autoresponder with a single click

Early Bird Bonus #11: True Tags Software

Video marketing has been proven to be one of the best marketing media that you can use to drive traffic to your website or even make sales from the product offers you market.

Well, there are many video sharing sites on the internet and one of these that really stands from the crowd is called YouTube. Indeed, YouTube is now considered as the third largest search engine in which people used to stay longer compared to other websites.

So, how are you going to stand from your competition and dominate the market? Inside this product is a tool that will be a huge help for you to rank your videos over your competitors and shows your videos on other search terms over YouTube.

Early Bird Bonus #12: Video Ad Pop Up Plugin

Video Ad POPUP is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to EASILY add targeted ads (overlay) on videos displayed on your site.

Early Bird Bonus #13: WP iAsk

Instantly Create Surveys That Will Give You Important Information About Your Visitors!

Effortlessly Create Insightful And Engaging Surveys, Gather Critical Data Such As Statistics And Answers From Your Visitors…All In One Place.
Brand New, Powerful WordPress Plugin Now Allows You To Get Insight As To What Your Visitors Are Thinking, So That You Can Make Better And More Informed Decisions…For MORE Profits.

In this new digital era that we are living, having information is key to success. Apparently, I am not the only one thinking like this… Have a look at the big boys such as influential bloggers or even corporations and you'll realize that they are constantly running surveys for their products or services.

They know that information IS power, and it allows them to make more informed decisions to dramatically increase profits. What If You Could Get Inside The Brain Of Your Visitors? How Do You Think This Will Affect Your Online Business?
WP iAsk is a fantastic and useful WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and effortlessly incorporate surveys into your WordPress website.
It’s fast, easy-to-use and extremely powerful! With WP iAsk you can create engaging surveys with different types of questions and easily control how it appears in the page. But that’s not all…

Perhaps the BEST thing about this plugin is that you’ll have the ability to gather important results and statistics of the answers supplied by your visitors…and you’ll make better decisions based on that data!

Early Bird Bonus #14: WP Pop Box

Simply Fast PopUps With This Amazing WordPress Plugin! Create all types of pop ups for your blog and create a featured popup!

We always heard this phrase many successful internet entrepreneurs that, 'The money is in the list'.

Instead of trying to build your own system that will give you a high risk of failure, why not just follow what successful marketers do?
The principle of building an email list is very simple but the if you put it into action, you seem think that it's not that easy as you think.
You need many factors to make your website traffic to get into your mailing list and one of the effective ways to capture their attention is using a Popup Box.

Early Bird Bonus #15: WP Sales Bar Plugin

This WordPress plugin gives you an eyeball-grabbing notification toolbar that will boost your conversions.

We all know how important traffic for our website but if that traffic don’t convert, gathering those traffic is just a waste of time and effort.

The good thing is that, there is an amazing WordPress Plugin that will convert your visitors into buyers.

Introducing, the WP Sales Bar Plugin. What this awesome tool does is that, it grabs the attention of your visitors that they will take immediate action to click on your offer.

Early Bird Bonus #16: WP Shortcode CTA

Create Amazing Call To Action Buttons With This Easy To Use WordPress Plugin!

We always say that website traffic is the blood of a website. But what if traffic won't convert?

Well, here is what this amazing tool will help you increase your conversion rate called WP Shortcode CTA Plugin.

This plugin creates amazing call-to-action button shortcodes to show offers, coupons and even collect email leads!

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Special OTO Bonus #1: WP Video Optin

Create beautiful animated video optin pages in minutes

Create Unlimited Beautiful Video Pages

You can create as many video landing pages that you want because they do not interfere with your existing blog posts, and can be used on on blog to make unlimited stunning video optin pages.

Customize Your Page to Your Needs

Use the simple options panel to customize everything about your optin page. Change the background from a variety of textures, button colors, bullet list icons, typography and much more.

Add Your Video to The Background

This amazing effect will increase your conversions and makes it possible to be really creative. Add a sample of a much longer video for sign up, add silent video background – be creative!

Special OTO Bonus #2: Keyword Swarm WP Plugin

This Keyword Swarm is a Plugin for WordPress and comes with Exciting Features that will give you Demographic Data about your Site Visitors

  • Uncover meaningful traffic patterns in seconds
  • Monitor actions, events and even mouse moves!
  • Track referrers, search engines, social networks
  • Record email campaigns, conversions, downloads
  • Separate new visitors from returning customers
  • See a world map of your traffic in real time
  • Detect users browsers and operating systems
  • Works with all ecommerce plugins

Early Bird Special Begins In...

Once You Purchase Traffic Xtractor, Your Bonuses Will Be In Your Members Area, And You Will Also Be Able To Find Them In Your JVzoo Customer Portal Listed As "Sam Bakker Bonus". If you don't see this then please submit a ticket to with your receipt and we will get your bonuses to you right away!