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After Installing TrafficZion to our test Website.
Once we turned the TrafficZion Software on, we started seeing immediate results in that same hour. 
Generating Leads , Follows and Engagement
Once we turned the TrafficZion Software on, we started seeing immediate results in that same hour. 
Generating An Income Through Free Traffic
Free Traffic, means,   getting paid for your traffic.  If you are properly monetizing your blog or website. When your traffic visits your websites, you can monetize them for an extra income source.  Easily and effortlessly.   Keep bringing the free traffic back to your website using the TrafficZion Software.
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Just an hour using our software...
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4th  day using the software...
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Results after 1 Week of using TrafficZion
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after one month of using TrafficZion, we saw an increase in revenue for the month
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Early Bird Bonus #1: White Label Rights - Consulting In Minutes 
  • Includes All Of The Sales Material To Sell Consulting In Minutes (PSD, HTML)
  • Includes Sales Video's To Help You Sell Consulting In Minutes
  • Promote Consulting In Minutes As Your Own Making 100% Of The Profit
  • Own The Documents To Use As Your Own And Sell
  • And Much Much More...
Early Bird Bonus #2: White Label Rights - Social Post Manager
Finally You Can Legally Suck Leads From Facebook Harnessing The Power Of The Ultimate Social Media Marketing Software You Have Ever Seen! Resell access to Social Post Manager for 100% profits!
Early Bird Bonus #3: Resell Rights - Lasting Lead System 
A system to help you charge upwards of $99 per month, per client starting today!
Early Bird Bonus #4: WPStickyBars WordPress Plugin 
Create Scarcity Sticky Bars (Fixed Date or Cookie Based) with just some clicks. Works with WP Pages or Posts!
Maybe you already have heard the idea of SCARCITY MARKETING. If not, you maybe already visited a website that has a countdown numbers on their page just to raise your urge to the buy their services or their products.

Well, that's very effective to convert your page very well if you sell something online. The good news is that, you can also use it for your own project using this amazing tool called WP Sticky Bars.

This WordPress plugin is so powerful that the scarcity feature of this plugin is located above the header and that if you scroll down it will stick above the page.
Early Bird Bonus #5: Turbo S3 Expire Pro 
The easiest, most effective, and highly RELIABLE way of protecting your links by expiring them!
Instantly Protect Your Amazon(tm) Links In Just A Few Click!

If You’re Taking Advantage of Amazon S3 Links For Your Digital Products, You’re At Risk And You Don’t Even Know it!

Are you using Amazon S3 to handle your digital goodies?

What steps are you taking to avoid those links being used over and over again, taking full advantage of your product?

Do you have the technical knowledge to make the best use of Amazon?
Early Bird Bonus #6: Content Auditor WordPress Plugin 
Bloggers in search of a better way to manage your site - Effortless Data Exports Make it Easy to Manage and Promote Your Top Posts & Pages!
This brand new WordPress plugin has one simple job: to export a list of posts and pages so you can find (and use) exactly what you're looking for, without wasting time scrolling through endless lists in your dashboard.

But don't be fooled by the simplicity of this plugin. It's a powerful tool you can use to:
  • Sort all your content by category--useful when creating a training course or writing a book.
  • Find your most popular content--which posts generated the most shares on Facebook or Google+? You'll know in an instant.
  • Discover under used keywords--include Yoast SEO data in your export and know at a glance which keywords you write about most (or least).
    Analyze author results--does one of your bloggers consistently have better results? Now you'll know.
  • Identify posts for better SEO--sort your export by Yoast's content score and instantly create a list of content to target with an SEO campaign.
  • Develop a solid posting schedule--take a good look at your publishing history by date to identify areas for improvement.
  • Promote your best content consistently--add your most popular content to Meet Edgar to drive more traffic.
Early Bird Bonus #7: Turbo Spy Tracker Software 
Turbo SPY Tracker Software is used to track your traffic, and stop playing guessing games with your Internet business!
Here are just some ideas of how you can use this script to unleash the cash flow into your internet business:
  • To track multiple offers at the same time, no need to waste time hopping from stats area to stats area. it'll all be under one roof.
  • To test different versions of the same offer at the same time and you can set up different versions of the same page on your domain and see where the traffic is coming from, then get true results based on science, not ignorance.
  • To track your PPC spending from one location and simply plug in your cost per click, and you can figure out how much you're pending, avoiding wasted marketing budgets.
  • In membership sites, is to isolate what hot buttons are driving your market, so you can custom tailor your membership. Once you know who's looking at your site and who's referring traffic to your site, you can start to gain an advanced understanding of your market which is invaluable.
  • INTERESTING IDEA: You could use this script to track individual pages’ performance and traffic automatically.
Early Bird Bonus #8: Opt-In Engage Plugin 
An Optin / Squeeze Page plugin for lazy people.
Setup your landing page in less than 2 minutes.

Compatible with any Newsletter Systems out there.

Optin Engage is compatible with all the newsletter systems out there, notable mentions, such as Mailchimp, Aweber, GetReponse, Mailerelite, and any third-parties.

All you have to do is paste the newsletter / autoresponder code within the text box within the plugin, and we’ll make sure we transform that form, into the one that fits perfectly into our system.

Optin Engage works with as many fields as you want, it automatically detects all the fields and imports them.
Early Bird Bonus #9: Keyword To Tooltip Plugin 
Keyword to Tooltip Plugin is the best solution to easily attach a brief description to technical terms in seconds.
  • WordPress Multi Site Support
  • Easily control all your tooltips from ONE place!
  • Intuitive Administration System
  • Was part of the Envato WordPress Business Builder Pack
  • 24/7 Support via email
Work Faster & Easier with the new settings page

Keyword To Tooltip also has a lot of settings you can make use of, easily WORK BETTER, in less time ! Our settings panel allows you to SAVE a lot of time, doing everything automatically for you.
  • keyword-to-tooltip-settings-1
  • keyword-to-tooltip-settings-2
  • keyword-to-tooltip-settings-3
  • keyword-to-tooltip-settings-4
Early Bird Bonus #10: WP Conversion Tracker Plugin
This WordPress plugin is used to create links and tracks your conversions!
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Special OTO Bonus #1:  Sales Page Recycler WordPress Plugin
Sales Page Recycler is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to use a sales page for different sales funnels, with duplicating the page over and over.
Duplicate Your Page Over and Over with The Sales Page Recycler WordPress Plugin.

This is a WordPress plugin called Sales Page Recycler that allows you to use a sales page for different sales funnels, with duplicating the page over and over.

Great for anyone who is wanting to save there time and hassle in creating a new page.
Special OTO Bonus #2: WP Geo Shutdown Plugin 
WP Geo Shutdown is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to automatically " shutdown " your WordPress Site!
WordPress eat your webhosting resource like crazy. Heavy WP Themes, lots of plugins, JQuery Libraries and MySQL Queries. Everything contributes to make things worse.

Even if you're using plugins to cache your WordPress sites, you need to know that, not every resources can be cached and you're still consuming resources when you are serving those pages.

If you're using a shared hosting account, you can get your account hacked or terminated at anytime if your WordPress sites consumes lot of memory and CPU Resources.
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