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Checkout Maximser Plugin
A Simple, Effective Tool That Will Unlock More Profits And  More Sales Today...
And It Will Only Take You Just  A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!
WP Checkout Maximizer is the definitive WP plugin that will help you by increasing your conversion sales, enhance your buyer's experience and also to drive social viral traffic to your blogs...in just a few easy steps.

The plugin basically consists of some powerful effective features that makes it unique - and trust me, there's nothing like this out there!
Early Bird Bonus #2: White Label Rights
to Profit Page Creator 
Instantly Create Money-Making Pages that are SEO Friendly
and will bring profits day after day with little content!
Early Bird Bonus #3:  White Label Rights
to WP Tube Maximixer
Early Bird Bonus #4:  White Label Rights to WP iAsk Plugin
Effortlessly Create Insightful and Engaging Surveys, Gather Critical
Data Such as Statistics and Answer from your Visitors
WP iAsk is a fantastic and useful WordPress plugin that allows you to quickly and effortlessly incorporate surveys into your WordPress website.

It’s fast, easy-to-use and extremely powerful!

With WP iAsk you can create engaging surveys with different types of questions and easily control how it appears in the page.

But that’s not all…

Perhaps the BEST thing about this plugin is that you’ll have the ability to gather important results and statistics of the answers supplied by your visitors…and you’ll make better decisions based on that data!
Early Bird Bonus #5:  Affiliate Advantage Plugin
A simple but powerful WordPress plugin that helps make sure you get the commissions you deserve and not only the ones where the reader clicks the right link
  • This plugin sets your affiliate tracking cookie for the product they are reading about when they read your post. This means if they don’t click your affiliate link and go direct to the product site -you still get the commission.
  • You don’t have to have obvious affiliate links in your post. People are more trusting of plain links, and that is exactly what they’ll be clicking on – because the plugin has made sure they are cookied for you.
  • You can set cookies for multiple products in one post. This means if you write a review that compares three products, they click on your affiliate link for one but are then put off by the price, if they then go back to Google and search and go directly to one of the other products you compared… you still get paid!
  • Easy to configure and no short codes needed! This means there is nothing to remember and nothing to go wrong. Just go to the settings menu, enter your affiliate link and select the post from a drop down menu.
  • Links easily edited or removed. If an affiliate program changes you will only have to change the link one time in the admin screen no matter how many times the link appeared in the original post.
Early Bird Bonus #6: Giant Plugin Biz 
10 Top Wordpress Plugins With  Master Resell Rights, Plus Website
And Graphics To Resell As A Bundle!
Early Bird Bonus #7:  Sales Page Writing Software 
Produce a fully written Sales Page with your own Name and Product Name
A lot of marketers struggle with writing salespage copy or just don’t know where to begin. With the Salespage Writer Software, users can instantly create a FULL salespage for their products and services with 1-click!
The Salespage Selections Include:
  • Alcohol Treatment
  • Alternative Energy-Fuel
  • Apps Development
  • BasketBall Skills
  • Budget Tips For Students
  • Building Profitable Coaching
  • and a lot more! . . .
Early Bird Bonus #8:  Squeeze Page Creator
Easy to use software creates Squeeze page, video squeeze page
and download page within a few seconds
  • You can set the headline to be shown at the top of your squeeze page
  • You can enter the text for your squeeze page
  • You can optionally turn the text into bullet points automatically, to emphasize the benefits of subscribing
  • You can include an image or photo of any gift you are offering
  • You can paste your signup form from your autoresponder with a single click
  • You can enter a privacy note to assure visitors that their details are safe
  • and a lot more...
Early Bird Bonus #9:  True Tags Software
Early Bird Bonus #10:  Video Ad Pop Up Plugin
A Wordpress Plugin that allows you to EASILY add custom ads
(overlay) on videos displayed on your site.
Early Bird Bonus #11:  WP Pop Box
Quick Pop Ups Forms In A Flash
Early Bird Bonus #12:  WP Sales Bar Plugin
Responsive High-CTR Notification Toolbar for Wordpress
This Wordpress plugin gives you an eyeball-grabbing notification toolbar that will boost your conversions! 

We all know how important traffic for our website but if that traffic don't convert, gathering those traffic is just a waste of time and effort.

The good thing is that, there is an amazing WordPress Plugin that will convert your visitors into buyers.

Introducing, the WP Sales Bar Plugin. What this awesome tool does is that, it grabs the attention of your visitors that they will take immediate action to click on your offer.
Early Bird Bonus #13:  WP Shortcode CTA
Create Amazing Call To Action Buttons
Create Amazing Call To Action Buttons With This Easy To Use Wordpress Plugin! 

We always say that website traffic is the blood of a website. But what if traffic won't convert?

Well, here is what this amazing tool will help you increase your conversion rate called WP Shortcode CTA Plugin.

This plugin creates amazing call-to-action button shortcodes to show offers, coupons and even collect email leads!
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