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Creating Amazing High Quality Video
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Stop slaving over your videos, wrestling with expensive tools, paying for monthly templates memberships or hiring freelancers to help you out.

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Create Videos From a Single Keyword

Just drop in a keyword you want to get traffic for, and VidCuratorFX will automatically create a themed slideshow-type video based around that keyword! It will automatically find images and video clips online for you and curate those images and video clips into your video!

Automatically Create 100s of Videos with 1-Click

Choose 1 or 100 videos to create, at the push of a button. Video Curator Pro creates endless variations of your video, with spun titles and descriptions, to dominate all kinds of keywords in YouTube and Google!

Add Transitions, Image Filters and effects

Make your videos compelling and more engaging by applying in-built effects and transitions are applied seamlessly.

Add Intro & Outro Slides

Put your branding to work in every video by setting up custom intros and outros for every video you create. Gets you that high-end production glitz that you see in big-budget videos.

Fully Customize the Videos

Add Intro & Outro Slides, Transitions, Image Filters and effects and truly make your videos grab people by the eyeballs!

Add Your own music, record voice over or choose from our library of music

To give your videos the professional shine they deserve, and keep people engaged from start to finish!

Automatically Upload to YouTube & Vimeo

No need to download and store huge videos on your PC, and manually upload them later. Now you can upload straight to the major video sharing websites right from your dashboard

Spin Title & Description When Upload multiple videos

Totally dominate any niche with automatically spun titles and descriptions for each video uploaded. Makes each video unique in the eyes of the search engines.

Fully automatic, 100% Control

Just set it up and it will churn out videos one after another without you having to monitor or stare at progress bars. Plus you can change absolutely anything you want at any point of time.

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With VidCuratorFX, you finally have the power to create traffic-getting videos, to keep up with the noisy competition, win trust, rake in traffic from the major video sharing websites.

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  • No more complicated and costly video editing software
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Create endless “push button” videos, and enjoy free traffic for life from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and your own SEO ranked video pages.

Stop wasting time or money creating fancy videos from scratch.

Point and click your way to mass video production, without the steep learning curves or overpriced video software

Curate images and video clips from online and automatically create videos using them.

Just enter a keyword...
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… and whether to create a single video or multiple videos all at once...
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... and hit Publish!

Yes, it's that simple!

Here’s how you can tap into endless free traffic with
VidCuratorFX, in just 3 simple steps

  • STEP 1

    Take an existing podcast, or record an audio version of a popular article

  • STEP 2

    Fire up VidCuratorFX and enter a target keyword, drop in your audio, then sit back and watch as it creates a brand new video for you, right before your eyes

  • STEP 3

    Upload the video to YouTube, or anywhere else you like, and watch the traffic flow right in…

Stop Wasting Time On “Creative” Video Tools…

Look, if you’re still wrestling with Adobe After Effects, PowerPoint, or tons of other online animation tools…

… or if you’re spending $25, $50, or even $100 creating a single video…

… then you really deserve a tool like VidCuratorFX.

Because the truth is…

… video creation should not be hard work.

In fact, if you’re spending more than 2 minutes creating a video, you’re already wasting time.

And remember, you don’t need to be “creative…”

With VidCuratorFX, you can finally create attention-grabbing videos at the push of a button, without any creative ability, or any technical skills…

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  • The Go-To Video Marketing Software For Marketers, Consultants & Businesses
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  • SocialNeos is a plugin that creates a shortcode you can place around any content
  • When a user visits a site, they get a 'SocialNeos lock' over that content and have to click to share on FB, Twitter, G+ or linkedIn.....or they have to opt-in via a form
  • This adds them to an email list via the app integration (or optin form) and spreads the link to the content
  • Use it for viral traffic, list building, video locking, content locking, coupons, deals, viral contests, teespring campaigns, amazon campaigns, 'share to download'

Here Are Just Some Of The Amazing Features In SocialNeos

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CurationNeos allows you to turn other people’s red hot content
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You Don’t Have to Create Content To Make a Million Dollars From It!

If a bunch of beer guzzling dudes can create a million-dollar business from curating other people’s content, why can’t you?

Curated content that is combined with original content can rank just as well as original content alone!

That’s why I love curated content.

And now curated content is even easier, with… CurationNeos

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The Effortless Way To Create Professional Sites
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  • Fully Customizable Membership Site
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  • Complete Design Settings
  • Easy To Use WordPress Theme
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Build Responsive Lead Generating Landing Pages That Convert!

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Create Killer Facebook Page Graphics Without Photoshop or Any Skills!

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Create Awesome Captures Pages in Your WordPress Blog

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Optimize your wordpress blogs today for mobile devices with our premium designed plugin. Automatically detect mobile device and display optimized website with your content!

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With this one Plugin you will Enhance the user Engagement
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Increase leads and conversions for your next launch. Create unlimited email countdown optin pages. Works in WordPress and any WordPress theme. Fast and easy setup with customization options.

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Discover a fun way to increase your Social Conversions. Convert qualified traffic with Eye-Grabbing Animated social pop-ups that activate at the bottom of your blog.

Early Bird Bonus #12: Local Business Page

Collect leads to give quotes,answer questions — that’s all built-in! This app will create a business website in one landing page.

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Create coupons you can print to give to offline customers with a QR code to share the coupon on facebook. Easily allow your clients customer to share the coupons with a easy QR code they can scan and share the coupon in seconds.

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You will literally keep checking SEO STONE as your promote your blog so see the changes... Watch your SEO statistics grow with one simple plugin!

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Automate An Often Overlooked Skype Marketing Task,
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Are You Updating Your Skype Mood Regularly and Taking FULL Advantage of This Built In Feature From a Marketing Perspective?

Maybe you're just getting started with Skype Marketing, or maybe you haven't even heard of it yet. Perhaps you're an email marketer fealing the pains of SPAM filters, ISP blocks, Gmail 'tabs', etc.

No matter the case, I'm here to tell you that Skype is the NEXT frontier in direct marketing, and you'll want to use it to your FULL advantage now, ahead of the masses.

Did you know that you can update your Skype status, just like you do on Facebook or Twitter? On Skype, this is known as your 'mood'.

Here you can tell people what you're up to... What you're working on...Where you are... Your favorite quote... Etc...

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Enrich Your Clickbank Profits With This Fast Skinny Profit Pack!

Building a profitable affiliate niche site is indeed a time-consuming task and sometimes it is a very hassle to setup that starts with the preparation of its content and other kinds of stuff.

But if you are eager to make money online finding those necessary ingredients should be one of your passion for making a lot of money online.

Would it be good that there would be a product package that have all the necessities to build a profitable niche website? Well, that's what is inside this product package.

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Conversion and Sales Authority contains over 12 video modules of all my best copywriting techniques and strategies used in 6 and 7 figure sales letters.

You can drive all the traffic you want and have the best products in the world, but if you don’t know how to write the copy and make it convert from the signups to the close, you’ll never have success.

After going through this, you'll know exactly How to Write A+ Copy That Converts as well as How to Structure your Content and Videos to Get Massive Shares!

  • How to position your product and brand like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Tony Robbins and other gurus do to be able to charge 10x more, even if you’re brand new to your niche!
  • The difference between selling ‘opportunity vs improvement’ and how to use the correct one.
  • My secret 31 step ‘copy & paste’ system to write high converting copy/sales letter each time.
  • What the ‘perfect optin’ page looks like and needs to have to get sky high conversions
  • The best way to structure your sales funnels to maximize EPC, without being too high-pressure & losing trust of your buyers or sounding too ’salesy’
  • A psychological trick to make it seem you already have the answer to your prospects pain, therefore guaranteeing that they buy from you
  • The perfect lead magnet to use today to build a highly responsive list of email subscribers that converts like CRAZY

Special OTO Bonus #2: Azon Halloween Package

Cash In On Amazon & Clickbank With This
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Selling product that is on the trend is a good strategy to apply in the affiliate marketing industry.

And since it's the month of November, Halloween is the biggest event that everybody celebrates.

If you want to make money online, tapping this niche is highly recommended. The thing is that, where are you gonna find it's media to get started? Worry no more as inside this product package the are the things that you need.

Special OTO Bonus #3: Content CrowdSourcer

Create articles, videos, and more with ‘built-in’ traffic.

It takes a lot of time to create a great video or article. But so many times marketers will spend time hours creating in, then when they publish it, no traffic really comes in.

How would you like a step-by-step method to come up with winning ideas for videos or posts that come from crowdsourced content (meaning OTHER people come up with the ideas they want to see and share)

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this new training from me exclusively. Don’t create another video, upload it, and ‘hope’ that it will get shared and people will care about it.

Create articles, videos, and more with ‘built-in’ traffic.

Special OTO Bonus #4: Easy Copywriter Software

Software Gives You Over 1000+ Of The Best Fill-In-The-Blank Swipes You Can Instantly Use For Your Internet Marketing!

Content is KING. The fact is that there are many types of contents you can think of and apply on to. But one still stands out since the early days of internet marketing and that is the copywriting content.

Articles are still effective nowadays in getting the attention of your readers and excite your traffic to what your offer could do to solve their problems.

The thing though is that, if you want to have a high-converting copy and you are not good at writing your own, hiring someone who is an expert might be a good idea but they are not cheap.

The good new is that inside this amazing product is a software that you can use to just fill the blanks with the necessary information that is relevant to your offers. See it inside.

Special OTO Bonus #5: Niche Cloud Blueprint

This Special Training will Dive into How to REALLY
Find untapped Affiliate Niche Opportunities.

If you’re using softwares like Market Samurai, Longtail Pro, doing keyword research, choosing a product based on that… you’re doing it WRONG.

Here’s a more advanced way to find the hottest affiliate opportunities that is backed up in data. You’ll learn how to do sophisticated market research to validate with cold hard data from places like Compete.com, SEMRush, iSpionage, & others (these are free to use for the research we’ll be doing).

Don’t ever feel like you’re ‘hoping’ your affiliate video campaigns will work out again

Special OTO Bonus #6:
Covert Video Squeeze Page Creator

This is an instant video squeeze page creator which has resale rights for use.
Simple install and easy use, which anybody can use.

Introducing The Sneaky Video Squeeze Page Maker!

The money is the in the list. That's what many successful online entrepreneur's are saying.

And if you are not doing it also, you are leaving a lot of money in front of you.

The question is that, how are you going to build a list? Well, the most effective way to do it is by using video squeeze pages.

If you are not a web designer, you might want to hire someone to do it for you and the fact is that, it cost a lot of money.

The good news is that, you can now build an amazing yet high-converting squeeze pages that will generate a lot of subscribers using this amazing software.

Special OTO Bonus #7: Amazing 2D Animation App

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