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You Can Add Share
Icon On Video... 
You Can Select 6 Different Mockups. 
You Can Add Any Call To Action Thumbnail. 
Like On There Sales
Pages Or Blog Pages 
You Can Add Lead Gen
Optin From On Video. 
You Can Even Share Your Video To Your Facebook Page On A Separate Tab. 
Once The Video Is Finish U Can Redirect It To Any Offer U Like, CPA , Affiliates, Amazon Product... 
Once The Finish There Campaign They Can Then Get An Ifram Code And Put It To Any
Where The Like... 
Add Calls To Action For Examples (Click Here To Avila This Discount Or Click , Get This Offer Before Discount Expire, Or Download Your Free Ebook Or Video Training) 
You Can Add Any Banner On Videos This Could Be Your CPA Offer Banner On Amazon Product Banner , U Can Even Link U Banner With U Offer People Click On Banner & Visit The Page. 
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Early Bird Bonus #1 : White Label Rights - EZ Video Trimmer
With One Click You Can Generate Hundreds of Smaller Videos From Your Original Video
Early Bird Bonus #2 : White Label Rights - Bulk Image Editor
Mass Edit, Watermark, Crop And REsize with the click of one button
Early Bird Bonus #3 : Video Skins
Increase Visitors, Leads And Sales With Our New Revolutionary Video
Technology That Within Seconds Helps ANY Video Make More Money!
Early Bird Bonus #4 : White Label Rights - 22 Brand New 
Bora Bora Video Backgrounds
Use these moving background videos to create more engaging green screen videos
  • 22 Creative, High Quality Background Motion Videos of Tahiti's Bora Bora You Can Use In Your Marketing Videos

  • Full Rights To Use Each Of These Videos For Your Own Purposes - Use Them With Your Clients Or In Your Own Business

  • Beautiful Huts, Parks, Beaches and Lagoons to make your videos look like your filming in paradise
Early Bird Bonus #5 : Case study Bonus
We show how ONE Video we put up with the right CTA's generated nearly $12k in Commissions as an Affiliate in only a couple months.
Early Bird Bonus #6 : Cloud Save It Plugin
Cut Down On Support Tickets And Make Downloading Your
Free Reports And Products Easier And More Convenient Than Ever Before!
Cloud Save It Improves Customer Experience And Leaves Your Readers With A Positive Impression Of You And Your Business!

With this one simple WordPress plugin, you can instantly gain credibility and turn readers into raving fans, just by saving them time and making the download process easier.

The idea is simple: Give readers a way to automatically download your product right into their cloud storage solution of choice. No browsing for the right folder. No wondering later where the file was saved. No contacting support later for a replacement.

Just a one-click download to either Dropbox or Google Drive, so she'll know exactly where the file is. Even better, she'll be able to access it from anywhere.
Early Bird Bonus #7 : EZ - Notification Bar Maker
Quickly & Easily Put Notification Bars on Any Webpage!
What is traffic if it will not convert and what is the use of your banners and other media if it will not gain impressions.

If you want to offer something, using a notification bar is a new marketing media that recently converts well.

And creating one is very easy to do using this simple piece of amazing software.
Early Bird Bonus #8 : Action Poll Plugin
Allows You To Easily Segment Your Mailing List and Achieve Better Opt-In
Rates, Increased Conversions, and Higher Profits
  • Full integration with both AWeber and MailChimp so you can quickly connect your new subscriber to exactly the right list and opt-in message.

  • Easy HTML form parsing to connect with any other email service provider--no need to move your lists or learn new software.

  • Fully customizable polls using simple point and click options.

  • Endless color variations to match your theme--or to create eye-catching polls that grab a reader's attention.

  • Easy short-code placement anywhere on any page of your site without worries over broken scripts or search-engine unfriendly iFrames.
  • Eye-catching graphics--your style choices are limited only by your imagination.

  • Customizable call-to-action buttons so you can create the color and size combinations your readers respond to best.

  • Simple installation--no need for FTP or database configuration, just upload it right through your WordPress dashboard.

  • Unlimited polls--create new opt-in offers for every segment of your audience, every blog post, or every product you sell.
Early Bird Bonus #9 : Article Analyzer Software
  • Quickly "test" all your articles prior to publishing them on the web to make sure you don't waste all of your effort!  Relax knowing all of the time spent on each article is likely to pay off!

  • Ensure your keyword density is accurate for easy search engine approval.  Never miss-judge whether an article is going to hit the bullseye, costing you a prized profitable search engine ranking you could've easily had!

  • Quick catch and correct any spelling errors that might exist with built-in spell-checker.  Nothing's worse than working for hours over an article and having an overlooked spelling error limit its success!
  • Get the word count, the number of times a chosen word or phrase occurs throughout the content, and the density percentage.  All of the data to make smart decisions so your articles pay handsomely are here!

  • Save each article in either .txt or HTML format for full flexibility and saved time!  Your content is ready for you to submit to directories, online newswires, or publish on your website!

  • Quickly spot your keywords inside your article with built-in highlighting feature!  This is a huge time saver when you're trying to edit your articles!

  • Plus, more features to save you time and give the information you need to succeed with your content!
Early Bird Bonus #10 : Share Per View Plugin
Here's how Share to View works.

Simply create content as you would, but before you publish it for the world to see, protect some (or even all) with a custom shortcode. Now when visitors land on your page, they will need to "unlock" your content by sharing it on Twitter or Facebook.
  • One-click installation for fast setup. 
  • Set-it-and-forget-it social credentials. 
  • The ability to protect content on both posts and pages for total flexibility. 
  • The option to set default messages for all hidden content. 
  • The ability to create custom messages on a post-by-post basis. 
  • The option to create custom Tweets for each hidden content, as well as different Twitter   handles for each post (perfect for multi-author blogs!) 
  • The familiar WordPress WYSIWYG editor for total control over both your hidden content and   the message your site visitors see. 
  • The choice to protect text, audio, images, video and even download links.  
  • Custom cookie settings, so returning visitors don't have to share again to read the same content.

    Not only that, but this sophisticated plugin works so well, you can:  

  • Hide content on many different pages without effecting the protection of others. 
  • Use it to offer special bonuses or coupon codes to those who share. 
  • Combine with special formatting plugins to create beautiful notifications, coupons and   more. 
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  • No Installation Required.

  • Option To Add Offer Order Buttons Or Text.

  • Automatically Redirects To Expired URL.

  • Requires Upload Access To A Webhost.

  • Can Be Used With Any Website URL.

  • Customizable Bottom Banner Colors & Images.
Special OTO Bonus #2 : WP Simple Lockup Buddy
It is a fact ... every WordPress site online that has not taken preventative measures is in extreme immediate danger! Is your site one of them?

Did you know that right this very second, thousands of WordPress sites world wide are under massive attack, and many are being DESTROYED, at will, leaving many webmasters devastated...

Hacking was a practice that started in the 1960's, blossomed in the 1980's, gained momentum in the New Century and is literally currently a complete epidemic Worldwide and growing DAILY.
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