New, Groundbreaking Whitelabel App, tapping into the red-hot Video Market  

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VideoDeals is my new, groundbreaking Whitelabel app, tapping into the red-hot video market and offering a truly innovative product that your customers will not have seen before, and will love.

VideoDeals creates stunning special offer campaigns with full video integration, including animated backgrounds, timers, redirects, retargeting, wysiwg edting and more.

This is an app people would buy from me as an end-user product so to get it as a full Whitelabel product is a no-brainer deal.

  • Cloud hosted

    Your users will have nothing to download or install, they just log into your installation of the app and they are ready to get started.

  • Video Deal Campaign System

    Use these campaigns to sell special offers, sign people up to your list, enter a contest, comment on a prelaunch contest and more!

  • Fully Automated

    With a powerful “set and forget” deal system, customers simply, set it up with the right options then let Video Deals do the rest.

  • Video Backgrounds

    Boost engagement and branding with fully animated video backgrounds. Embed any video and have it as a background!

  • Retargeting

    Built in functions for including your Facebook (or other) retargeting code in your campaigns.

  • Detailed statistics

    A full statistics dashboard is provided for every campaign so users can see more information about their traffic.

  • Unlimited Campaigns

    VideoDeals is set up so users can create an unlimited number of campaigns, giving your customers maximum flexibility.

  • Mobile Responsive

    With the huge amount of mobile traffic, any deal or campaign you run must be mobile responsive, and VideoDeals handles that perfectly for you automatically.

  • Image Library

    Choose from 100’s of high conversion background images to make sure campaigns look great, or choose a color that you like.

  • Visual Editor

    Enter deal, header and logo content to show exactly what you want with our powerful visual editor. No coding needed, just choose the options you want.

  • Branding System

    CEvery part of every campaign can be customised for color, style, images and more. No two campaigns need look the same.

  • Feature Box Generator

    50+ bullet icons read to go in the “features box” generator. This proven conversion booster can be turned on at will, and the layout will adjust automatically.

  • Automated Countdowns

    Set an expiry date and forget it, the app handles it all. it can redirect campaigns on expiry or simply hide the countdown.

  • Sales And Optin Campaigns

    Use the power of deals to build a list by choosing the “optin” deal campaign. Instead of a buy button, users see an optin form – huge for list building.

  • Autoresponder Integration

    Direct integration with over 14 autoresponder providers means users can take full advantage of VideoDeals listbuilding capabilities.

  • Facebook Comments

    Great for creating testimonials and ‘proof’, the built-in FB comments are perfect for pre-launch campaigns, contests and more.

Once you buy, you get everything you need
to start selling, including a sales page, logos
and a built-in membership system!

You get 3 ready to go logo templates so you can instantly rebrand the product!

Check out these screenshots from inside the app...

Login Page

Dashboard Area

Create Campaigns

Customise Styles and Settings

Manage Users

Training Area

Check out these demo VideoDeals
campaigns to get a feel for the app:

Click Here To Preview
Click Here To Preview
Click Here To Preview
Click Here To Preview

...and here is everything you get
today in your whitelabel purchase

That’s all it takes!

You can sell user accounts for your own installation of VideoDeals for a flat fee, a monthly fee or even a large yearly subscription, it really is up to you.

The best part is, you can start to do that today. You do not need to spend days coming up with the idea, the feature list and the design. You don’t need to spend days searching through all the spammy outsourcer applications to find the 1 person who might....just able to create what you need.

To develop the app alone would cost upwards of $5k. That doesn’t even count one of the biggest things you are spending, and something you can never make back, your time!

It doesn’t matter if you have $100 to your name or $1m, there are still only 24 hours in the day. This whitelabel app lets you make the best use of your 24 hours.

Once you are ready to go, you just provide your users with the secure signup page and everything is automated.

This is as easy as it is ever going to get.

Trying to create this yourself would take a lot of time and money.... To get even close to this, you'd need to follow these steps:

...and after all that, your app may not work, it may not sell and it could be a huge waste of time and effort. Why take the risk?

Special Early Bird Bonuses!

When You Purchase VideoDeals, You Also Get
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New Bonus: Whitelabel Rights to
Video Graphics Editor

100% white label Hangouts and video
graphics software with integrated membership system.

Early Bird Bonus #1: Whitelabel Rights to
Sales Page Editor (Limited to 50)

Presenting: Sales Page Editor White Label, turnkey sales page
graphics software business and membership app

Early Bird Bonus #2: Whitelabel To Social Mobi Videos

Revolutionary New Video Software Creates Amazing Interactive Videos with Live Optin Forms and Buttons for Web, Facebook and Mobile... Nothing To Download Or Install.

A next-generation video app that runs on FB, Web and mobile from one link, using our smart URL technology.

  • Turn plain videos into profit making machines
  • Mobile responsive and Facebook friendly
  • Offline marketing
  • Full Analytics
  • Works with all major Autoresponders
  • Cloud based
  • Custom Skins
  • WordPress Plugin
  • Webinar Integration
  • Splash Images
  • Multiple Templates
  • Fan Page Integration
  • Pop-up Embed
  • Royalty Free Graphics
  • Call to Action Buttons

Social Mobi Videos comes preloaded with Customizable
Templates, Player Skins and Graphics!

Early Bird Bonus #3: Whitelabel To Social Mobi Surveys

Super Powerful Software Creates Lead Generating,
List Building Micro-commitment Surveys In Less Than 5 Minutes

Social Mobi Surveys is our brand new, cloud based survey, lead generation, lead capture and customer feedback app that completely blows every other survey app out of the water.

  • Done for you Survey Templates
  • Powerful Analytics Dashboard
  • Completely customizable
  • Simple Click and Edit features
  • Supports all autoresponders
  • Mobile responsive, FB ready
  • Cloud based app dashboard to create surveys for web, facebook and mobile
  • Built in “Magic URL” system to avoid the problem of FB Page Tabs not working on mobile
  • 20 ready to go survey templates, 10 offline niches and 10 general use templates
  • Built in “business intelligence” system of analytics with graphs, charts and a detailed response breakdown. Fully exportable in Excel.

Take a look at just some of the Templates
that are pre-loaded into this:

And now for one of the the biggest most innovative
features we have ever added to an app...

Play This Video Below to Preview
Audio Survey Playback.

Early Bird Bonus #4: Whitelabel Rights to
InfoBar WP (First 50 Only)

If You Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Run Your Own Software Empire
You’re Going To Love This!

Early Bird Bonus #5: Delayed Widgets Plugin

Add a delay to your widgets before they appear on your WordPress Site!

  • This Plugin allows you to add a delay (in seconds) to your widgets before they appear
  • It can also be used to combat “Ad Blindness” by displaying the widget after a few seconds and brings it to the attention of your visitor
  • This makes it easier to control your page look
  • Imagine having a landing page clutter free, however there is an option to move the widget in slowly one at a time to introduce all features

Early Bird Bonus #6:
Scroll In Order Button Pro Software

At Last! Easily Increase Your Sales With These Scroll In Order Buttons

  • Creates Scroll In Buttons In Just Minutes
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks
  • Software Requires No Installation
  • Option To Change Background Colors
  • Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page
  • Option To Enter Call To Action Text
  • Scroll In Button Hovers Above Active Page
  • Can Be Used With Any Website URL

Early Bird Bonus #7: Cross Sell Slider Pro Software

Easily Boost Your Sales With Cross Sell Slider Pro On Your Websites!

  • Create Cross Sell Sliders In Just Minutes
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks
  • Option To Change Background Colors
  • Works With Any HTML Coded Web Page
  • Cross Sell Slider Hovers Above Page
  • Requires Upload Access To A Webserver
  • Feature Up To 3 Products Per Slider

Early Bird Bonus #8: WP Video Optin Plugin

Create stunning video background email landing pages for your WordPress blogs. This is a way to create truly one-of-a-kind landing pages.

  • Customize your Page to your Needs
  • Add Your Video to the Background
  • Add Any Auto-Responder You Want
  • Create Unlimited Beautiful Video Pages

Early Bird Bonus #9: WP Tube Monetizer

Monetize ANY YouTube video with just some clicks!

Early Bird Bonus #10: Graphics Launch Pad

A Huge Graphics Pack Bundle to Help You Skyrocket your Business to the Top!

Why You Need OTO#1

"Done for you" Installation Service. Priced at $47.

...Now, how would you like to put your feet
up and let us handle all the setup for you?

  • Create your installation database
  • Create your database user and assign permission
  • Upload the software
  • Install the software
  • Configure the app and admin area
  • Create your administrator account and settings
  • Create your customer signup URL for after they buy
Check Out A Sneak Peek Of The OTO1 Sales Page HERE

Purchase Front End & First One Time Offer
To Qualify For These Special Bonuses Below

Special OTO Bonus #1: Whitelabel Rights to
Offline Graphics Editor

Offline Graphics Editor White Label, turnkey offline graphics software business and membership app. Also includes sales page, marketing material, customer training videos, and much more.. (valued at $297)

This is the Product all Marketers must have, bar none.

We created Offline Presence when we saw how many people were failing to take advantage of some of the most Powerful Marketing Strategies out there.

Not only can you create your own Promotional Graphics, now you can also Offer a highly compelling and in-demand solution to your clients.

Imagine creating some new flyers or Business Cards for a Client in about 5 minutes and picking up a tasty check for your trouble.

That is what we have been doing with Offline Presence and that is what you can start doing today as well.

Special OTO Bonus #2: Video Affiliate Pro

Provide professional review for any affiliate product to increase your affiliate revenue stream. A very unique way to display your affiliate review.

Closing Down In...

To claim your bonus please send your receipt to
You will receive a link to the bonus thanks page within 24 hours