"Push Button Video Creator Helps 64 Year Old Former Flight Attendant From Florida Crank Out Up To 100 Unique Keyword Optimized Videos In Mere Minutes!"
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  • Create videos with some simple ‘set-and-forget’ technology from a source file of images and video clips
  • Have the ability to name the output video files after keywords, for maximum SEO benefit
  • Have the option to add intro and final slides for branding purposes
  • Add music files to the videos, which could be continuously looped, or randomly inserted into the videos
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“Video Converts Into Pure Profit Faster Than Anything Else Going, But It Ain’t Easy”
If you’re new to making videos, it can be tough to get everything right.
If you screw up on the aspect ratio of your video (which is pretty easy to do) you’ll end up with unattractive black bars on the sides of your video... and visitors will leave in droves.

It’s a huge time-suck to figure out how to add intro and exit slides and get the transitions just right. It might seem no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get your video to look right.

Or, if you’re inexperienced with video, you could end up with audio so bad visitors will hit the back button faster than a bald man combs his hair.

And even if you’re not a novice, we don’t have to tell you how time consuming making videos is. You’ve probably found it’s a constant battle to get enough out there to dominate your niche.

Lastly you also have to worry about getting in trouble with uploading duplicate content on the major video sharing sites.

After all, you only have so many hours in a day. And as a business owner, you can’t afford to spend all of your time on one aspect of your business and ignore others.
To Make A Long Story Short...
It Took Six Months And 14 Days Along With $21,062.00 To Get The Job Done Right... But It Was So Worth It!
We did our own internal testing, and we were blown away with the quality of the videos our software produced.

So we invited some close friends and some of our best customers to try it out, and see if they were as impressed as we were.


Everyone in our BETA group was thrilled with the both the time they saved, and the quality of the finished videos.

Our hard work had paid off.

In less time than it took us to piece together a single video before, we could now create 10... 20... 50 or even 100 videos!

So we buckled down and made our "in-house" software super-friendly for beginners...

And now we're super-excited to introduce...
The Easiest Way To Automate Video That's Ever Been Created!
Watch Video Spinn In Action To See How We "Dialed In" Fast Video Creation:
Here's A Closer Look Under The Hood
Of Video Spinn...
  • Fast Bulk Video Creation - Video Spinn can create up to 100 unique videos just by entering a few simple fields and spinning a few dials. You’ll now have plenty of unique videos to add as ‘related videos’ to your YouTube channels... so your videos rank higher for their keywords
  • Optional Intro & Final Image/Clip - Brand your videos with optional intro and final clips... add your logo or contact information to make your video more memorable to the viewer
  • Video Transitions - Engage your viewers longer with pro level effects to stay glued to the screen - Video Spinn has a full range of transition options, including cross dissolve; fade to black; fade to white; slide from left/right/top/bottom; and zoom from/to center.
  • Optional Audio Clips - Choose from the Continuous option, which pulls one of your audio clip from the Music Folder per video and loops it for the duration of the video... or choose the Random option, which randomly pulls music files and inserts them into your videos for you.
  • Supported Video Formats - Video Spinn supports adding .MP4 .MPG .AVI .MOV .FLV and .WMV clips to your finished videos
  • Supported Image Formats - Images in .JPG .PNG .BMP .GIF .TIFF file formats are supported by Video Spinn
  • Choose Your Own Filenames - The ability to enter your own file names is a huge advantage, because you can enter your keywords as your file names... which means higher ranking and free traffic
  • Spin Option - Choose this option to let the software randomly insert the exact number of images and clips you want... for unlimited, unique videos on demand
  • Join Option - Creates a single video from all the images/videos in the Resource Folder, joined together alphabetically, to effortlessly create ‘authority videos’ which build your brand and reputation.
  • Watermark Option - Protect your videos from being ripped off by other marketers
    • Supported Audio Formats - .MP3 .WAV .WMA .ACC audio files are supported by Video Spinn
  • PC and Mac Compatible - Video Spinn is compatible with both types of machines... simply choose the best option for your needs
  • Includes Quick Start Guide and Video Walkthrough - We’ve included a simple-to-follow Quick Start Guide in order to get your first project set up in just minutes from now. Of course, because we want to ensure your success, we’ve also included a video walkthrough Video Spinn. Watch along as you see a campaign set up in real time.
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  • The How-To-Blueprint about how to use Video to skyrocket your profit in Product Launches and Affiliate Promotions

  • Including an extensive resources pack filled with Graphics, Video Backgrounds, Still Backgrounds, cartoons and much more

  • Populate your Membership Site with Included Graphics at Intervals to demand Monthly Recurring Payments from your Customers
Early Bird Bonus #2: White Label Rights - High Quality Videos Europe:
20 High-Quality Background Videos of Europe
Use these moving background videos to create more engaging green screen videos
  • 20 Creative, High Quality European Background Motion Videos You Can Use In Your Marketing Videos

  • Full Rights To Use Each Of These Videos For Your Own Purposes - Use Them With Your Clients Or In Your Own Business

  • Scenes From Parks, Nature and City Scenes... Something For Every Occasion

  • Small 15-30 second clips you can loop in your greenscreen background to add more excitement to your videos
Early Bird Bonus #3: White Label Rights - High Quality Videos: Dubai
Use these moving background videos to create more engaging green screen videos
  • 19 Creative, High Quality Background Motion Videos of Dubai You Can Use In Your Marketing Videos

  • Full Rights To Use Each Of These Videos For Your Own Purposes - Use Them With Your Clients Or In Your Own Business

  • Small 15-30 second clips you can loop in your greenscreen background to add more excitement to your videos
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Use these pro quality Prime Audio music tracks on projects for yourself and your clients without paying any big fees.
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This secret software will get your views flying up which means more eyeballs on your video, This Ninja software is an exclusive bonus!
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Want to keep your videos ranked and suck traffic from Google like a vacuum on steroids? This bonus will make you into a video ranking pro.
Early Bird Bonus #8: WP Geo Shutdown Plugin 
WP Geo Shutdown is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to automatically " shutdown " your WordPress Site!
WordPress eat your webhosting resource like crazy. Heavy WP Themes, lots of plugins, JQuery Libraries and MySQL Queries. Everything contributes to make things worse.

Even if you're using plugins to cache your WordPress sites, you need to know that, not every resources can be cached and you're still consuming resources when you are serving those pages.

If you're using a shared hosting account, you can get your account hacked or terminated at anytime if your WordPress sites consumes lot of memory and CPU Resources.
Early Bird Bonus #9: Website Monitor Software 
Automatically Know If Your Websites Go Down With Just 1 Click!
If you are having an online business, your website would be your best asset to market your services or products on the internet right?

The thing is that even if you are an I.T. or you have a person working for you as an I.T. for your online business, you still can’t monitor your website 24/7 when it will go down.

The good news is that inside this product is a tool that you can use for your own website that will monitor your website when it will go down.
Early Bird Bonus #10: Turbo HTML Brander Software 
Turbo HTML Brander is your software to help your affiliates make money and send money to you, leverage your efforts on product creation and, at last, have people promoting your products and make the best use of the PLR products you have sat idle on your computer!
Using Turbo HTML Brander brings only benefits to you:
  • A quick and easy way to get affiliates promoting your products.
  • You’ll discover a surprising way to automate the customization of pages for your affiliates - and it has nothing to do with costly services or any other products!
  • You’ll be able to offer your affiliates ready to use bonus pages, meaning they can promote your products easily, even if your affiliates or you don’t have ANY HTML skill, experience, marketing background,
  • Can’t persuade top affiliates to promote your product? You’ll experience how easy is to change that by using this software.
  • You’ll get a simple, few steps process for delivering websites your affiliates can use – alluring them to promote your offer has never been so easy!
  • You’ll realize how the pros get the most results by their efforts - even if they work far less than you on a weekly basis.
  • And much more.
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Special OTO Bonus #1: Survey Engage Plugin 
The Survey Engage plugin will allow you to view all your surveyzes and the short-code to use them.
  • Create a new Survey
  • View More Information about a specific Survey
  • Edit the questions and information of a survey
  • Delete a Survey
  • Display a Survey
The Survey Engage plugin also allows you to easily create and modify any existent surveyzes. Each Survey Question may be
  • Free Text Field – the user can input anything
  • Single Selection – the user can chose 1 option from the list
  • Multiple Selection – the user can chose any number o options from the list
  • Suggested Free Text – the user can input anything, but can also - chose a predefined list of answers
  • Display a Survey
Special OTO Bonus #2: Opt-In Engage Plugin 
An Optin / Squeeze Page plugin for lazy people.
Setup your landing page in less than 2 minutes.

Compatible with any Newsletter Systems out there.

Optin Engage is compatible with all the newsletter systems out there, notable mentions, such as Mailchimp, Aweber, GetReponse, Mailerelite, and any third-parties.

All you have to do is paste the newsletter / autoresponder code within the text box within the plugin, and we’ll make sure we transform that form, into the one that fits perfectly into our system.

Optin Engage works with as many fields as you want, it automatically detects all the fields and imports them.
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