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  • Completely Cloud Based Software
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  • Intelligent Video Curation & Automation Technology
  • Viral Facebook Traffic - Built-In
  • Get Page #1 ranking on Google TODAY & FREE Traffic on Autopilot
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Use this Intelligent BUT Stupidly SIMPLE Software that combines the POWER of VIDEO + FACEBOOK + SEARCH to Get Maximum Conversions, Tons of Viral Traffic & Sales...
Create SEO optimized, Mobile Responsive Video Sites
Stunning and Proven Converting Designs
Viral Facebook & Search Traffic Built-In
100% Autopilot- Curated Videos & Content
Drive Traffic HANDS FREE to ANY Offer in ANY Niche
And the main thing is – NOW YOU CAN DO IT TOO
All you need is to pick a name to create a beautiful Video site that we host for you. It is fully SEO Optimized and works great on mobile devices.
So how does it work and how you too can make money with it starting today?
Now adding a profit pulling video campaign is a VERY SIMPLE 3 step method that goes like this
Your Own Autopilot Sales System
In Just 3 Simple Steps!
Software will curate top quality videos from YouTube. You choose Ready-to-use Videos from the list, and you're all set to rock.
Now insert your affiliate link in our software to start selling the offer to the visitors.

Just choose from the already available proven converting & ready-to-go promo templates from our library and add your offer link with a strong call to action to get paid on autopilot.
Now the action begins, our software put this video on fly mode that is a SEO, Social & Viral Traffic Machine and you watch your accounts to see the commissions rolling in.
So how many campaigns like this you want to create for yourself today?
What we have built here is a PURE traffic, commissions and sales pulling monster.

Nothing else comes close it... absolutely nothing.
In Fact, We Challenge You to create your First Traffic and Passive income machine right NOW.
All you need is 60 seconds from your schedule and this stupidly simple software makes it possible for you without even creating any video, product or a website.
And, it can take ages fighting with these BIG problems anyone FACES in making 1K a day business online...
1. Creating videos & content is a tedious task and cost you hundreds of dollars-

With our intelligent technology, you don’t need to create ANY VIDEO or Content. You just put the keyword - It curates Top Notch videos and content for you on autopilot. And the best thing is – Doing all this is great FUN.
2. Driving Traffic to your Site is the BIGGEST Challenge –

But, our software uses the engaging power of Videos, Facebook, social signals and it also spreads your content on tons of RSS sites that take you higher up in the Google rankings in organic way, means floods of FREE traffic without spending a penny on paid advertisement.
3. Technical Stuff that takes ages to learn-

This cutting edge technology is created to automate the complete system for Me, You and any ordinary person who is willing to make money online and it’s so easy that even a newbie can use it without any hassle.
That means, you’re now combining the 3 biggest niches online into one seamless solution that does it all for you, 100% on autopilot:
for tapping into selling $1K a day online...
Bottom line is: Now have the most powerful system on earth at your fingertips, allowing you to instantly create authority video sites FULL with high-converting and profitable video campaigns that Google loves, and make you FAT commissions and sales Hands FREE.
Traffic & Profit Pulling System, Bit-by-Bit Training and an Ultimate Automation Software.
Welcome to the VidMozo Revolution - a ground breaking cloud-based software that AUTOMATES Video and content curation, builds eye catchy sites & also drives tons of laser targeted REAL traffic from search & FacebookTM for you to build your leads & commissions on autopilot...

This video marketing tool fills the missing piece of the money-making puzzle for marketers who are willing to make it BIG in the internet marketing arena.

Feeling tempted?
Watch This Short Demo Video
& See How Easy and POWERFUL VidMozo Is...
This Never-Seen-Before Ultimate Notification Technology Is Built to Work in ANY NICHE
Internet Marketing
Software and Networking
Electronics and Computers
Fun and Entertainment
Knowledge and Education
Jobs and Employment
Individual/Self Enhancement
Sports and Recreation
Let's Check-out the Astonishing Features That Make VidMozo The Ultimate Game Changer!
A) Completely Cloud Based Software-
VidMozo is fully cloud-based software that means there is no need of a domain name, hosting or downloading anything. It creates stunning video sites at lightning speed and does all of that while SEO-ing your videos ensuring they receive maximum viewership.

Cloud has become the new normal today. Also, there’s no grunt work needed as you won’t need to think for long rendering times or complicated installations. Just create an account and start enjoying the cool features.
B) Creates Stunning & Beautiful Video Channels in 60 Seconds Flat-
We've built VidMozo from the ground up to be marketer-friendly, meaning our sites that you can build with just ONE click are tweaked to perfection to give you more of everything: more engagement, traffic and sales.
C) Intelligent Video Curation & Automation Technology-
Technology changes at a rapid pace every single day. So, we have reduced the complications and created a hands-down system where all you need is add your and keywords, affiliate link or product link. Our premium software will build and populate your site with hundreds of RELEVANT videos.

These videos raise your conversions by 80% and Google rewards you with #1 rankings and even MORE traffic.
D) Viral Facebook Traffic - Built-In-
VidMozo uses our secret proprietary technology to drive thousands of visitors to your video pages using the power of Facebook– and it’s all on 100% autopilot! 
We built this feature for ourselves to do our social media work and viral Facebook traffic. Now, the entire power is yours to unleash as you want.

You set it up once and then whenever you add a new video campaign, it triggers our system and it start working in background that GUARANTEES thousands of visitors hit your site in minutes.
E) Get Page #1 ranking on Google TODAY & FREE Traffic on Autopilot-
We know that all of us are at the mercy of Google for getting higher SERP’s. But that’s a case of the past as VidMozo has been designed to get your videos indexed on various search engines. Just plug-and-play our system and let targeted traffic flow for your offers instantly.

Our automated back-linking, related videos and visitor engagement technology… instantly makes every video page an authority post that Google absolutely loves!

Whenever you add a video, we also create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google and also spread your post to tons of news aggregators and websites using inbuilt RSS creation. So you easily get automated backlinks for your videos.

With VidMozo… you’ve got everything you need in one place – and it’s just a click away!
F) Inbuilt Video Advertising System to Get Maximum Engagement and make EVERY visitor click on your link-
Including a video on a landing page increases conversions by 80%. In simple words, video has become a meaningful part of the strategic marketing conversation. So, we have designed our Video display page in a way that it grabs 100% attention of visitors, and keeps them hooked to your brand forever.

Checkout our Elegant Video Campaign Page that boosts visitor engagement-
Just imagine, a visitor is fully engrossed in watching a video. Suddenly, your affiliate promo pops up and the visitor can’t move ahead. How many of the visitors will watch it? I bet- 100% visitors will surely do.

This way, VidMozo will automatically trap the attention of random website visitors and convert them into your customers in a hands down manner.

May be you are feeling it might be complex to use. But fortunately, you are mistaken my friend.

We have created this software as simple as counting 1, 2, 3...
G) Comes with an Inbuilt & Very Sleek HD Video Player...
HD Ready & Beautiful Video Display exclusively for VidMozo owners.

You’ll get an Ultra-Light weight, SEO Optimized Player that is based on Next Gen Conversion & Sales Technology.

Now you can embed your videos with your affiliate link on any blog or page you want including WordPress sites to get even more eyeballs and commissions.
Special Early Bird Bonuses!
When You Purchase VidMozo, You Also Get
Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses
Early Bird Bonus #1: Resell Rights - SociDeck
Convert Your Social Conversations into LEADS and SALES and Drive Tons of Social TRAFFIC Without Any Monthly Fees.
A revolutionary social interaction technology that converts social conversations into conversions and gets massive social traffic, leads & sales by managing top 3 social media giants-Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at one place.

Yes, now you too can do business with biggest social media platforms, and drive targeted prospects to your marketing funnels without wasting time on petty tasks. You can also make social media management a seamless experience and make your audience feel on cloud 9 by giving swift turnarounds on their conversations.

And the best part is, this stupidly simple cloud based social interaction software requires No complicated installation, no hosting and no technical hassles. 
Early Bird Bonus #2: White Label Rights - Video Drill
Finally You Can Increase Visitors, Leads, Sales, With Our New Revolutionary Video Technology That Creates Profitable YouTube Marketing Campaigns In Seconds
Early Bird Bonus #3: Giveaway Rights - Video Sales Blueprint
Repackage and Sell For 100% Of The Profit! The All-In-One Guide About Creating 6-Figure Videos PLUS A Massive Resources Pack Including The Following Plus Heaps More!
  • The How-To-Blueprint about how to use Video to skyrocket your profit in Product Launches and Affiliate Promotions

  • Including an extensive resources pack filled with Graphics, Video Backgrounds, Still Backgrounds, cartoons and much more

  • Populate your Membership Site with Included Graphics at Intervals to demand Monthly Recurring Payments from your Customers
Early Bird Bonus #4: White Label Rights - 10 Background Motion Videos of Kona, Hawaii
Early Bird Bonus #5:  WP Swift Page Plugin
Web page loading time is the most crucial factor to reduce bounce rate. Keeping this in mind, here’s an exciting plugin that provide an easy way to instantly increase the speed of WordPress site while drastically reducing bounce rate and makes visitors to stay longer.

It is an easy to use plugin that boosts your WP site and make it load lightning fast. When combined with immense power of VidMozo, this package becomes a WIN-WIN situation for business owners.
Early Bird Bonus #6:  Marketing Minisite Template V2015
With VidMozo, you can create highly engaging video sites and boost commissions like you always wanted.

Website designing plays a huge role in increasing sales and if you are not familiar with designing, that it can cost you big. Keeping this in mind, this booster provides easy to customize Minisite templates to resolve your designing problem. You can easily setup websites and landing pages for your clients and you can use it too for promoting your own products.
Early Bird Bonus #7:  Digital Lock Down Software
Being an online seller, there is always a risk of your product getting stolen by hackers or online stealers. And ultimately, all your efforts can go down the drain.

To get you out from these hassles, I am providing this package that includes an easy to use software to shield your products against online stealing or illegal users.

It limits product access to valid users and secure your digital products/ documents. And once your products are shielded against any cyber-attacks, you can feel completely free and boost profits by driving search and Facebook traffic on them through VidMozo.
Early Bird Bonus #8:  Fast Cash Mechanics Advanced
Want to make fast cash, inside the Fast Cash Mechanics Advanced video tutorial series, you’ll learn all the tips and tricks that successful internet entrepreneurs have been using for years and generating higher ROI.

These tricks when combined with ultimate traffic & profit pulling system, VidMozo, can earn fast cash and drive in laser targeted traffic.
Early Bird Bonus #9:  Flashing Order Buttons Pro
After getting your hands on VidMozo, you are heading in the right direction for boosting profits by creating 1 click instant SEO optimized video sites.

And to increase your benefits, inside this bonus is an amazing software that will easily create flashing call to action button that will surely attract your website visitor’s attention, and force them to take desired action.

Noe, stop thinking and use this software to create customizable flashing order button without any installation hassle.
Early Bird Bonus #10:  High Speed Flips
Website Flipping is one of the proven and trending online money making methods today. It is just like buying, modifying and selling websites.

But diving into its benefits without having complete information can sometimes lead you to failure.

Now, to enable you to get these benefits, here’s an easy-to-understand video tutorial series which has amazing money making strategies that you can apply to video campaigns created with VidMozo and make tons of dollars at the comfort of your own home.
Early Bird Bonus #11:  WP EZ Launcher
This amazing WordPress plugin helps to quickly set up your WordPress blog and get it up and running in less than 30 seconds. This allows you to easily Install and activate plugin all at once, add new themes, delete unwanted sidebar widgets, etc.

When combined with VidMozo, it becomes a fantastic combination and can be used to intensify the results for your business.
Early Bird Bonus #12:  Stock Images
Images are the best way to capture attention of random visitors and convert them into lifetime customers. When used in the right way, they give countless benefits for every marketer.

With this bonus package, you’ll get food and drinks stock photos, which would save lots of time which could be used in completing other tasks.

You can use these stock photos for enhancing the appeal of video sites created with VidMozo, and bring in commissions and profits like you always aspired.
Early Bird Bonus #13:  Mobile 2 Step Opt-In Generator
Latest stats reveal that as of February 2017, mobile devices excluding tablets accounted for 49.73% of web page views worldwide. So, if you are not utilizing this, your business will be heading towards no man’s land.

Keeping this in mind, I am providing this amazing software that will help you build an email list using mobile optin features. With VidMozo you can create SEO optimized sites and boost commissions and when you combine this package with the power of VidMozo, it takes your business to new heights.
Early Bird Bonus #14:  Your First Product Video Upgrade
There are numerous marketing guides that claim to help you generate profits, but seldom deliver as they often require lots of time and are expensive too.

Keeping this in mind, here’s a helpful package that includes HD video tutorials so that you can work towards improving your business while watching these videos at same time.

You can use these tutorial to cater your first product and leverage it with power of VidMozo to reap profits for your first product and make your online business a success.
Early Bird Bonus #15:  Free Traffic System Advanced
Driving targeted traffic to boost conversions and sales is one of the topmost concerns of every online marketer. If overlooked, this can be quite fatal for your growth prospects.

To bail you out from these hassles, check out this video package that contains helpful tips and tricks for driving tons of traffic using paid sources. This package along with VidMozo can be used as your own business booster and skyrocket sales and profits.
Early Bird Bonus #16:  Sales Funnel Authority Video Upgrad
Converting visitors into customers is a critical task for every aspiring marketer. So, here’s an easy to understand video series, you’ll discover the secrets to creating a sales funnel that successful businesses, entrepreneurs and brands are using to turn leads into high-ticket customers.

Now what’s the point thinking? Just create high converting sales funnel with the help of this bonus and increase its value by creating video sites through VidMozo to attract visitors down the funnel.
Early Bird Bonus #17:  WP Notification Plus
VidMozo has been crafted to maximize your affiliate commissions and take your business to the next level. Here, we are giving you an additional booster to enhance its value.

This WP plugin would help you grab attention of your visitorsand make them check messages by notifying them. This WordPress plugin easily allows you to create your own attention-grabbing notification box in less than 3 minutes. Stop thinking and get into active mode to surpass your competitors forever.
Early Bird Bonus #18:  Fancy Upsell Popup Pro
For every marketer, cross sales matters the most as they can take your profits to the next level. So, you must invest money in your marketing campaign to convert leads into paying customers.

When customers are in the buying mode, offering them more via cross-selling or upselling is a surefire way to boost profits.

And so, I am offering this amazing software that will help you easily generate Upsell Popups, and give more options for your buyers to make more purchases.

Now, use this exciting package to double the lead and commission boosting powers of VidMozo, and leave your competitors wondering forever.
Early Bird Bonus #19:  WP Page Takeover
With VidMozo, you are heading in the right direction for beating your competitors by driving tons of traffic from Search and Facebook, and ultimately boost commissions and profits.

To intensify its benefits, here’s an incredibly useful and profitable WP Plugin you can create an entire Promo Page or even promo widgets to any normal WP page or post.

Now, with just a few clicks you will be able to hijack your visitor's attention, and create awareness of your products & affiliate offers.
Early Bird Bonus #20:  Article List Builder
List building helps you to skyrocket your ROI by attracting hordes of hungry buyers, and converting them into loyal customers.

So, to achieve these benefits, this package includes a piece of amazing software called Article List Builder that is a huge help for you to get high converting email list, and promote offers to boost your profits.

When combined with the immense power of SEO optimized and mobile responsive affiliate video sites of VidMozo, this package surely become a WIN-WIN situation for business owners.
Early Bird Bonus #21:  Salespage Writer Software
Having a persuasive copy helps you get better conversions for your sales pages. But, if you are not good at copywriting, you might end up hiring someone to write it for you and the fact is, hiring an expert in copywriting is expensive.

If you also faced this problem, it’s time to take a breather. With this amazing software, you can sell your products and services without having to think for long hours to produce sales pages that generate massive sales. This software when merged with intense powers of VidMozo can help your sales page convert more and more.
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Special OTO Bonus #1:  Video Affiliate Pro
Provide professional review for any affiliate product to increase your affiliate revenue stream.
A very unique way to display your affiliate review.
Speccial OTO Bonus #2: Video Backlinks Bomber
Link building is one of the best techniques to make your webpage higher in Google SERPS
As internet marketer and SEO's we already knew that each backlinks are not equal in terms of power.

One of the best sources of links came from high page rank webpages which is relevant to your niche or perhaps from a high ranking video.

Internet marketers wants to have those video backlinks but the question is that, how are you going to put your link on those videos?

Video Backlinks Bomber is the answer to that question. Check the software out and it for yourself.
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