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It’s no surprise that EVERY single successful online marketer in literally ANY niche, uses affiliate marketing in some way or another as a primary income stream.

The other asset that every person making money online understands the value of, regardless of their niche… is an email marketing list.

But Wait... Stop & Breathe!

I can almost FEEL your brain melting.
If you want to make money online, YES... you SHOULD be doing affiliate marketing, email marketing and memberships are a total plus too... but... WOAH... it's a LOT to learn and do! But don't worry!

In less than 2 minutes, I’ll share the Viral Marketing ‘secret sauce’ that combines crazy-simple profitable website creation with a never-before-seen viral traffic trick - seeing even our newest members succeeding when they had all but given up.

To grab Google’s attention NOW, you need viral content.

Content people want to share, talk about, discuss and contribute to and then share again.

But how does a 'regular' Amazon store, or even an affiliate review website do this?

Well???… It doesn’t.

Until now, ‘viral’ on an Amazon or review website has meant, “Whack some social sharing buttons on your posts and hope for the best…”

But be real, nobody is going to share your advert for saucepans.

Why would they?

What they WILL share, is their aunt’s recipe for Goulash – or a Rachel Ray image or video using a saucepan in an outrageous cooking experiment

Now THAT becomes something worth sharing!

By combining viral posts, inspired and written by a community of people passionate about your websites topics… together with targeted ways to make money – your website becomes unstoppable.

But... I hear the million dollar question buzzing in your mind...

What’s in it for these people?

Why are people going to sign up at my website?

And… why would they write posts or share videos and images for me…

All good questions…

And the secret lies in our behind the scenes, Viral Loop software that goes to work for you the moment your site goes live.

When a visitor arrives on your Viral Loop website the first thing they’ll notice (besides your perfectly placed adverts) is a big customisable call to action letting them know that this is a site they can join, with some very enticing reasons to do so.

Viral Loop Turns Visitors Into Content Creating & Money Spending Customers

Each new member that joins is automatically given their own profile page, complete with profile picture, links to their own social networks, their website and a place to put their own bio.

Below their bio, they’ll see their posts, so the more active they are – the more their profile page, website links and their own social network links are shown on your website – and the more they will be inclined to share good quality posts – and lots of them!

And… the more often they post, and share, and contribute new suggestions for discussion … the bigger your site continues to grow, completely organically and 100% virally.

Your affiliate promotions are no longer just ‘ads’ on a website with a cheesy used car salesman feel to them.

Viral Loop floods your website with the perfect balance between targeted cash generating Amazon product listings and unique viral content that will have Google drooling and chasing after you like an excited puppy.

But don’t just take my word for it!

People are raving about Viral Loop and the results they are seeing with this revolutionary theme. The sheer power and flexibility of this theme is unrivalled and ease of use is like nothing you’ve experienced before

And now is your chance to become our next Viral Loop success story!

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Early Bird Bonus #1: Whitelabel Rights
to WP Plugin CTASurge

Includes sales page psd’s, sales page OP template,
FB ads psd’s, banner ads and psd’s and of course the plugin.

CTA SURGE PLUGIN - Building your list is the most crucial aspect of internet marketing. Simply leading your visitor’s to a page full of content may keep them engaged for a short time. User all want something for free... presenting them with that free guide, software or use case in the right way, almost guarantee’s a lead capture.

  • Urgency-pumping countdown timers
  • Lead-capturing Optinpops and Exit Pops
  • Over 20 Stunning Pop Up Templates that will boost response dramatically
  • Inbuilt Countdown Timer With 3 Different Powerful Uses
  • Lightbox Pop Ups, Sexy Designs, Templates For Over 100 Combinations/Functions
  • Exit Pop Options, No Need For Extra Tricky Software
  • Get Signups Tapping Into Curiosity, Or Straight In Your Face Marketing.. You Choose!
  • Extremely Lightweight, Won't Slow Down Your Blog.

Early Bird Bonus #2: Developer License to Sticky Post

Super Simple WordPress Plugin Will Allow You to Ethically "STICK" Your visitors onto your page, Create Buzz, Engage Longer and Generate more Revenue.

StickyPost is the 3 step solution to your monetization problems.

With just a few settings – you’ll be able to set up your site to engage and extract maximum revenue instead of struggling to find perfect ad placements...

  • Automatically split any post, category, or even your entire blog into these sticky cash pulling posts.
  • Choose how many splits you want to do.
  • Customize the 'step/progress' buttons to match the color scheme and help improve clickthroughs.
  • Decide how many ad's you want to display.
  • Social Sharing Buttons

Check Out Demo

Early Bird Bonus #3: Developer Rights + Pro Features Video Overlay Software

Groundbreaking WordPress Plugin Turns Other
People's Videos into Money, in 3 Minutes...

  • Viral Traffic Generation
  • Advanced Lead Capture Funnels
  • Audience Targeting Ability
  • Affiliate/CPA Commission Goldmine
  • Even If It’s Not Your Video…

With This Revolutionary WordPress Plugin, Making Money With Your Videos is As Easy As...

Video marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to share your message, content, or offer with the world...

With innovations like Google Fibre increasing internet speeds, and mobile companies fighting each other with more competitively data plans… the DEMAND for video isn’t showing any sign of slowing down!

Early Bird Bonus #4: Resell Rights to
Web Traffic Wildfire

Instantly Access CUTTING EDGE Traffic Techniques Used by World Class Experts Who, Could Collectively Drive Enough Web Traffic.

You’re going to get EVERYTHING you need to ensure maximum success with your traffic campaigns, whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned pro.

  • Where to find the traffic that converts to cash in your pocket
  • How to drive traffic, getting more visitors to your pages
  • Of all of the different methods which one is best for you and what you have to offer?

Early Bird Bonus #5: Viral Loop Bonuses

You Also Get Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses

Early Bird Bonus #6: WP Sharepoint Plugin

This WordPress plugin combines the web's top social media buttons into a single plugin! Share your content from any post or page and generate a viral buzz with the click of button

Now you can share your content from any post or page and generate a viral buzz with the click on a button.

WP Sharepoint features all of the top social media networks on the web including facebook, twitter, google plus, linkedin, youtube and even an add this button all convenienty packaged into a single plugin that can be placed on any post or page.

  • Easy to use Social Share buttons from the top networks on the web
  • Facebook, Like, Send and Subscribe buttons with optional layout styles
  • Twitter buttons with optional style
  • Linkedin buttons to link up with your business associates
  • YouTube button to add your favorite videos
  • An add this button combining multiple share buttons for your convenience

Early Bird Bonus #7: WP Like Pop

Convert Qualified Traffic with Eye-Grabbing Animated
Social Pop-Ups That Activate At The Bottom of Your Blog

Use One Fun-to-Use Plugin To Increase Your Social Like / Follow Conversions with All The Most Popular Social Networks

Create your own social pop up widget for your WordPress blog! Take advantage of this offer to improve your social conversions. This product allows your PEOPLE to conveniently follow,like or subscribe to your social media page to keep informed about updates and new releases.

Upon reaching the bottom of the page your captivated viewers will be drawn to this convenient pop up. The variety of designs will allow you to select a theme that will match your WordPress blog which appears as a natrual feature of your blog. There are also eye-catching effects that will draw attention to the widget that will match your theme.

Early Bird Bonus #8: Facebook iFrame Pro

When Facebook switched from FBML to IFRAMES for their Fanpages, the race was on to find a simple solution to creating the new IFRAME fanpages...and here's a winner!

  • The Facebook IFRAME Pro Plugin will give everyone, even a Newbie, the ability to create Facebook fanpages in just 5 minutes
  • In The Time It Takes To Write A Blog Post, You Will Be Able To Create A Facebook Fan Page
  • But as if that isn't easy enough, we've added a detailed instructions and other features to make your life even EASIER
  • It Even Has Autoresponder Code Built In & Works With Most Top Autoresponders
  • And heaps of other great features!

Early Bird Bonus #9: Evergreen Lead System

Grow Your Business With The Ever Green Lead System

Early Bird Bonus #10: Marketing Graphics Toolkit V5

Create Amazing Graphics For All Your Marketing Needs In Just a Few Minutes

  • Sales Page Templates
  • SD Ebook Covers
  • Kindle Book covers
  • Website Headers
  • FB Timeline Covers
  • YouTube Channel Backgrounds
  • Mobile Flyers
  • iPhone MockUps
  • Social Icons
  • And Heaps More!

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