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Monopoly = The domination of a
market buy a single entity.

I want that entity to be you. And in just a moment I’m going to show you exactly how you can be. Utilizing just completely free traffic.

With a unique proven system that has saved me thousands in traffic costs? And you don’t have to rely on the luck of the dice. Every single one of us who markets online needs traffic. And traffic can be costly. REALLY costly.

As someone who markets online, we all go to tiresome, energy-zapping and expensive lengths to drive traffic. Wasting time and money on expensive ads simply not worth the ROI… Spending countless hours and wallet-wincing costs split testing and optimizing desperate to get better results… And sometimes even giving over half of our takings to affiliates.

There has to be an easier, more effective (and cheaper!) way… Where you can keep much more of the profits!

And Luckily For All Of Us - There Is!

I have seen every platform and traffic source come and go and have come to the realization that only by having a “Omni Presence” online can you build enough free traffic to find success in your niche offers.

Over the last 6 years, I have spent fortune in affiliate payouts and media buying (actually 35 million - that’s a heck of a lot of my income going straight in someone else’s pockets!!) for my offers and during 2015 I was let down on numerous occasions by both affiliate networks and private affiliates and so I started investigating how we could drive our own traffic…

Around the same time, we were inundated by requests from our consulting clients to help them in the same area of free traffic generation.

I’ve got to be honest: 90% of them failed.

We tried & tested. And tried and tested again.

We focused on each traffic source individually. We invested time, money and efforts.

We systematically went round every single genuinely free traffic source and milked it for results.

And we tried and tested some more… And ONLY THEN did we realize… we realized that focusing on one thing - wasn’t enough…

Having a website is not enough, having a blog is not enough, having a Facebook fan page is not enough. To get success with free viral traffic you need to be everywhere. You need to monopolize your market. So we created an integrated system. One that tied ALL of these traffic sources together - perfectly networked.

This exact system we’re going to share with you. And we tried and tested it for another 8 months.

All of us who market online NEED free traffic
Traffic that doesn’t cost the earth

Traffic that doesn’t involve you giving away half of your takings to affiliates.

After all - YOU do the hard work right?

Why should they take the same, or sometimes EVEN MORE profit than YOU? (With your overheads this happens right!)

Every single one of us with a product or service need and benefit massively from genuinely free traffic.

It’s the most effective way to get the best ROI - after all - our investment in genuinely free traffic is ZERO right?

We NEED to make the most of it.

But Here’s The Key
Everything Has To Work Together Just Like The Properties On A Monopoly Board

Let’s image each free traffic source is a property - a “web property” shall we say…

You can’t even begin to start building your business online - until you take complete control of a full set of properties.

And that becomes your free traffic source.

​By just owning one property you don’t make jack shit. You need to master that particular traffic source - Collect all the colors in one set - And by doing so, you make a ton more money right?

​And what happens when you do that? You open new opportunities…

​You get the opportunity to build houses. You get the opportunity to make more money. You get the opportunity to grow your business. Continue to grow, build and milk that traffic - and you’ll soon be able to build houses for you and your family…

What's The First Thing You Do As Soon As You Have One Full Set in Monopoly ?

You set your focus on collecting more full sets - Mastering more traffic sources…

​More web properties come into your hands easier and quicker the more that you have.

​And that’s all you need to do with free traffic…

​Continue with that success and you’ll start to grow your empire… (You can’t build your hotels until you have houses!)

So If You Have Not Had The Success You Deserve - Don't Blame Yourself

It’s Not Because You Are Not Doing The Right Stuff.
You’re Just Not Doing Enough Of It - Together.

And THIS Is Where
Viral Nova Pro Will Help MASSIVELY

You can’t win Monopoly with just the browns, or even the greens… And contrary to poplar mis-conception - not even with just the dark blues! (Remember that next time you play the game with the family!)

HOWEVER: If you own two sides of the board… Then the third side normally comes pretty easily… And once you have that - Domination is within your grasp. Total domination. Monopoly.

And it’s EXACTLY the same with free traffic sources. Rely on just one - and you’ll pull in a bit of cash every now and then - But you’re never going to win the game.

You’re never going to pull in the big cash

Only way is to set up & master all your free traffic sources to work together

To work harder - together - for you -Bringing You More Free Traffic. And Making You More Money.

NOW is your time to dominate your markets. Now is your time to monopolize. And THIS is how...


Viral Nova Pro

A Unique 2-Step System That Works Seamlessly
Together To Make YOU The Most Out Of Genuinely Free Traffic.

  • Easy To Follow, Easy To Action, Step By Step Instructions

  • Make The Most Of Genuinely Free Viral Traffic

  • Easy To See Real Results – Fast! Very Little Effort Required

  • Set And Forget – Once Set Up, The System Is Very Easy To Run With Just A Few Minutes Per Day

You See You Could Totally Master One Traffic Source

Lets take Twitter for example… And you can build that one as much as you want… Get masses of followers, likes and retweets… BUT - totally different people use Twitter than Facebook…

And you’ve got potential customers who ONLY use Facebook… You need to find them too.

​And you’ve got a totally different set of potential customers again on Instagram.

And a totally different set of techniques required to master driving free traffic from it. In fact, totally different techniques are required to get the most out of each and every free traffic source!

The ONLY way to drive the most amount of free traffic to you is to pull all of these traffic sources together. Make them work in tandem - for you. Make your way around the board…

Setting up and building and growing your traffic sources for optimum success. It’s simple: The more you set up, build and grow, the more traffic sources you have in place, the more money you make. The stronger your chance of success.

​No matter which ‘web properties’ you own - having one set just simply isn’t enough to ‘win the game’. Just doing Facebook isn’t enough - Just doing Instagram isn’t enough - Just having a website isn’t enough - You have to be everywhere.

​You need to pick up your ‘token’ - AKA - your ISP - (You can’t ‘play the game’ without it!) Make sure the your website and autoresponders are in place… And work your way around the board - Collecting and mastering those free traffic ‘web properties’…

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