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Why 99% of Cloakers Break Responsive Sites
& Waste Up To 60% of Mobile Traffic

We were quite shocked to discover that all cloakers we tested actually broke mobile sites.

A serious bug in the code means that when a responsive site is opened through a cloaked link ... the page breaks & is no longer responsive

The visitor would see a broken page, they have to have to scroll & zoom all over the place just to see the content ...This ruins user the experience & many visitors simply leave.

In fact 60% of visitors use mobile devices nowadays to browse internet ... so that's a huge amount of potential traffic wasted

How Most Cloakers Fail As Their Links
Still Get Blocked & Can't Be Shared

So even is you are a diligent marketer & have cloaked your links using a competitors product ...you may be shocked to find many of the links you post .. cant be opened...

And... some cloaked links can't even be shared!

So by just posting a link ... there is no guarantee that it will work... There's a good chance that the link will still be scanned devalued & blocked further down the line & worse part is you wouldn't even know about it.

We found that many link cloakers use weak redirect modes instead of cloaking... this is the primary reason for link failure.

Why Using Raw Links Means Less Clicks,
Higher Bounce Rates & Less Sales

It's marketing suicide to email RAW affiliate links... as these are almost guaranteed to land you in SPAM.

Using RAW affiliate links is also the easiest way to lose commissions through affiliate ID switching as the affiliate ID is wide open for all to see.

Bad link text & using domains linked to volume mail are a sure fire way to get your sites & offers devalued & even blocked... So it's important to make your links look natural & pointing to your own trusted domains.

Social Media, Email Providers & Google
Are Scanning & Blocking Your Offers

Now more than ever before Social Sites Like Facebook, Google+ Instagram & Twitter are monitoring & auto blocking links... This could happen to anyone & for any reason...

Sometimes the links are blocked for no reason at all & with little chance of appeal

Email Service Service Providers like Yahoo & Gmail which carry 65%+ of all email traffic now scan links & devalue any emails that have URLS from domains associated with bulk mailing... all such mail ends up in spam.

And of course it's no secret that Google hates affiliate sites which is why most affiliate sites never rank in high search engines. Affiliate links are simply devalued.

How Affiliates Lose Up to 30% Commission
Through Theft & Browser Switching

In 2015 we discovered through server logs that on every new product sold up to 30% of sales came from "non-affiliate" transactions... Now this was impossible as we only sold the products by affiliate marketing.

Which means... affiliates were losing commissions. We found that many visitors switched browsers mid session & simply copied the de-cloaked link from one browser to another. This meant no cookie was placed & the affiliate lost the sale.

We found that if the RAW decloaked link was ever visible then the affiliate would lose sales - especially if there was a good reason for the visitor to switch ...like if the page loaded slowly.

Ugly Links & Missing Meta Info Puts Off Visitors

It's a well known fact that visitors click less on links that look like garbage, that are unfamiliar or blatantly look like affiliate links. This is known as "link trust"

Many cloakers & link shortening services both paid & free create ugly looking links that point to unknown sites. With the amount of identity theft & hacking nowadays visitors are more suspicious than ever.

If the link looks weird or the link text doesn't make any sense you are wasting traffic in the worst possible way & at huge cost.

Amazingly Some Cloakers Even Leave
You Wide Open To Hackers!

Whilst Building WP Linkshield II we found that some of the competitors link cloakers were so badly written... they were infact dangerous.

Simply enabing these plugins was enough for us to break into a site & take full control.

Hackers can cause you a whole world of problems from lost rankings to your domain being blocked - this can lead to serious downtime & in some cases $1000's to put right.

Needless to say we advised the vendors of the problems

Top Marketers Already KNOW That
Not Protecting Links Costs $Millions

Every top marketer knows that using RAW links puts you at a significant disadvantage as links are being scrutinised & penalised based on algorythms...

All It takes is 1 bad word on the page or 1 link on page pointing to the wrong place & boom you're blocked, you link instantly devalued & you are losing money fast.

Professional marketers have been using link cloakers for years to stop link scanning, devaluation & rejection. This has massive impact on your link exposure & of course sales

If you don't protect your links - you lose, it's that simple.


WP Linkshield II

The Simple In-House Tool Already Trusted by 1000's of Marketers

WP Linkshield II Diamond Edition is a new generation link cloaker that uses the strongest technology on the market... It's built to protect your links from aggressive scanning, devaluation & common blocking. It's also one the easiest & smartest link cloakers on the market

It's the only cloaker on the market that auto that selects the best link cloaking mode for you to avoid affiliate network TOS problems, keeping your links compliant & commissions safe.

This new version has added a live facebook preview, improved social sharing options, Traffic Statistics & option to add your own traffic pixels.

How WP Link Shield II Compares

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