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Backing Up, Securing, Updating, Installing Plugins/Themes On Each Site Takes Hours

Routine & Essential WP Tasks Make You Less Profitable

Like it or not we all have to do routine tasks on our WordPress sites. We have to install Themes & Plugins both from the WP repository & from our own PC's, We have to install & configure a respectable security/firewall & backup solution.

We have to update all our plugins regularly to avoid getting hacked. We have to delete default WP content & settings even before we start using a site... Just doing this on one site takes hours... When you run multiple WP sites it becomes a huge time killer

Configuring Backup on Every Site is a Time Killer

Failing to Back up Leads to Disaster

Like it or not we all have to do routine tasks on our WordPress sites. We have to install Themes & Plugins both from the WP repository & from our own PC's, We have to install & configure a respectable security/firewall & backup solution.

We have to update all our plugins regularly to avoid getting hacked. We have to delete default WP content & settings even before we start using a site... Just doing this on one site takes hours... When you run multiple WP sites it becomes a huge time killer

Lack of Security & Firewall Leaves You Wide Open

These are Essential Tasks Which You Can't Ignore

At the very least you should be running basic site security...

There are many ways hackers can take over your site but by far the easiest way is to leave your site running old versions of WordPress & out of date plugins.

Leaving a bare WP site running no WP security or Firewall allows hackers to snoop & launch attacks.

So setting up security/regular updates is another task that webmasters can't ignore.

Constantly Updating Every Site is an Ongoing Job

Many webmasters still fail to do regular updates on their sites leaving their sites wide open to hacking attacks. All it takes is one out of date plugin & your site is hacked.

This problem becomes worse as you have more & sites to manage.

Spending time on updating sites means creating a job for yourself... and the more time you spend on this task... the less profit you make.

Now that's hardly a sensible way to operate a business.

Installing All Your Themes & Plugins Takes Ages

One of the regular tasks we all have to do when setting up our websites is installing themes & plugins.

Now most of us use a combination of WP repository plugins/themes & our own themes/plugins... so whichever way we do it, we end up doing work.

To date there has been no software that allows you to install both your own themes/plugins as well as ones from the repository.

Webmasters waste many hours needlessly doing these very tasks.

Removing WordPress Default
Content & Settings Wastes Time

Default WP Installations come with a whole host of default settings, pages & posts which we all have to get rid of.

These include changing permalinlk structures, adding your own pages / categories, deleting hello dolly plugin, disabling user registration, deleting default WP themes.

These are all tasks we have to do before we even start using our sites ...

This is yet another needless time killer which all WP webmaster have to do.

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WP Master Control

With WP Master Control you can Set-up, Back up,
Secure & Update Multiple Sites At Once

With Less Than 60 Seconds Work

Saves Hours By Automating All Essential WP Tasks

Install It ~ Select Your Settings ~ Forget It

  • It Installs & Configures WordFence Security
  • It Installs & Configures Updraft Backup
  • It Installs & Configures Automated Updates
  • It Installs & Activates WP Repository Plugins
  • It Installs & Activates Your Own Plugins
  • It Installs Any WP Repository Theme
  • It Installs Any Theme You Own
  • It Removes Default WP Content & Settings
  • It Batch Processes Multiple Sites
  • It Works on Both New & Existing Sites

Uses Powerful, Proven & Respected WP Plugins

For Best Compatibility & Maximum Performance

WP Master Control 2 use the most trusted & long established plugins such as Wordfence & Updraft to insure maximum compatibility across all your sites & hosting configurations.

It checks for pre existing installations & uses proven automated scripts excecute all tasks.

Needless to say all the plugins & scripts used are secure and have little impact on your site performance

Works on All Good Hosts & All WP Configurations

Get Instant Automatic Updates for Total Peace of Mind

WP Master Control 2 has been writtent & tested across multiple popular hosting platforms

This is the 2nd version of this best seller which has been extensively tested by both our clients & 100's of customers

The software is automatically updated any time a new WP update comes out - this makes sure you are always running the very latest version

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