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  • There are over 27 million small businesses in the United States alone
  • Over 60% of small business owners still do NOT have a website
  • 48% of those businesses with no website have plans to get a business website up-and-running in the very near future
  • 75% of small business owners see internet marketing as an effective or very effective tool to attracting new customers
  • Small business owners are willing to invest several hundred to several thousand dollars to have a website that helps them grow their business
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There are literally millions of local businesses out there that need your help, and they are willing to pay to get the results they are looking for.

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“But Creating Websites Is Time-Consuming,
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That’s true.

One of the biggest hurdles most marketers face is learning how to do things like website design.

There’s no question technical stuff can be extremely time-consuming and there is often a massive learning curve.

I struggled a lot in the beginning.

In fact, most people end up giving up before they ever get started because creating quality websites is just not that easy.

And if you do figure out how to create a website that a local business would be willing to pay money for, there are some business types that are easy to work with…

…and some business types you should avoid like the plague because they don’t make good website clients, or they just don’t have the money to invest in services like quality website design.

I learned this the hard way…

And of course, one of the biggest fears that most people face when they’re getting started working with local clients is getting to the part where you make money without being an annoying salesperson…

…or having to make embarrassing cold calls.

If you’re like most people there, the thought of getting on the phone or walking into a local business location to sell them a website sounds about as appealing as nails on a chalkboard.

When I started working with local clients, I did everything wrong and made things way harder than they needed to be.
But over the years I figured out just how easy this business can be…
I’ve Created Over 2,300 Websites For Local Clients 
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  • Because of the systems I’ve created in my business, I only work about an hour a day
  • If I want to take time off… I can do what I want
  • My business is mobile, and I can work from anywhere in the world with a laptop connection
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  • You don’t need to have any special software or design skills because I’ve created time-saving website templates that look great and make it easy to get a website online with just 3 mouse clicks
XNiche 306 is a complete business in a box that takes everything that used to be scary, complicated, or tedious about offering local businesses a website and makes it simple.
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XNiche360 Quick Start Guide
This quick start guide gives you an overview of the entire XNiche360 system and makes it easy for you to get started and make money right out of the gates. You’ll get a simple blueprint to success that makes this the easiest money you’ll ever make.
Done For You Email Templates
Forget about cold calling. Just change a few fields on the email templates using the included instructions, send them out, and sit back and wait for the businesses to respond with their money in hand. These emails are so effective, I’ve actually had to turn down business before because I was TOO busy.
10 Done For You Website Templates  Install In Just 3 Clicks
These done for you website templates are focused on the top 10 niches we personally get the best results working with. Using these templates allows you to keep 100% of the profit for yourself and makes fulfilling your website orders easier than ever. You don’t need any special skills or experience, and you can have a brand new website up and running with just 3 clicks of your mouse.
10 Facebook Covers For Different Niches
Use our Facebook Covers to sell even more services to clients. Very easy to edit and to make hundreds of unique designs suitable for other niches. 
10 Logos For Differet Niches
These logos can be sold in a pack with the websiteor can be sold separately. Very easy to edit and to create different versions for more business types.
Take A Sneak Peak At Our Stunning
Website Templates Done For You
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A system to help you charge upwards of $99 per month, per client starting today!
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This Scarcity Software Can 10X Your Profits, Leads & Get You 300% More Traffic Using The Exact Strategy BIG COMPANIES use.
Do You Want To Stop Losing Money & Grow Your Traffic & Sales At The Same Time ?
  • Fully Hosted Software, One Click Add To Your Site.

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  • Bonus Pages, Product Sales Sites, Shopify Sites And More.

  • Integrates with all popular email marketing platforms.
Early Bird Bonus #3: WordRank 
WordRank is our web platform for all your SEO needs
Early Bird Bonus #4: HashTag Genius Pro  
Hashtag Genius brings you viral social media traffic at the push of a button, all with the power of hashtags.
A fully fledged cloud platform - we host EVERYTHING for you on our rock solid server infrastructure for free!

So all you have to do is push a button and Hashtag Genius does the rest for you - getting you instant traffic results and massive revenue!
Early Bird Bonus #5: VydioX Pro 
Cloud Platform Builds INSTANT 1‐Click SEO‐Optimized Video Sites That Get You Traffic
Early Bird Bonus #6: Top 50 Businesses List 
Get our list of the top 50 “weird” business types that need websites and will gladly shell out $1,000 or more for one without any hard selling.
Early Bird Bonus #7: Outsourcing Cheat Sheet 
Exclusive cheat sheet that includes access to the top 50 freelancers and fiverr gigs for local services. Use these to save time or mark them up and add to your profits.
Early Bird Bonus #8: How To Spy 
If you have been struggling to improve your rankings and wonder why your competition always seems to outrank you, there are resources available that will unmask their strengths and weaknesses. In this article we look at how to do this using Quantcast.
Early Bird Bonus #9: Build Your Local Business List 
An email list is a great way to create a continuous stream of income for your local business because you can automatically communicate with a targeted list of people over and over again without starting the whole sales process from scratch.
Early Bird Bonus #10: Step By Step Video Training 
You’ll discover exactly how to use everything included in the XNiche360 Business in A Box from start to finish. This video training covers everything you need to know to start making $500-$2,500 within 24 hours from right now and scale things up quickly.
Early Bird Bonus #11: How Do You Choose Your Niche 
Learn How to Choose a Profitable Niche Effectively. If you are into making money online, your first step would be finding a profitable niche where you will have to do some marketing and branding and eventually make a profit from it
Early Bird Bonus #12: Google My Business 
Why Are You Not On Google My Business? With Google handling more than two trillion searches a year, and nearly half of those having local intent, it’s safe to say that having a local presence for your business is huge.
Early Bird Bonus #13: SEO Roadmap 
The SEO Roadmap was born out of necessity. When I was new to online marketing one of the first things I did to make money, was to do local SEO for businesses in my community. This early venture, really paved the way and funded for most of my future work online.
Early Bird Bonus #14: Quick Cash Using Local Leads
This is a great package with videos, templates, campaign lists, sales presentations, step by step videos and many more resources to get started to quick cash using local leads.
Early Bird Bonus #15: Area Mapper 
The Area Mapper WordPress plugin allows you to provide a service to local restaurants, plumbers, and other businesses that have a delivery or service area. This plugin allows them to define a specific area on a map and display it on their own website as well as allow the customer to check if their address is either inside or outside of the defined area, even without the map displayed.
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Special OTO Bonus #1: WP Mockup Plugin
The plugin helps you to prepare custom website mockups in bulk, in no time.
This is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily prepare custom website mockups in bulk. Yes, prepare custom mockups in bulk in no time.

This plugin is a WordPress plugin that allows you to dynamically pass mockup data values to any WordPress page.

This way, you can prepare a website mockup once for any niche and your clients see this mockup with their data.
Special OTO Bonus #2: Easy Download Pages WordPress Plugin 
This Plugin Is Used To Create "Download Pages" on the Fly For All Your Needs (Free/Paid Products)!
Easily create download pages for your products within minutes.

Supports retargeting, so you can add all of your buyers to a Facebook list (or any other retargeting list).
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Once You Purchase XNiche360, Your Bonuses Will Be In Your Members Area, And You Will Also Be Able To Find Them In Your JVzoo Customer Portal Listed As
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