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Early Bird Bonus #1: FB Pinterest Responsive App

Facebook Pinterest Responsive Application is designed for brands those want to get more fans on their pages and users engagement.

  • The application complies with all Facebook terms and conditions.
  • Application is 100% responsive and works on every mobile devices.
  • Combine social networks
  • Increase Pinterest followers
  • Cross-platform interaction
  • User Friendly and robust admin
  • It is not necessary to be logged on to Facebook in order to access the Admin Control Panel
  • Full support for the following browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox

Early Bird Bonus #2: White Label Rights - Social Post Manager

Early Bird Bonus #3: WooCommerce Instagram Shop

This Plugin allows to turn your instagram into a shop and connect it to your WooCommerce website products, creating Instagram Shoppable Feed.

Early Bird Bonus #4: Whitelabel Rights to
Anxiety Content Pack + Pre-Loaded Amazon Store

You get: Articles, Review Videos, Email Series, FB Posts, Twitter Tweets, Graphics, and  more.

Early Bird Bonus #5: Whitelabel Rights to Yoga Content Pack + Pre-Loaded Amazon Store

You Get: Content Pack To Sell, Done For You Converting Editable Sales Page, Additional Editable Sales Graphics and more.

Early Bird Bonus #6: WP Checkout Maximiser

The definitive WP plugin that will help you make more money by increasing your conversion sales, enhancing your buyer's experience and driving social viral traffic to your blogs.

Checkout Maximiser Plugin Will Help You To Dramatically Increase Your Sales Conversions, Generate Hordes Of Viral Traffic And Create "A Magical" Buying Experience That Your Customers Will Simply LOVE!

  • 1-click Order Form Maximizer
  • Offer cash discounts easily
  • Easy to install
  • Viral Traffic At Your Fingertips
  • Jaw-dropping, high-quality, custom-made graphics that are proven to convert
  • Unlimited Use + Resell yourself for 100% profits!

Early Bird Bonus #7: Youtube Channel For Dummies

Step-by-Step Video Advertising Training

Learn to create your own channel on YouTube by following our powerful videos on exactly what you need to do, step by step... Video advertising is the hot buzz of the industry right now, and when you combine that with niche marketing – you’ll get a jump start and be miles ahead of the competition.

Early Bird Bonus #8: Social Accounts 101

Normal Retail value: $97... Free With InstaNiche!

Discover the core steps behind creating massively profitable social campaigns with InstaNiche. Follow our straight to the point mastery course on how to set up your social accounts correctly and effectively. Once you've been through this training, you'll be profiting with YouTube faster than ever before.

Early Bird Bonus #9: Insider Guide to Niche Research

What To Look For In A Niche, and Why It's Important To Explore Those Little Known Niches!

Why Evergreen Niches Are So Profitable!

Finding Products To Promote For Your Given Niche and How To Use Clickbank and Amazon To Propel Your Profits!

Finding Profitable Keywords For Your Given Niche!

  • What to look for a in a niche.
  • Why evergreen niche are so profitable
  • Finding products to promote
  • How to use Clickbank
  • How to use Amazon
  • Finding profitable keywords

Early Bird Bonus #10: Amazon Sales Secrets

Your complete guide to Amazon success!

  • Getting Started Making Money with Amazon
  • Why Amazon Affiliate Program is Better Than Others
  • Tricks to Making Money through Amazon Affiliate Program
  • The Secret to Increase Your Amazon Associate Income
  • Tips and Tricks to Generate Amazon Income
  • Make Money with Amazon and Your Blog
  • 5 Mistakes Amazon Affiliate Marketers Make
  • 5 Great Tips to Earning Income with Amazon
  • 5 Best Kept Secrets to Incrrease Amazon Affiliate Earnings
  • How to Promote Amazon Affiliate Income
  • Why You Should Choose Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Tips to Improve Earnings with Amazon Affiliate

Early Bird Bonus #11: WP Review Me Plugin

Collect Profit-Making Feedback The Easy Way

Practical, Powerful and Easy-to-Use Plugin

WP Review Me is a WordPress plugin designed to create beautiful and stunning review pages where users, clients and customers can provide their reviews on the products and services you sell and display these reviews in a different locations in your site for users’ and prospects’ reference.

It is very easy to use and customize to suit the look and feel you want to achieve.

Early Bird Bonus #12: WP Profit Doubler

Double Your Chances Of Generating Profits From Visitors!

WP Profit Doubler comes in, allowing you to make a second offer to those visitors who are leaving without ordering.

You can offer them a gift in exchange for subscribing to a follow-up autoresponder, a better deal - or even a completely different offer.

When visitors decide not to take up your offer and to leave your site, you actually get a second chance to offer them something else instead.

You can offer them a gift to encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter.

You can offer them something completely different - either your own product or an affiliate product.

You can show them a survey form to ask them why they didn't order your product.

Early Bird Bonus #13: WP Video Attention Lite

Easy-to-use WordPress Plugin Allows You To Virtually Stop Your Visitors In
Their Tracks And Get Them Instantly ENGAGED With Your Videos

WP Video Attention Is An Easy-to-use, Proven And Powerful WP Plugin That Will Transform Almost Every Single Visitor You Send To Your Website Into A Lead, Subscriber Or Paid Customer!

WP Video Attention is a marvelous, practical WP plugin that allows you to easily clip your video to any corner of your page by serving as a smart widget.

Basically, the video will be playing and “follow” the visitor wherever he or she scrolls on any given page…

Visitors will continue to be able to see the video and no longer only hear it, increasing responsiveness and engagement in ways you would never imagine would be possible!

Early Bird Bonus #14: Mobile 2-Step Optin Builder

Now You Can Easily Create Mobile Two Step Opt-In Pages in Just Minutes.

  • Mobile Optimized 2 Step Squeeze Pages.
  • Easy To Use, Simply Fill-In-The Blanks.
  • Software Requires No Installation.
  • Option To Add Videos Or Images For Offer.
  • Works With Any Autoresponder Service.
  • Works With Any Autoresponder Service.
  • Requires Upload Access To A Webserver.
  • Can Be Used With Any Website URL.
  • Customizable Background & Button Colors.
  • Mobile Page Redirection Script Included.
  • Works With Most Popular Smartphone Models.

Early Bird Bonus #15: Side Strip WordPress Plugin

Engage Readers and Encourage Action Takers

“Stop Letting Your Readers Leave Your Page Without Taking Action”

Have you noticed that getting your readers’ attention is more and more difficult? Attention spans are shorter, distractions are everywhere (both online and off) and getting people to take action on your site has become nearly impossible.

But if you want to really engage them, and have them coming back for more, you need a better idea.

You need to give them something they want and need, in a way to unexpected they can’t help but notice. And you need to do it in a way that won’t drive them away from your site in a fit of irritation.

Side Stripe: An Unusual, Customizable Solution To Engage Readers And Encourage Action Takers

Early Bird Bonus #16: WP Push Notification

Bring Readers Back To Your Website Again And Again!

Create An On-Demand Flood Of Website Traffic At The Push Of A Button... Send notifications right to your visitors desktop using Google Chrome's Push Notifications.

Just like your favorite smart phone apps, this new WordPress plugin allows you to send "push notifications" right to your readers' desktop or mobile device using Google Chrome's Push Notifications. That means that whenever you add new content, you can create a custom message and "push" it out to all your subscribers, who will instantly see a pop-up notice right on their screen, no matter what website they are viewing!

- NO spam folders to worry about
- NO undeliverable email addresses
- NO getting buried at the bottom of an over-full inbox

Just instant, on-time notifications. Your readers will get the information they need and want, exactly when you send it, every single time.

Early Bird Bonus #17: Backlinks Warrior

Tool That Finds High PageRank Relevant Backlinks

Discover An Easy To Use Software Tool That Finds High PageRank Relevant Backlinks... With A Few Clicks Of Your Mouse!

You can get more backlinks faster using automation, so you can radically increase your traffic and profits without breaking a sweat.

It's SUPER easy to do, once you have the right tool for the job.... Backlinks Warrior!

More traffic, more sales, more income... and even higher search engine rankings. All of this is yours for the taking, once you use this powerful software.

Plus, you'll no longer have to struggle or waste your time finding and getting backlinks...

Instead, you can just fire up this handy software anytime you want and literally cherry pick the best backlinks.

Early Bird Bonus #18: Legal Pages Plugin

WPLegalPages is a powerful Legal Pages Generator for WordPress Websites.

Easy to install & use WordPress plugin. This plugin can be installed and legal pages added to your website in 5 minutes or less!!

Just install the plugin, fill in your business information to be injected into the pre-made templates, and then choose which templates out of the library you want to publish, click the button and you have your legal pages up!

Without Legal Pages, Google won’t let you advertise , ClickBank will not let you list your products & Visitors’ trust in your site will go down. This Plugin is an Absolute Necessity for your WordPress Website.

Early Bird Bonus #19: Recently Viewed WP Plugin

Reduce Your Bounce Rate and Increase Your Page Views!

Reduce Your Bounce Rate, Increase Your Page Views, And Give Readers Exactly The Information They Need And Want, Every Time They Visit ! 

Have you noticed how great sites like Amazon and Ebay are at keeping you engaged ? It seems they're constantly reminding you of items you viewed in the past, and showing you what other, related products they sell. 

In fact, no matter what page you're on, there in the sidebar or in the footer, you'll find something more to look at. And because you've viewed it or a similar item in the past, it's much more likely to grab your attention.

Early Bird Bonus #20: Feedback Pro WordPress Plugin

Feedback from your customers is the key your success!

Getting Feedback from your customers and visitors is the key your success.

Using this plugin, you will know exactly what people think and are saying about your products in real time!

Early Bird Bonus #21: WP Scrolling Videos

Allows your videos to scroll as visitors read your content! [Concept used by NBC + others]

You can now get your video message across to visitors without using methods everyone dislikes. People love videos and that is a fact. Problem is your videos are stationary!

Normally your visitors arrive on your site that has a video. This video is usually at the top or middle of your pages. If the visitor starts watching the video they are stuck with a stationary viewing area.

Bad news! From our tests we found it is human nature to continue reading the page content.

With this brand new and powerful solution you can start making your videos “go with the scrolling” of your visitor. Ingenious but very simple!

No longer will your visitors be scrolling through your site with a video playing out of viewing area. By using this plugin you will certainly increase your video exposure!

Early Bird Bonus #22: WP Uni System 5.0

Sidekick Plugin for optin and viral traffic engagements

WP UniSystem 5 Much more than just a simple WordPress theme. When combined with the included sidekick plugin, it is a complete system ready to build any type of site!

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Special OTO Bonus #1:
Copy Cut Social Agency Package

This Package is For Those That Want To Use It For Their Own Business Needs - To Create a Recurring Income Funnel For a Social Media Business. You Get Full Agency Rights To Use This!

You Get Full Rights To Use All The Resources In Your Business

  • A Full Set Of Training, Videos & Documents To Take You Through The Steps Of Setting Up Your Very own Business
  • We'll Take You Through How To Hire Staff So You Can Have An Autopilot Business
  • Use All The Templates, Customise Them With Your Branding, And Sell!
  • We'll Even Give You Contracts, Services Ideas and Extra Products You Can On-Sell!

Special OTO Bonus #1:
White Label Rights - Audience Drill

The Most Advanced Targeting Software Created To Date, Giving You Laser Precise Results That Get Your Message Seen ONLY by Passionate Buyers.

The Only Targeting Software Of Its Kind That Has The Power To Instantly Increase Your Facebook ROI by 100% Through More Precise Market Segmentation

  • Graph Search Drill - Find best targeted audiences in any part of Facebook you choose
  • The Interest Drill - Find the razor-sharp REAL interests (yes, every single result can be used in your ad) you should be using in your Facebook Ads to drive even more precise demographics to your Ad
  • The Post Drill - Get an inside look at what your competitors are doing successfully and replicate it in your own business!