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Sam Bakker here to thank you once again for securing your Bolt Publisher license.

As I’ve mentioned Instant Articles is still brand new which gives you an unfair advantage. Right now as of writing this sales page it is the only software that allows businesses to use Instant Articles without a developer or hours of complex steps.

This now presents a unique opportunity. You’re positioned to provide a solution to businesses and marketers that want to use Instant Articles but can’t because they don’t have this software.

Here’s why:

Instant Articles Is Still New

Right now Instant Articles are still VERY new. So new in fact that only top news publications and technology websites have caught on. In fact as recent as only a few months ago Hoot Suite had only started their first ‘instant article’ campaign. Now every article they write is published to Instant Articles.

This proves that they have concluded the platform is worth their time and It has given them a way of communicating with their audience fast and effectively over Facebook.

Right now because Instant Articles is SO NEW it’s the BEST time to jump on this new platform. There is one BIG problem though that is preventing MOST new businesses from using the system and…

Facebook Won't BE Making It easier Anytime Soon

In it’s current state Instant Articles is inaccessible to MOST users. Even businesses with a strong Social Media marketing team are struggling to use the software as HootSuite said in a recent article:

Chances are that Facebook is not going to make any changes to make Instant Articles any more easily accessible to the average business owner any time soon. This means that businesses might want to use Instant Articles are really only limited to two options:

  • 1] Hire a developer for around $30 - $35 per hour to publish Instant Articles for them
  • 2] Follow the steps that Facebook provides to setup Instant Articles

Both of these steps require either a lot of time or a lot of money for a business.

That leaves businesses with a difficult choice.

Businesses Are Desperate To Get Ahead

They see that BIG companies are using and benefiting from Instant Articles and they want to as well. The problem is that Facebook has made it so difficult to create ‘Instant Articles’ that only big businesses or tech companies have the ability to use this new platform.

Thankfully we managed to create a solution with Bolt Publisher. It took months of work and 2 full time developers to achieve. Facebook has now approved Bolt Publisher and it is the first REAL solution to the problems faced by businesses that try to use Instant Articles.

This is the first time that we’ve launched this software and we intend on selling it very soon online for a price of $197 per month. Right now it’s the only complete solution out there for Instant Articles.

What about the businesses that don’t find Bolt Publisher online? Or businesses who are looking for someone that can manage Instant Articles for them entirely?


We’ve worked hard on this software to make it super easy for anyone to use in their business.

Today we want to offer you the opportunity to offer businesses a solution to using Instant Articles without a developer so you can make 100% of the profits without any of the hard work to build your own Bolt Publisher.

You Can Sell The Only Solution To A Big Problem

Right now this is the ONLY software that solves the technical hassles of Instant Articles and makes Instant Articles possible for any business to use.

Today on this page with Bolt Publisher – Client Edition you can completely rebrand and customize Bolt Publisher with your own logo and sell Bolt Publisher accounts to offline clients.

This is a solution that businesses REALLY NEED. You can approach businesses locally or even online companies directly and offer this as a solution to them.

Current Businesses Using Instant Articles:

Current businesses who are using Instant Articles have likely hired developers to help them to publish Instant Articles at a high cost. Now these businesses can fire their developers and instead publish their articles effortlessly with Bolt Publisher.

New Businesses Who Don’t Use Instant Articles:

Businesses are always looking for ways of getting ahead. This is one of the biggest untapped opportunities for businesses right now.

If a business has heard of Instant Articles they will be willing to pay you if you can provide an easy solution for publishing their Instant Articles to Facebook.

If a business has not yet heard of Instant Articles we’re going to arm you with a key document that’s going to show them exactly what they are missing out on if they are not using Instant Articles. When businesses read this document they will be asking you how they can sign up.

Then you can charge $500 per month to manage their Instant Articles or sell a copy of Bolt Publisher to them (with your branding on it) for $97 per month.

This is one of the best opportunities you’ll find around for generating a reliable recurring income stream.

I’m not kidding. Here’s how much you can make helping businesses locally or online that you find on Facebook:

Helping Businesses Using Bolt Publisher
As A service: (Estimated Earnings)

1 Business - $500 per month
3 Businesses - $1500 per month
10 Businesses – $5000 per month
100 Businesses – $50,000 per month

Helping Businesses Using Bolt Publisher Account
Sold To A Business: (Estimated Earnings)

1 Business - $97 Per Month
3 Businesses - $291 Per Month
10 Businesses – $970 Per Month
100 Businesses – $9700 Per Month

This is entirely possible to achieve and
we’ve created a package to help you to sign up as many businesses as possible.

Attract Clients & Sign Them Up In 3 Steps


Find Businesses That Could Benefit From Instant Articles:

First you can use the Facebook Search feature or one of our recommend free software to find the businesses that are most likely to want to signup as a client.


Send An Email Or A Facebook Messenger Message To The Business:

From there you can use a ‘email tracking software’ to send an email to a business which allows you to monitor and manage what businesses respond to your request and what businesses ignore your request. You can also use Facebook Messenger with equal success to send these messages out.


Close The Sale:

Once you’ve started to communicate with the business then all you need to do is establish why ‘Instant Articles’ will bring a ‘return on investment’ for a business. Our ‘sales document’ is going to help you to do that.

Not all business interactions are the same. Some take more than others. The key here is that using our strategy you’re finding businesses that have already committed to Facebook. You want to find businesses that already know how good Facebook is because they’ll immediately see how much of an impact that Instant Articles can make in their business.

From there it becomes much easier. All you need to do is show how good Instant Articles are based on the proof included in our sales material and businesses will jump at the opportunity to sign up. Every business that signs up you get paid 100% of the profits. You earn all of the money.

Here’s exactly what’s included:

When you get access to Bolt Publisher – Client Addition today you’re going to receive:

So what are you waiting for? There are millions of business that are on Facebook right now that want to get ahead. You have the solution that can help them do exactly that. They want this solution and they want to pay you to provide it to them.

Go down below get access immediately and start helping businesses while you make recurring monthly income. This is a Win Win and I can’t wait to hear of your success.

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Bolt Publisher - Rebrandable Consultant License

guarantee_14Not only that but we’re also including our no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

Pick up the Client version today and I’ll take on all the risk. Give it a try for 30 days. See how easy it is to build your list inside FB and drive targeted traffic from Apple News.

If at any point you have a technical issue or question, just contact our dedicated support desk. We’ll have you up and running in no time flat.

And in the HIGHLY unlikely event you just don’t think that making money with Bolt Publisher helping businesses on is for you, let us know. We’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund.

What could be more fair than that?

The team and I look forward to seeing you on the inside.