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ClickMSG Lets You Send a
Personalized Message on Any Click

  • Brings Facebook Messenger Ads within your grasp.
  • Send a brand new type of personalized message to anyone who clicks on your Facebook ads (forget boring text-only messages)
  • Promote offers, coupon codes, grab leads, make sales pitches, or anything else you want.
  • This is the ONLY WAY to create graphical Messenger ads with an image, call to action, and even reply options!
  • Prospects get a customized instant message right inside of their Facebook inbox as soon as they click on your Facebook ad.
  • 100% approved Facebook technology and SAAS. No risk of account getting banned.

Hey Facebook marketer!

Facebook is now the platform with the biggest ad reach in the world. Yep! Even larger than Google because people spend a lot less time on Google (click and go to another page), than they spend on Facebook.

People spend literally hours on Facebook every day, and it is without doubt the most powerful advertising medium on the Internet right now.

Couple that with Facebook’s comprehensive and rich targeting system, you have a way to reach the exact audience you want.
But there’s one place where Facebook is stagnating, and that is the biggest reason why your ad response is falling.

Stagnating Ad Formats Are Killing Your Profits

People Are Becoming Immune To Existing Ad Formats

It’s a very simple psychological phenomenon. See something all day and your mind learns to ignore it. It’s what is sometimes referred to as ‘banner blindness’. That’s what is happening to the most tried and adopted ad formats on Facebook right now.

So is this happening to you?

It’s a very simple psychological phenomenon. See something all day and your mind learns to ignore it. It’s what is sometimes referred to as ‘banner blindness’. That’s what is happening to the most tried and adopted ad formats on Facebook right now.

Facebook Just Released A Solution For This

Their Latest & Most Powerful Ad Format

The guys at Facebook are working hard to solve this problem for you and give you many different ad formats so that smart advertisers like you can explore them, and take advantage to get better returns from Facebook ads.

You have undoubtedly noticed video ads, carousel ads and other new ad formats from Facebook, but here’s something totally new. Something that is arguably more powerful than any advertising system from Facebook so far.

This is Facebook’s Most Powerful NEW Ad System

Messenger Ads

  • Whenever someone clicks on your ad they see a personal message on Facebook with anything you want.
  • 100% Inboxing and 100% delivery. Your message is seen 100% of the time.
  • People can select from preset responses to your ad message.
  • Prospects can type in any query and you can answer it in the exact same chat.
  • The only way you can actually find out who the people clicking on your ad actually are, and now you have a direct line of communication with them.
  • Carry on conversations with the people who have clicked on your ad and convert every prospect into a buyer.

Facebook Messenger Ads are incredibly powerful and if you aren’t using them, you’re letting the most potent advertising method on Facebook go unutilized.

Frankly, you may not even be to blame.

Here’s Some Powerfull Features of ClickMSG

See yourself How Easy it is

Type & Create Graphical Messenger Ads

Just type out a few quick details and create your messenger ad without any programming knowledge or knowing JSON at all.

Live Preview

See how your ad will look on the screen of your prospects complete with your selected image and options. Work with simple visuals not complicated and headache-inducing codes and syntax.

Save & Retrieve Ads Anytime

Save the ads you create and retrieve them whenever you want. Modify them, or generate JSON from them in seconds.

Easy To Use SAAS

Even a 10 year old can master this application and create effective messenger ads. You’ll be up and running in no time at all..

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