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  • State Of The Art “Funnel Drop” Tracking (FDT)
  • Analytics And Statistics From A Centralized Dashboard
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Gone are the times when you forced your visitors into a sale. Give your visitor the control over the sale to let them use the power of their CHOICE. Buyers feel empowered, and sellers come across as more straightforward, less manipulative, trustworthy and more customer-oriented. 
The NEW Way Of Selling
Engagr uses the power of engagement to take any visitor by the hand and converts them to a customer. By giving your visitor the control over your page, it makes them feel EMPOWERED
It’s today’s alternative to crowded web pages that don’t perform!
Load your List with New Leads in
List Building On Steroids
Engagr Integrates With ALL Major AutoResponders
Engagr Comes With A Full Pack of Features!
Done-For-You Templates
Make it easy on yourself and use one of our pre-made pages. SIMPLY Customize as you wish from our templates and you are ready to GO. We have a template for practically any niche and we amend templates on a REGULAR Basis.
Pre-Made Designs
Choose any of our vector templates that give you a variety of different page styles and color sets to choose from. Easily customize any design by changing the logo, colors and fonts.
Capture Email Addresses
List Building has never been easier than with Engagr, because Engagr can prompt for your visitors e-mail address at the right time and at the right place. Capturing email addresses is that easy!
Detailed Visitor Analysis
Get to know your visitor with detailed analytics. Use this data to better understand your visitors profile and anticipate their behavior better when you prompt them for your next move.
Social Media Sharing
Spread the news fast by sharing your campaign on Facebook groups, pages or your timeline. Easily post your campaign by simply adding your post title, description and image. Share your campaigns on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ with a click of a button!
AutoResponse Integration
Integration with your email autoresponder is KEY when capturing email addresses. And of course Engagr lets you integrate with your favorite autoresponder of choice. With Engager, you can simply extend your engagement through email.
Integrated With Giphy
To spruce up your pages, Engagr is integrated with Giphy. You can choose from a broad spectrum of GIF Images to enhance the engagement experience for your visitor and makes sure your pages stand out from the crowd!
Your Own Branding
With Engagr you don’t have to be concerned about branding. You choose your logo and look and feel! You’re in CONTROL!
Split-Test The Engagr Pages
Not only can you create highly engaging and interactive pages with Engagr, you can even split-test different variations of the same page to understand what works better for your target audience. Small variations in pages are what can make big difference in your revenues.
XX Templates
Building Engagr required months of research and market study. We know how painful ‘starting-from-the-scratch’ can be. But we got you covered there when it comes to creating pages with Engagr. We have premium quality DFY Vector Templates to help you kick-start things.
Eye-Catching Funky Designs And Characters
It’s not just what you say…rather also how you say it…that makes a huge impact. Engagr is armed with a host of funky design and characters that not only help you engage better with your visitors but also convey your message in the right tone.
Talking Pages
With Engagr you have the option of your text being read out to your visitors. The text can be read out in your voice or using an automated voice system already integrated inside Engagr. Impress every visitor with this high-end tech and position your product as a premium product.
We All Know That ....
Distractions Take Away From FOCUS
Engagement Keeps Your Visitor On Your Page
Drip Feeding Content Will Make The Sale
ENGAGE Your Visitor Into The Sale!
Engagr is the ONLY available tool today that uses the power of conversation to build your pages and convert any visitor into a buyer, without the need of strong, busy and salesy pages!
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A whole new level of our flagship video monetization technology that allows you to. Instantly Create UNLIMITED & 10X MORE Profitable Video Campaigns. Generate 500% MORE
Early Bird Bonus #2: Developer Rights - Authority Monster Pro
The Ultimate Solution to create pop ups and put your conversions on steroids! Create exit pops, scroll pops and delayed pop ups without installing any script or messing with code! 
  • Works on any page (WordPress, HTML or any page building app)
  • Deploy in minutes.. in just few clicks.
  • Loaded with high converting templates
  • Beautiful animations integrated.
  • Show geo targeted Pop ups.
  • In-built split testing.
"Heat Framing Technology" You Can Plug into Right Now To TRIPLE Your Leads, Get You and Your Clients 10x MORE Results Without ANY Extra Work and you can have your first campaign setup in under minutes 
The most lethal weapon in online marketing! "One of the most exciting software packages ever seen for lead generation." 
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Finally You Can Increase Visitors, Leads, Sales, With Our New Revolutionary Video Technology That Creates Profitable YouTube Marketing Campaigns In Seconds
Early Bird Bonus #4: High Quality Videos Europe: 20 High-Quality
Background Videos of Europe
Use these moving background videos to create more engaging green screen videos
  • 20 Creative, High Quality European Background Motion Videos You Can Use In Your Marketing Videos

  • Full Rights To Use Each Of These Videos For Your Own Purposes - Use Them With Your Clients Or In Your Own Business

  • Scenes From Parks, Nature and City Scenes... Something For Every Occasion

  • Small 15-30 second clips you can loop in your greenscreen background to add more excitement to your videos
Early Bird Bonus #5: 16 Focus & Blurred
High-Quality Background Video Backgrounds
Use these moving background videos to create more engaging green screen videos
  • 16 Creative, High Quality European Background Motion Videos You Can Use In Your Marketing Videos

  • Full Rights To Use Each Of These Videos For Your Own Purposes - Use Them With Your Clients Or In Your Own Business

  • Scenes From Parks, Nature and City Scenes...In-Focus and Blurred; Something For Every Occasion
Early Bird Bonus #6: Turbo GIF Animator 
Make Animated Images in Less Than a Minute!

If you are digital marketer, chances are you may already had use graphics in promoting your products or services online.

The thing is that, one of the best type of images that engage more viewers in social media is the images that are moving or simply an animated images in GIF format.
Early Bird Bonus #7: YouTube Channel Income
With over a billion unique YouTube visitors per month, YouTube is one of the most visited and largest websites in the world.

Also, it's one of the easiest platforms to get a huge amount of traffic.

These well researched and up-to-date content will show you :

How to set up a Youtube Channel Step by Step

How to start and run a New and successful YouTube Channel

How to promote Merchandise on Your Youtube Channel

What are the latest YouTube Marketing Trends in 2017
Early Bird Bonus #8: Mastering and Marketing Online-Video-Made-Simple
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Using Videos Online!

Changing technologies have sourced paradigm shifts in the way companies used to do their business. Gone are the days when print media, radio and television were considered the only ways of reaching the masses.
Early Bird Bonus #9: Flashing Order Buttons Pro
Easily Create Eye Catching Buttons That Grab Your Buyers Attention!

What is traffic if they won't convert right? There are many factors why your audience won't
buy from what you offer from your website.

And few of those factors is that your website might be ugly or not professionally created, not good product presentation, or simply your call to action button feature don't catch your audience's eyes.
Early Bird Bonus #10: WP Video Attention
New Powerful, Easy-to-use Wordpress Plugin Allows You To Virtually Stop Your Visitors In Their Tracks And Get Them Instantly ENGAGED With Your Videos … So That You Can Keep Them On Your Website And Make More Money!

WP Video Attention is a plugin that allows you to clip your video and serves as a widget to any corner on your page. This allows your videos to VISIBLY continue playing when a user scrolls down a page, so they are still able to see the video and not only hear it.
Early Bird Bonus #11: Website Pouch Pro
Easily Hide Any Content Or Banners Within Your Website With Just One Easy Click!

Every internet marketers and online business owners want to have lots of traffic to their website. But the thing is that, what if your offer will just get ignore. Well, this has been one of the major problems for many online entrepreneurs,
bloggers and publishers.
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Special OTO Bonus #1:  Simple Social Expandable
This Wordpress plugin adds social network buttons and five social sharing buttons such Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest to your WP blog!

Simple Social Expandable adds social network buttons, five social sharing buttons, such as: Facebook 'Like it!', Google plus on '+1', Twitter share and Pinterest Pin it.

Google follow plugin is fully customizable. You can decide where to put those buttons in your page.
Special OTO Bonus #2: WP Simple Lockup Buddy 
It is a fact ... every WordPress site online that has not taken preventative measures is in extreme immediate danger! Is your site one of them?

Did you know that right this very second, thousands of WordPress sites world wide are under massive attack, and many are being DESTROYED, at will, leaving many webmasters devastated...

Hacking was a practice that started in the 1960's, blossomed in the 1980's, gained momentum in the New Century and is literally currently a complete epidemic Worldwide and growing DAILY. 
The majority of the people do not even realize they have been hacked and continue to go on with their every routines, meanwhile these ruthless cyber-punks gather vital information, do extensive irreversible damage... or maybe even WORSE! 
Just think, in less than 5 minutes from now, you can install and activate total lifesaver, all for less than a good steak dinner and a drink at your local diner! 
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