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Dear Offline Marketer,

Today, we’re here to bring to the table something that will indeed change the way that offline marketers do business, forever.

First off, i’m not sure what all the ruckus is about regarding owning an offline or online business, but they both require the same criteria to be profitable.

However, the internet does have a leg up on both leverage, and the ability to go viral. This puts many offline businesses at a disadvantage because they simply don’t know to utilize these, two things to make progress.

You see, offline businesses struggle tremendously in their efforts to generate leads and sales using online methods. Their marketing consultants tell them that video marketing is the solution. Only problem is that quality, profit-pulling videos are extremely difficult to produce.

So, What Does This Mean For YOU?

Put two and two together and you can see that this is the perfect situation for you to cash in BIG.

You simply are meeting a very, high demand from offline businesses.

Let me ask you a question….. Knowing the “weakness” that I just revealed to you regarding offline businesses…

How many business would you hit to cash in as their video marketing consultant?!?

If I were you, I’d be making the rounds and writing my own paycheck In fact, hundreds of marketers are already raking in the cash…

Their secret is that they already have pre-made videos with professional actors and scripts that are PROVEN to drive up the leads and sales that uses it in it’s promotions.

It’s not cheating, it’s simply working smarter and with that, allow me to pull back the curtain…


Instant Spokesperson

Instant Spokesperson Essentials consists of a complete, set of pre-made, local niche-market videos that marketers can utilize to bring in more sales to their offline, video marketing businesses.

The Hottest Selling Offline Niches…

Bankruptcy Lawyer


Flooring Company

DUI Lawyer

Flooring Company

DUI Lawyer

Home Remodeling



Personal Injury Attorney

Pest Control

Real Estate

PLUS A Bonus Video To Help Them Sell
The Other Videos!

Because We’re Big Fans Of Overdelivery, You Also Get..


They will get access to training on modifying the videos, as well as some offline strategies for selling them, and some special training on YouTube marketing!

Social Media Graphics

They get a set of social graphics to go along with the videos! They can use these templates to make YT Channel, Facebook, Twitter & G+ Graphics!

Royalty Free Music

Each video comes ready to go with music, and with a version that has no music. We have included some extra music tracks, so users can get creative

Video Graphics

One thing we highly recommend is customizing the videos, so I am including some buttons and animations you can use to make the videos even more unique!


Along with changing the music, they may want to change the background behind the presenter, or add an endscreen to the videos, so we've added some HD backgrounds and other video goodies.

Get Social

As an Instant Spokesperson customer, buyers will get access to a special Facebook Mastermind group, where they can share ideas, ask questions, make requests for future videos, etc.

Why Do You NEED To Get Your Hands On These Videos?

If you have even the slightest bit of experience in video marketing, you should see the power of ISPE, but we’ll reinforce it.

Most offline marketers actually make videos to sell to their clients.

With ISPE, they are already made and to add to that, they are PROVEN to convert for your particular client’s business.

Professional actors, and professionally designed scripts that are psychologically proven to generate leads and sales.


You Can Easily Sell These Videos
To Local Businesses For $300 - $1,000 A Pop!

More than anything, ISPE allows you to get paid FAT checks for very little to minimal effort invested on your behalf.

If this is your cup of tea, then without a doubt, ISPE is for you!!!

And speaking of investment, we’re not looking for an arm and a leg.

Sure, the total value IS HUGE, but putting cash in YOUR pockets is our top priority and with that…

This is a no-brainer offer,
buy you MUST take action!!!

By now, it should be a given that results don’t just fall out of the sky and hit us on the head - They are created.

Quite frankly, we don’t bother to waste our time on those who aren’t serious and could care less about taking action within their business.

If this fits your description, with all due respect, ISPE is NOT for you and we don’t want your business.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a go-getter who is looking to really rake in those BIG profits from your video marketing business, then we invite you to hit the button below and buy.

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White Label Rights Video Sales Blueprint

Repackage and Sell For 100% Of The Profit! The All-In-One Guide About Creating 6-Figure Videos PLUS A Massive Resources Pack Including The Following Plus Heaps More!

Early Bird Bonus #2: 5 Extra Videos

Estate Planning, Kitchen Remodeling, Credit Repair, Airconditioner Installation, Travel Agent

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Collection 01 - 10 HD Motion Video Backgrounds

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Collection 02 - 10 HD Motion Video Backgrounds

Early Bird Bonus #5: Animated YouTube End Screens and Elements To Use On Your Videos!

This collection of YouTube endscreens and animated buttons that you can add onto your videos, will make them unique, and allow you to add clickable links to your videos!

Early Bird Bonus #6: Stock Photos

To make your videos unique, you may want to add extra images, or you may want to add some nice images to your website. With this collection of images, you get hundreds of great images that you can use in any project!

Early Bird Bonus #7: Stock Music

Another way to make your videos unique, is to use different music. In this collection, we give you music that you can use in your videos. These tracks are royalty free, so there is no fear of being slapped by YouTube!

Early Bird Bonus #8: Video Editor

Today we are providing you with a video editing program that changes EVERYTHING!

Our new video editor offers the following features.....

Cross platform - Works for Mac, Windows and even Linux!

High-end features that far surpass editors that come with your computer

Features green screen, 3D text, 3 point editing, and much more!

Best of all... you get it FREE!

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6 Seconds to Profit Using Video Marketing

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Instagram Marketing Excellence Ebook is a unique and completely updated 10,000 + words Training Guide. it’s up-to-date, informative, and includes the most useful, cutting edge information on Instagram marketing.

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