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is a software integrated with Facebook. A cloud based software that uses a new technology called the Messenger Bots allows you to send automated messages to users in Facebook Messenger. Allows access to millions of Facebook users. Each subscriber you gain becomes a FB Messenger Lead. Then every message you send thru the Dashboard goes directly to every subscriber without needing to send them individually.

How it works:

When a fan on your Facebook page messages your Facebook Page the software automatically captures them as a “Facebook Messenger Lead” or also known as your subscribers.

You can then send or broadcast automated messages through the software to one or many subscribers.

Incredibly Easy to Use and once set up, the
Software will then Allow you to...

  • Build unlimited engaged buyer’s list

  • Send unlimited messages or broadcasts to any or all of your subscribers

  • Schedule autoresponder messages

  • Automate support, one-time automated follow-ups or ENTIRE follow-up sequences to subscribers

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Subject: [Early Bird] Social Post Manager – what you need to know… 


I just managed to get early bird access
to an incredible software called
Social Post Manager. 

I’ve manage to get the creators to
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planning on telling you about
this but I just had the chance
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Here’s why it’s so good: 

You can finally stop wasting time
creating engaging Posts on Facebook
– this software sources some of
the hottest content out there
and posts it on your Page FOR YOU! 

It includes: 

– The ability to generate more traffic,
leads and sales on autopilot! 

– Find interesting content your fans
on Facebook have an interest in and
automatically schedule your posts
so they post on Facebook

While that is pretty cool it doesn’t
just stop there:

– Once the content is posted on
Facebook and a fan of yours clicks
the content, this software will pop
up an offer that captures leads to
direct your fans to Teespring campaigns,
affiliate offers or anything you
want to promote.

– No need to find engaging content to
post and then spend the next year
trying to turn your fans into paying

– Fully customizable to your business! 

This is a full posting suite and everything
you are going to need to make a BIG impact
immediately for both yourself, and even
clients you work with! 

Here’s what to do: 

1. Look out for an email from me at 7am EST
that’s going to include a full demonstration
of the software and a tonne of awesome bonuses 

2. At 9am EST the doors will open, but ONLY
for 2 hours at a BIG discount off the regular price
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3. Get access to the software early and then
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I know you are going to love this software and
I am really excited to let you be one of the first
to get access! 

I’ve also got some really cool marketing
bonuses I am going to add into this package
that you don’t want to miss out on! 

See you at 7am EST 🙂 

[Your Name] 

P.S. Once you get access to Social Post Manager,
check your JVzoo portal for full bonus access. 

All the bonuses can be found inside your purchase

Subject: [Early Bird] Genius Facebook Posting Software To Increase Engagement On Autopilot


In less than 5 hours an early bird discount
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This software will let you source and
schedule HOT content to your Page
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Post readers into HOT leads without
losing them through external sites!

You can source and schedule updates
that are engaging your target market
RIGHT NOW, and then registering them
into your databases right there
and then once they click on the content
so you can grow a list of targeted
buyers creating your ultimate recurring
income funnel (this is what is
REALLY cool)!

See it in action here:


Here’s what to do:

1. Go to the link in this email at 9am EST

2. Purchase this software which will let you
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Posts that then gather targeted leads
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[Your Name]

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Social Post Manager just launched
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